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  • FAIDAR - Original Full Game

    FAIDAR - Full Game

    - 8 Original characters: each one with his story and background, personal set of moves and gameplay, 2 special moves, 1 hyper move and customized combo system.
    - 8 Original Stages: based on each character
    - Completely original soundtrack
    - Original screenpack
    - High Resolution

    It's a game where building a fighting strategy is necessary before going forward: the easiest way is to go hyper instead of wasting super bar to perform specials (specials and hypers consume super bar, such as in Art of Fighting).

    The game is hella difficult, speedy and sometimes there you can turn the hyper final attack into a fatality.

    There is only Arcade mode, because something went wrong in making of screenpacks and I decided in the end that it could have become a decent "casual" fighting game.

    All graphics, audio, coding, etc. made by me between July and August 2016.

    DOWNLOAD LINK (click on "qui" after page loads)
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    1. emmercury's Avatar
      emmercury -
      muy buenas imagenes lo probare
    1. Leon72's Avatar
      Leon72 -
      Great Job!
    1. Giga cufflings's Avatar
      Giga cufflings -
      Looks pretty neat! I gota to check this out!
    1. AMANDA's Avatar
      AMANDA -
    1. DefiantRoxas's Avatar
      DefiantRoxas -
      Looks awesome man I'll check it out
    1. yamicorvux's Avatar
      yamicorvux -
      looks awesome man!!!