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  • Roll (RMM) Released

    =========== | Roll V2.0 |==========

    Coded By: DCL (all the basic stuff)
    Updated RMM coding By: O Ilusionista (power sets, AI, revamped codes and animations and additional sprite edits)
    Mugen: Mugen 1.0
    Data: 26/12/2017
    Char number: 70

    I had a lot of fun programming this character, especially the "Power Sets". DCL did an amazing job with the base character, I just put the cherry in the cake :)

    Shocked animation by Xenomic. New stance by God of Death Alex.

    ============= | IMAGES | ============

    ============= | VIDEO | ============

    ================================================== =====
    Character Movelists
    ================================================== =====

    QCF: Quarter-circle Forward (D, DF, F)
    QCB: Quarter-circle Backward (D, DB, B)
    DP: Dragon-Punch (F, D, DF)
    DPB: Dragon-Punch Backward (B, D, DB)

    QCF+P: Mega Buster
    QCB+P: Flower Pot
    QCB+K: Roll Charge

    D, D, any button: Change Weapon
    LP: Water Hose
    MP: Eddie
    HP: Sweets Shield
    LK: Cute Spike
    MK: Vacuum Dash
    HK: Friendly Help
    QCF+K: Use Weapon

    QCF+PP: Hyper Roll
    QCB+PP: Lovely Attack
    QCF+KK: Rush Drill
    QCB+KK: Beat Plane
    QCF+P+K: Love-Fury-Passion-Energy (Lv.3)

    Download: http://www.brazilmugenteam.com

    Ps: the download should be done at my site, so you are sure to have the most updated version and its why I pay a host :)
    This article was originally published in forum thread: Roll (RMM) Released started by O Ilusionista View original post
    Comments 8 Comments
    1. O Ilusionista's Avatar
      O Ilusionista -
      Roll V2.1 - 2017/12/27
      - Bug fixes
      - New palettes by BETMARK
      - Fixed nose at her big portrait
      - Victory quotes by Kreutz Warrior

      Download: http://www.brazilmugenteam.com
    1. M Maker's Avatar
      M Maker -
      i din't know her nose was that bad before u update it lol

      great work in it bro!
    1. IrvGotti672's Avatar
      IrvGotti672 -
      Nice Work Man, I like this update
    1. Velseize's Avatar
      Velseize -
    1. Chedude's Avatar
      Chedude -
      It looks nice!
      Good job
    1. Davidschz's Avatar
      Davidschz -
      good work, is a nice char.
    1. nitohama28's Avatar
      nitohama28 -
      Good Work, Nice char.
    1. Warriorex21's Avatar
      Warriorex21 -
      Nice Work