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  • Unleashing the MUGEN Smash Mod

    I am glad to announce we have created a section dedicated to the MUGEN Smash Mod.

    ...or create your own Smash Mod edits with this video tutorial :

    It is time for the community to unleash the Smash Mod frenzy !
    This article was originally published in forum thread: Unleashing the Smash Bros MUGEN started by Dizzy View original post
    Comments 45 Comments
    1. Ghelvex99's Avatar
      Ghelvex99 -
      Big announcement by big this game ready to play awesome for good battles.
    1. Nakachan's Avatar
      Nakachan -
      Awesome, great work!
    1. Richter Belmont's Avatar
      Richter Belmont -
      Yes very helpful! Awesome!
    1. Abline7's Avatar
      Abline7 -
      Time for Super Smash Bros. Mugen to commence!
    1. Mr. G's Avatar
      Mr. G -
      This is simply perfect
    1. BlueberryPeridot's Avatar
      BlueberryPeridot -
      Super MUGEN bros has now arrived
    1. 96sotl's Avatar
      96sotl -
      how about the stage ?
      did invicible wall will be removed ?
    1. 8-BitBird's Avatar
      8-BitBird -
      The dawn of a new era for Mugen
    1. TheHonnSolo's Avatar
      TheHonnSolo -
      OMG I cant wait to try this! Looks soo sick!
    1. Yato-God's Avatar
      Yato-God -
      Finally time for some sick action!!!
    1. kiske-otoko's Avatar
      kiske-otoko -
      nice, it´s AWESOME :D
    1. Mecharanitar's Avatar
      Mecharanitar -
      Just getting back into this after a long absence and it's pretty cool seeing what people can do with this engine.
    1. michelesp's Avatar
      michelesp -
      Umm, I was suddenly wondering about it, what if we combined this mod with vore?
    1. Gamema5ter2001's Avatar
      Gamema5ter2001 -
      this looks cool
    1. Forceofnatureandcorn's Avatar
      Forceofnatureandcorn -
      Super Glad I got back into MUGEN when I did
    1. NickMonster's Avatar
      NickMonster -
      this is cool!!
    1. larken12x's Avatar
      larken12x -
      holy crap thats amazing!
    1. Antidepressher's Avatar
      Antidepressher -
      I was just thinking about how cool something like this would be.
    1. deep20000's Avatar
      deep20000 -
      wow,that's awsome
    1. hypersino's Avatar
      hypersino -
      this was released 2 days before smash ultimate