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  • Hibana from Nightshade - Surprise Release from Varia31

    Surprise, everyone! For quite some time I have secretly been working on none other than the kunoichi named Hibana from Nightshade! For those unfamiliar, Nightshade (aka "Kunoichi" in Japan) is the sequel to Shinobi for PS2, which is of course part of SEGA's Shinobi series. Hibana is the main playable protagonist in Nightshade, and she is one awesome female ninja!

    Hibana is a simple, 3-button character with stand, crouch, and air attacks, as well as three Hypers and a taunt! Her special attribute is her Stealth Dash ability. Taken straight from Shinobi PS2 and Nightshade, the Stealth Dash allows Hibana to dash in an almost teleportation type manner, leaving an afterimage in her wake. It can even be used in the air! The dash replaces her "run forward" and "hop back" movements, and is a great way to get behind an enemy, or to simply avoid taking damage from an enemy.

    Sprites come courtesy of Project X Zone 2 for the 3DS, ripped by Ploaj of the Spriter's Resource.

    Moveset list is included as a text file in the character folder. Please enjoy!

    DOWNLOAD (either click on the image of Hibana, or the link below it in case it doesn't work)

    This article was originally published in forum thread: Hibana from Nightshade - Surprise Release from Varia31 started by Varia31 View original post
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    1. Dizzy's Avatar
      Dizzy -
      Thanks for posting this, maybe you'd like to see this posted on the homepage?
    1. Varia31's Avatar
      Varia31 -
      Sure! I'd appreciate it!
    1. tietan21's Avatar
      tietan21 -
      This is a really awesome character; love that she still has her Project X Zone cut-in animations in there.
    1. ThyFish's Avatar
      ThyFish -
      omg, those sweet animations *_*
    1. megaman-zero's Avatar
      megaman-zero -
      it have some prolplem...
    1. Varia31's Avatar
      Varia31 -
      Such as? Please elaborate so that I can see about remedying them!
    1. MLGLORD's Avatar
      MLGLORD -
      Very good :)
    1. iaramongtg's Avatar
      iaramongtg -
      thanks you :)
    1. Doc458's Avatar
      Doc458 -
      Nice Char

      - - - Updated - - -

      Amazing char
    1. tabbo7's Avatar
      tabbo7 -
      this is a pretty amazing character