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  • Requesting assistance: we need to archive all MUGEN data from axfc now

    Downloads that were once working on the axfc uploader have been becoming broken or corrupted left and right. I find this very worrying because if nothing is done, we risk losing a whole lot of MUGEN data forever, each day that goes by.

    For this reason, I would like to request assistance from these places that I know frequently posts links to axfc.

    A few notes:
    Be sure to test all of them after downloading to ensure that the files are not corrupted. You can use 7zip to test them in bulk, but note that 7zip generally can't open partitioned archives (unless they were named .000, .001, etc.) while WinRAR can, so use WinRAR for stuff named .part1.rar etc.
    Large files like sff and snd files would obviously have a higher risk of being corrupted. It would still be useful to keep those archives even if the sff and/or sff files have gone bad because maybe those files can be found elsewhere.
    On 2ch-style boards, links to each part usually default to listing only the last 100 posts. Make sure you are viewing all posts while gathering links. You will know that you are seeing only the last 100 posts if it skips from post #1 to a post that is not #2

    These are the places that need to be looked through:
    The threads titled MUGEN凶悪キャラを語るスレ on shitaraba
    Parts 1-4 can be downloaded from: http://sinowa.zouri.jp/zip/kyoakulog0-4.html
    Parts 5-9 linked to from: http://jbbs.shitaraba.net/bbs/read_archi...55597/-100
    Parts 10-55 linked to from: http://jbbs.shitaraba.net/bbs/storage.cgi/game/43571/
    Parts 56-68 linked to from: http://jbbs.shitaraba.net/bbs/subject.cg...71/subback

    The videos on Nicovideo tagged with AI作ってみたシリーズ

    The videos on Nicovideo tagged with MUGENキャラ作成
    Note: Nicovideo only displays the first 50 pages for any search. It would be good to try to get as many results as possible by sorting the videos in various ways to get the maximum number retrievable. Also, try using google search on nicovideo for this tag too. If someone could perhaps try making a script that would go through every single video on Nicovideo looking for this tag, perhaps that would be another way to get every video tagged with this.

    The threads titled MUGENについて語るスレ on the Nicovideo BBS
    All threads link to the previous part.

    The threads titled MUGENキャラ作ろうぜ! on 2ch
    All threads link to the previous part.

    The threads titled MUGEN ブリスキャラ作ろうぜ!on 2ch
    All threads link to the previous part.

    The threads titled MUGEN ジョジョ総合スレ on 2ch
    All threads link to the previous part.

    The MUGEN community on Google+ (I don't think they use axfc much, but just in case):

    There's no need to download unrelated stuff like jpgs, but be sure to download it if it seems like it might have any relation to MUGEN (as a character, stage, screenpack, lifebar, AI patch, or other kind of patch). Not all data has to be uploaded here to mugenarchive, especially if the sff or snd file is corrupt, but please do upload it somewhere for us to see.

    Some files may require a password to access, and some archives might be passworded after downloading. Sometimes these passwords are written about in the post linking the file, but other times they may require solving a simple riddle. If you can't read Japanese, please just post here about it so that I can help solve the password riddle.

    The axfc links take priority, but it would be good to grab stuff from other kinds of links too if you have the time, since anything can disappear at any time without notice. Furthermore, sometimes people publish their characters there by posting a link to a blog and saying they published/updated a character, and those blogs might be hosting their characters on axfc. Therefore, it would be important to check all kinds of links, not just ones pointing to axfc, but the ones pointing directly to axfc should be done first since axfc is the most unstable file host that would still have old files.

    As an extra note, all links to fast-uploader and puny.jp are dead 1-2 months after they are first posted. That is how those websites work.

    Every day that passes by runs the risk of losing more MUGEN data from axfc, so please, if anyone can help with this, that would be great.

    Extra: the MUGEN group on Lobi: https://web.lobi.co/group/002526a763...12e7ed2b47#_=_
    To my knowledge, only 1 character has ever been posted there in the past, and that's L_P. I grabbed an earlier version of L_P, but unfortunately I didn't catch the newer version of it. But perhaps I might not have looked through the past archives of this group carefully, so any extra checking might be good.
    This article was originally published in forum thread: Requesting assistance: we need to archive all MUGEN data from axfc now started by 8934hg983h434 View original post
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    1. Antogames's Avatar
      Antogames -
      That means I have to download everything in this web site D:
    1. N_Silver's Avatar
      N_Silver -
      Oh god. OH GOD.
    1. 8934hg983h434's Avatar
      8934hg983h434 -
      As for myself, I shall first be working on downloading all content linked under the AI作ってみたシリーズ tag on Nicovideo. In the meantime, I have also been running a script to detect all videos on Nicovideo tagged with MUGENキャラ作成 and will post my list after it is done running through 30 million video IDs.