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  • All Aquapazza Stages

    So I finally got around to finishing all the levels from Aquapazza

    Never heard of Aquapazza? well nether had I until I stumbled upon a download for the sprite rips

    plenty of glowing objects and animated sprites for you to ignore while youre focus on playing the game

    the levels go in between being really cutesy or sullen, so whether youre a MCU or a DCEU fan, theres at least a couple of levels for you to enjoy

    hope you like them, because making them is the least I could do for all the cool stuff this site has provided


    This article was originally published in forum thread: All Aquapazza Stages started by Trav510 View original post
    Comments 25 Comments
    1. Dizzy's Avatar
      Dizzy -
      All of these stages are absolutely gorgeous, congratulations!
    1. Destro05's Avatar
      Destro05 -
      looks good!
    1. Raphix's Avatar
      Raphix -
      Pretty nice ! ^^
    1. symeth's Avatar
      symeth -
      i like the last stage fighting.. ^^
    1. LordBoros's Avatar
      LordBoros -
      All of them added to my mugen xD too good not too
    1. wujuwusu's Avatar
      wujuwusu -
      下载不了 纠结
    1. Trav510's Avatar
      Trav510 -
    1. sinfoni's Avatar
      sinfoni -
      good, congratulations!
    1. alexmacana's Avatar
      alexmacana -
      alguien tiene el matter mugen
    1. Ghelvex99's Avatar
      Ghelvex99 -
      Excellent stages for good battles very good collection thanks so much.
    1. MugenBeaudry's Avatar
      MugenBeaudry -
      They look great.
      nicely done!
    1. Redsprites's Avatar
      Redsprites -
      Definite download!
    1. Gabrielrn's Avatar
      Gabrielrn -
      Good job bro nice stages for mugen svc
    1. Trav510's Avatar
      Trav510 -
      thanks everyone, Im honored you're enjoying them
    1. Thingiethngie's Avatar
      Thingiethngie -
      Under rated gem of a game. (though balance can be an issue lol)
    1. mugenfan72's Avatar
      mugenfan72 -
      thanks a lot!
    1. Gamema5ter2001's Avatar
      Gamema5ter2001 -
      amazing graphics too bad I can't download it rn
    1. kyrboy03's Avatar
      kyrboy03 -
      you guys are way too good at making games
    1. SaotomeRanma's Avatar
      SaotomeRanma -
      These look great. Had a lot of fun with Aquapazza.
    1. ciniko's Avatar
      ciniko -
      amazing !