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  • Original Character - Jiggly Bunny

    I've been working on this character for a few months now and I just wanted to post how she is to maybe get some feedback. She has the main moves I planned on giving her, is missing a grab and a few frames of animation. I still don't know what she's gonna do for her super.

    This article was originally published in forum thread: Original Character - Jiggly Bunny started by Kazecat View original post
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    1. wackyalien32's Avatar
      wackyalien32 -
      two error loading her jiggly.def and jiggly.sff also her select profile picture is missing

      i saw she Left4Joker post her wip with out telling you with some new stuff maybe when he post it maybe he broke the file and it dont work now

      i test it several times same mistake

      oh well hope you can fix it good luck man keep then nice work on a off topic i saw your Da gallery i really love it jeje XD have a nice day
    1. Kazecat's Avatar
      Kazecat -
      OH! Make sure you're using her in mugen 1.1. She was never tested for Mugen 1.0
    1. wackyalien32's Avatar
      wackyalien32 -
      ooh allrighty thanks man
    1. athemis's Avatar
      athemis -
      thank you perfect
    1. Kazecat's Avatar
      Kazecat -
      She only works with mugen 1.1. Try using that version.
    1. Hi, I'm Karin's Avatar
      Hi, I'm Karin -
      She's thicc.
    1. Kazecat's Avatar
      Kazecat -
      Quote Originally Posted by Hi, I'm Karin View Post
      She's thicc.
      Thicc is best.
    1. Nargoh's Avatar
      Nargoh -
      Haha, I love this character. It's a minority that needs more attention, especially in fighting games
    1. Kazecat's Avatar
      Kazecat -
      Well, I am working on more. But I keep everything on the down low since I don't want early versions of em on the net.
    1. Enexsis's Avatar
      Enexsis -
      Awesome Design
    1. chaotik's Avatar
      chaotik -
      I must say she looks awesome, prob gonna try her for fun :) continue the good work :)