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  • [W.I.P] Natural MIKU

    Hey guys! I have returned.
    New Works"natural miku"
    I would really appreciate it if I can get some suggestion from you all.
    This article was originally published in forum thread: [W.I.P]Natural_MIKU started by 泥巴泥巴泥泥巴 View original post
    Comments 36 Comments
    1. Dizzy's Avatar
      Dizzy -
      Beautiful. I'll add this to the front page even if it's not a release, it deserves attention because it looks so nice, and it should end as good as your amazing Black Rock Shooter.
    1. ThyBloodHarvest's Avatar
      ThyBloodHarvest -
      I'm impressed. Can't wait for the final product!
    1. Garcg175's Avatar
      Garcg175 -
      Wow this is really good! I like it
    1. MPetuh's Avatar
      MPetuh -
      looks amazing how'd u do it
    1. gerarc21's Avatar
      gerarc21 -
      Why dont make the 6th destroyer division?
    1. vania301's Avatar
      vania301 -
      esta perfeita
    1. Tforce's Avatar
      Tforce -
      mmd? like wot
    1. Rajkc947's Avatar
      Rajkc947 -
      very nice........
    1. Superluigi881's Avatar
      Superluigi881 -
      It's so beautiful!
    1. fljyin08020511's Avatar
      fljyin08020511 -
      Boss, your turn now to brighten us, 大佬, 看好你咯
    1. MPetuh's Avatar
      MPetuh -
      did u convert this miku from mmd if so can u tell mii how
    1. xHarux's Avatar
      xHarux -
      It's so beautiful <3
    1. Swat-Bees's Avatar
      Swat-Bees -
      It looks beautiful. I just want it to play well...
    1. athemis's Avatar
      athemis -
      esta perfeita
    1. mei1990's Avatar
      mei1990 -
      This is awesome
    1. sivaiscool69's Avatar
      sivaiscool69 -
      dude you NEED to give a release date
    1. Bradsalo's Avatar
      Bradsalo -
      Quote Originally Posted by sivaiscool69 View Post
      dude you NEED to give a release date
      I believe the link will be give when it's finished.. The time expected to be done is unknown. Let's stay tune..!!
    1. jyunajp's Avatar
      jyunajp -
      nicel, .ll,,l,,lmm
    1. maurizeurgo's Avatar
      maurizeurgo -
      Nice work. Soft clothes and i love it all!
    1. CyraxXXi's Avatar
      CyraxXXi -
      Beautiful character,amazing work.