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  • The King Of Fighters Anthology V3


    With most playable characters and stages made and inspired by the gold age of SNK sprite-works from KOF 94 to Neogeo Battle Coliseum.

    KOFA 3rd version is not just a simple compilation. Almost 2 crazy years of seeking and digging about everything done in kof sprited style in Mugen.
    720p screenpack designed by myself (same structure as the MMV one (wide menu and 4/3 fights)).
    585 characters (+ hidden -not much kofed- chars) and 250 classified stages. Each character has been worked, edited, improved (with a simplified gameplay, 4 buttons easy combos and specials/hypers frenzy) in order to have the most complete homogeneous game.
    Every original authors credited.


    Preview :

    Screenshots :

    This article was originally published in forum thread: The King Of Fighters Anthology V3 started by duracelleur View original post
    Comments 18 Comments
    1. thehidingnoob's Avatar
      thehidingnoob -
      Wow, Cool! Was looking for this, the best pack until now if you ask me.
      Really appreciate it
    1. thigoncalves's Avatar
      thigoncalves -
      Incredible, never seen such amazing and well done game in mugen!!!
    1. DefiantRoxas's Avatar
      DefiantRoxas -
      Very nicely done!
    1. kiroxxt1's Avatar
      kiroxxt1 -
      very nice man gooood
    1. vitubas2017's Avatar
      vitubas2017 -
      tem algum br aqui da para baixar isso ai?
    1. kater15's Avatar
      kater15 -
      Quote Originally Posted by vitubas2017 View Post
      tem algum br aqui da para baixar isso ai?
      Tem o link sim. Aqui está.
    1. flashtexas21's Avatar
      flashtexas21 -
      Ya know, I've been trying to find this everywhere, and knowing that I could've just come here makes me feel dumb lol
    1. Matsuri's Avatar
      Matsuri -
      nice this is a real nice one!
    1. joey_leggz's Avatar
      joey_leggz -
      Even though I don't like rosters with tons of characters, I love this game.
    1. TDaxelt's Avatar
      TDaxelt -
      Wow! There is so many characters! I can't wait to play this! Keep up the good work.
    1. Vector777's Avatar
      Vector777 -
      se be bien, lo boy a desdargar aber que tal
    1. loupan's Avatar
      loupan -
      wow cool thats truly an amazing screen pack.
    1. mir11111's Avatar
      mir11111 -
      i can t combine the files into folder...help
    1. bbdoliveira's Avatar
      bbdoliveira -
      Kof é sem duvida um dos melhores games de luta ja feitos, um misturadão bem feito assim no Mugen é pra deixar qualquer um feliz!!!
    1. MugenELSalvador's Avatar
      MugenELSalvador -
      Bussiness got real, Great job. I'm Downloading this right now
    1. Confused_Dragon's Avatar
      Confused_Dragon -
      Can't wait to try this out!

    1. dwap10's Avatar
      dwap10 -
      man this is one of the best mugen that i have played , thanks for your good work
    1. buiduyanh0's Avatar
      buiduyanh0 -
      nice, bro! keep going