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  • Mediafire blacklisted

    I have received a number of private messages recently about alleged security threat on the mediafire hosting site. After looking into the evidence provided, it appears the risk is real and documented, confirmed by mediafire itself.

    In order to protect our community from this security threat, I have decided to blacklist mediafire. If you have to host files externally, please use alternate hosting sites such as sendspace, mega or onedrive.

    This article was originally published in forum thread: Mediafire blacklisted started by Dizzy View original post
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    1. Jansen121's Avatar
      Jansen121 -
      Oh,my god,The best is onedrive for me because it's safe.
    1. kater15's Avatar
      kater15 -
      I had seen this message on another Mugen site, but the people there preferred to ignore it and removed the post from there.

      It will be bad for me because I use Mediafire to store some of my files, including my palette packages. Well, the way I'm going to migrate to my old MEGA account.
    1. xWagnerPlaguesx's Avatar
      xWagnerPlaguesx -
      Well gonna have to learn how to upload to Mega. Is 4Shared out of the question as well?
    1. mulambo's Avatar
      mulambo -
      And "elsewhere" it's even suggested as secure space... sticking to Google drive.
    1. FlareGamer64's Avatar
      FlareGamer64 -
      I actually HAD a mediafire account, but after two weeks of getting it, I couldn't sign in anymore for some reason. Well I still have Drive so IF I need to alt stuff I have that.
    1. Sol Badguy's Avatar
      Sol Badguy -
      oh sweet irony !!

      panic in the wiki madhouse, 20 dupes not enough, our friend is currently dispatching 40 new alts to keep everything under control https://i.imgur.com/8om5HgW.png

      what a bunch of epic fail, they will never be not funny

      my mood right now : https://streamable.com/7rhfv
    1. Leon72's Avatar
      Leon72 -
      It's at least 10 months that mediafire is not safe. Never noticed before?
    1. Makyura's Avatar
      Makyura -
      MediaFire is Dead?
    1. kater15's Avatar
      kater15 -
      No, MediaFire is not dead. What happened is that the links from this site are no longer allowed here.
    1. Hyde233's Avatar
      Hyde233 -
      aw crap, I host some of my files on Mediafire.
    1. n00b12's Avatar
      n00b12 -
      Oh my Gosh! My files are now corr... Wait. If you link with MediaFire, it will show as "blacklisted".
    1. Sol Badguy's Avatar
      Sol Badguy -
      still can't get over this, beaten at their own game, the masks are falling apart right now https://i.imgur.com/LjLIuUE.png

      whatever's left of their fanbase must be confused as hell right now, they were the ones supporting virus sites all these years, they must be like this right now


    1. bison shadaloo's Avatar
      bison shadaloo -
      O.O virus in mediafire ?, there I have hosted my most precious files!
      I have researched a little, but nothing is sure, so I will be forced to erase everything and re-raise it to mega!!

      security measures in this link
    1. Dizzy's Avatar
      Dizzy -
      Quote Originally Posted by kater15 View Post
      I had seen this message on another Mugen site, but the people there preferred to ignore it and removed the post from there.
      I find that surprising. Do they only worry about security issues when it fits their agenda?
      If anybody needed another evidence they're a fraud, they have it. They're showing a huge lack of respect toward their own users.
    1. Garfieldfan22's Avatar
      Garfieldfan22 -

      Ah, it's fine. Just got me a MEGA account. I'll probally also use Google Drive.
    1. 3EOZA's Avatar
      3EOZA -
      Well, when one falls, another has to rise in its place.
    1. qwezler4711's Avatar
      qwezler4711 -
      good to know.
    1. vitor18laser's Avatar
      vitor18laser -
      I no public more posts the my computer was the problem of the NET and I don't come more bye site and I was it use the site normal and to lower download normal and use Mediafire for the my arquive.

      I no use Mediafire for post here and i no like of that.
    1. Sol_X's Avatar
      Sol_X -
      This is why i use MEGA
    1. Tforce's Avatar
      Tforce -
      Not many sites you can trust now.
      I remember when mediafire was the best download site. (my opinion)