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  • Akuma - Good Ghost UPDATED with Oni's II Ultra

    -- Warning Mugen 1.1 only character --
    <Dec 2018>
    Add Tenchi Sokaigen (天地双潰掀) super move
    fixed superfake hadoken's range problem in mugen 1.1

    A Project based on POTS Shin Gouki.

    This article was originally published in forum thread: Akuma - Good Ghost UPDATED with Oni's II Ultra started by beterhans View original post
    Comments 144 Comments
    1. Dizzy's Avatar
      Dizzy -
      Promoted for the homepage news. Cheers.
    1. beterhans's Avatar
      beterhans -
      Quote Originally Posted by Dizzy View Post
      Promoted for the homepage news. Cheers.
    1. 555oul's Avatar
      555oul -
      nice, keep up the good work
    1. PassionFroot's Avatar
      PassionFroot -
      Whoa, great work, keep it up!
    1. marlleyilson's Avatar
      marlleyilson -
      wow i'm impressed with those special moves, so cool.
    1. beterhans's Avatar
      beterhans -
      wow i think i can promote the other 2 (ryu and ken) also have 1.1 super moves
    1. marlleyilson's Avatar
      marlleyilson -
      Quote Originally Posted by beterhans View Post
      wow i think i can promote the other 2 (ryu and ken) also have 1.1 super moves
      do it, i'd love to see and play with them when the week of darkness be over
    1. darkmanx_429's Avatar
      darkmanx_429 -
      This is a dope character.
    1. Kintrell Reaves1's Avatar
      Kintrell Reaves1 -
      hey nice stage and chars is that on the stages
    1. delgasugoi's Avatar
      delgasugoi -
      Akuma breaks the moon in two, which will not make the mugen obsolete? the screen is crashed
    1. Vetorbet's Avatar
      Vetorbet -
      Im scared of akuma now
    1. MISTER KARATE's Avatar
      woow all style in Akuma SFV!! spectacular good work
    1. Zephyred's Avatar
      Zephyred -
      Great work on the ULTRA. I was wondering why the ending uppercut from Akuma looks like he comes from the right side instead of the side he is actually performing the initial hit from? Is that something that can be altered?
    1. UnNew90's Avatar
      UnNew90 -
      Always looking akuma with great style. Great Character.
    1. TechnoFiber's Avatar
      TechnoFiber -
      Lol these Akuma characters are extremely OP. I love your version of it though the background is quite nice. Which mugen build are you running if I may ask?
    1. febrian's Avatar
      febrian -
      That Akuma finishing move is very neat. Awesome job.
      Ryu in the video also very great.
    1. ShadyRadke's Avatar
      ShadyRadke -
      Good bro!
    1. 8-BitBird's Avatar
      8-BitBird -
      Absolutely gorgeous!
    1. royan's Avatar
      royan -
      Very very cool impact!
    1. orochi_blood10's Avatar
      orochi_blood10 -
      Cool version..