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  • MUGEN ARCHIVE update

    Hello MUGEN Archivists,
    For the xmas holidays, enjoy a new MUGEN ARCHIVE update.

    What's new?

    Better thumbnails.
    - From now on the generated character thumbnails will be animated and much more fail proof.
    - In addition to the stance, character portraits will be generated too.
    - The stage thumbnails will now be automatically generated as well.
    - Resized thumbnails will be ~25% larger than before.

    Last but not least characters move list will be generated too. This new feature is limited to VIP groups for now, until extensive stability tests are performed.

    All the site thumbnails will be regenerated over the time to match these new quality standards. All move lists will be generated as well.

    It was A LOT of hard work, trust me. Please enjoy the greatest MUGEN archive on the internet with ever improved presentation and documentation.

    Men must become more then men, and gears must become more then gears.

    This article was originally published in forum thread: MUGEN ARCHIVE update started by That Man View original post
    Comments 12 Comments
    1. Antogames's Avatar
      Antogames -
      Get hype everyone!
    1. Snikklefritz's Avatar
      Snikklefritz -
      Thanks heaps!!
    1. Sol Badguy's Avatar
      Sol Badguy -
      MUGEN ARCHIVE = innovations
      while other mugen sites are static

      it's over we won
    1. hegalica's Avatar
      hegalica -
      Awesome features, thanks for the hard work! :)
    1. LeSwim's Avatar
      LeSwim -
      THE HYPE !
    1. Goblin01's Avatar
      Goblin01 -
      im happy there are still some regular updates
    1. Alexdu122's Avatar
      Alexdu122 -
      Keep going mate :D
    1. Plusle2019's Avatar
      Plusle2019 -
      Sweet! Bigger thumbnails and animated thumbnails. I remember requesting animated thumbnails a while ago. Thanks much! So pretty.
    1. Adrixer's Avatar
      Adrixer -
    1. lantriggergun's Avatar
      lantriggergun -
    1. Rajkc947's Avatar
      Rajkc947 -
      great features man..... love it
    1. valfranx's Avatar
      valfranx -
      ttgl? cool