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  • Video Preview : Natural Miku (Final Version)

    This article was originally published in forum thread: Video Preview_Natural Miku (80% progress ) started by 泥巴泥巴泥泥巴 View original post
    Comments 23 Comments
    1. Dizzy's Avatar
      Dizzy -
      Niba, you're the greatest.
      This will be a featured download on MUGEN ARCHIVE, as soon as it gets released.
      Good luck with the end of the development.
    1. TJ_OF_JI's Avatar
      TJ_OF_JI -
      Cant wait
    1. A person's Avatar
      A person -
      I'm probably going to have to make her my main in MUGEN when she's released!
    1. OskeinO's Avatar
      OskeinO -
      i definately love the concept design and she looks fairly balanced :)
    1. Mugen_Man64's Avatar
      Mugen_Man64 -
      this looks amazing! cant wait do download it
    1. 泥巴泥巴泥泥巴's Avatar
      泥巴泥巴泥泥巴 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Dizzy View Post
      Niba, you're the greatest.
      This will be a featured download on MUGEN ARCHIVE, as soon as it gets released.
      Good luck with the end of the development.
      Thank you,I Recently I am very busy, so it is delayed,I will soon complete the Characters.
    1. molonco's Avatar
      molonco -
      Really lovely :3
    1. 179810916's Avatar
      179810916 -
    1. tasadar13's Avatar
      tasadar13 -
      This will be a featured download on MUGEN ARCHIVE
    1. Bradsalo's Avatar
      Bradsalo -
      You made my day Niba.,XD..!! Ur the best.!^^
    1. DannyRux's Avatar
      DannyRux -
      This is absolutely fantastic.
    1. darksynth0's Avatar
      darksynth0 -
      Video is unavailable (
    1. Siftre97's Avatar
      Siftre97 -
      Hey, i just watch this video and i think it's amazing and creative char. At first i though this will be weird, but i guess i'm wrong. keep up the work
    1. Biometal's Avatar
      Biometal -
      This is interesting. Great work for the author.
    1. kang1's Avatar
      kang1 -
      miku miku
    1. chuboca's Avatar
      chuboca -
      Quote Originally Posted by tasadar13 View Post
      This will be a featured download on MUGEN ARCHIVE
    1. Yasuo Kashida's Avatar
      Yasuo Kashida -
      Me gusta
    1. kiss cut accerola's Avatar
      kiss cut accerola -
      Sukoi!! is amazing! and love hatsune miku! i find it interesting...the moves march wich her!
    1. mkchris54's Avatar
      mkchris54 -
      Great Char!!
    1. SighAhNide's Avatar
      SighAhNide -
      This is amazing!
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