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  • MUGEN ARCHIVE Screen Pack released !

    Today we release the new official MUGEN ARCHIVE Screen Pack ! Enjoy !

    Preview :

    Download : https://mugenarchive.com/forums/down...rchive-trav510

    Features :
    -MUGEN 1.1 4GB patch
    -Fully animated intro
    -220 character slots + 30 hidden boss slots
    -VSelect included
    -ReShade included

    Minimum Requirements :
    -Windows 7 64bit
    -OpenGL 2.0
    -8 GB RAM
    -DirectX end-user runtime
    -This build is meant for fast and high end computers, the faster the better. For low end configuration support, please seek mods from the community.

    How to use :
    1. Launch Vselect and pick mugen64.exe, make sure you check "local option files" in the advanced tab, and click OK.
    2. Re-Launch Vselect to add characters, stages or configure MUGEN to your liking.
    3. Launch MUGEN from the Vselect menu or just click mugen64.exe

    Known issues :
    This release was a bit rushed and has some issues we will iron out eventually. It can take around a minute to launch the game and the select screen needs some TLC. We will also add an alternate select screen featuring over 1000 slots.
    This article was originally published in forum thread: MUGEN ARCHIVE Screen Pack released ! started by Dizzy View original post
    Comments 27 Comments
    1. kater15's Avatar
      kater15 -
      Wonderful screenpack, no doubt. The only bad thing about it is that it doesn't have a version for Mugen 1.0, anyway, @Trav510 is to be congratulated.
    1. xWagnerPlaguesx's Avatar
      xWagnerPlaguesx -
      Working on putting up a mirror link, it's almost done
    1. OldGamer's Avatar
      OldGamer -
      awesome work so original, I dont believe was rushed. pure a master peaces I do loved the screen pack be nice if ad more slots xD
    1. Rexxard's Avatar
      Rexxard -
      looks awesome
    1. kerochris's Avatar
      kerochris -
      Excellent screenpack, loved the intro. Thanks
    1. Megatronus Prime's Avatar
      Megatronus Prime -
      Looks neat.
    1. Ghelvex99's Avatar
      Ghelvex99 -
      oh OMG This Platform MUGEN with new screenpack great fact awesome i hope what next big and good news from this incredible project what is phenomenal.
    1. TheGamingPaladin's Avatar
      TheGamingPaladin -
      very nice screenpack, i will use it for my 1.1 version as i knew id need one, may as well get a very nice looking one with good space.
    1. Trav510's Avatar
      Trav510 -
      thank you everyone for your kind words, its nice to know the hard work is appreciated, because believe me, its hard

      for those who have never made an intro for mugen before let me take you into my world for the last few months, mugen doesnt have mp4 or wmv support, so intros, logo screens, and endings are made pretty much the same as a character or a stage, with a .def and .sff file and an mp3 for sound

      so in order to make that intro I had to hunt down scenes I liked or were suggested, download them as mp4, convert a portion of that to png files (yes, each frame as a png), line up the png files in fighter factory and then save that into an .sff file, oh and if anything went wrong in the process on fighter factory the .sff file would corrupt and erase the entire file so I would have to start again from scratch, which made constantly backing up things before changes were made a necessity, time consuming to say the least

      hopefully soon the version I turned in late will be put up, I dont want to say too much but that version reflects the site better and has extra goodies so keep an eye out

      again thanks for the kind words

      happy holidays

    1. RayEdits's Avatar
      RayEdits -
      so beautiful T.T
    1. AugresiV's Avatar
      AugresiV -
      Tremendous intro! I also love vibrancy of the roaring fire with each menu select. It's very clean, no seizure-inducing flashiness. Since I don't have a lot of MUGEN 1.1 characters, 220 slots is more than enough for an exclusive setup. I have also found that the natural AI of some older characters (WinMUGEN and pre-MUGEN 1.0) won't activate in MUGEN 1.1. Not a problem since they work fine in MUGEN 1.0 and below. I thought that was interesting to find out. Will give more feedback and findings once I get used to the MA Screenpack.

      Other than that, this screenpack is an absolute keeper!
    1. hahahehihohu's Avatar
      hahahehihohu -
      Nice this looks great!
    1. Arcade the Hedgie's Avatar
      Arcade the Hedgie -
      This one is nice I'm going to check this out.
    1. OldGamer's Avatar
      OldGamer -
      @Trav510 if you need help on making original sound for your screen pack let me know i dont mind showing you the right way. we creator can learn and help one other and share knowledge
    1. Trav510's Avatar
      Trav510 -
      Thank you OG
    1. Dovakin6's Avatar
      Dovakin6 -
      THX its so awesome
    1. Vetorbet's Avatar
      Vetorbet -
      Thanks man <3
    1. Tiramisu's Avatar
      Tiramisu -
      Nice into! Looks great, thank you!
    1. androidkitsus's Avatar
      androidkitsus -
      I like it! Thanks!
    1. Goolu's Avatar
      Goolu -
      I'm having trouble getting it started, every time I try to start it, this error message pops up.

      M.U.G.E.N ver 1.1.0 Beta 1 P1 (2013.08.11) status log
      Parsing command line...
      Command line: C:\Users\blank\Downloads\mugen\MUGENARCHIVE_SP\mug en64.exe
      Parse command line OK
      Allocating game variables
      Reading configuration file...Setting language "en".
      Initializing timer...performance timer enabled...frequency 1562449...OK
      Initializing keyboard...configuring...OK
      Initializing input engine...OK
      Initializing sound...OK
      Initializing BGM... OK
      Initializing graphics...gameCoord 1280x720...render mode 2_20...trying 1280x720x32 mode 0x0...failed.

      I'm new, please help.