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  • [BOSS 1.1] (DNF/DFO) Quattro Manus Update

    Updating Quattro Manus.

    - Fix Electric Helper and Change Sprite
    - Fix Trans Cloud on Stage
    - Change Floor
    - Add Pillar

    - HelperMAX = 600

    This article was originally published in forum thread: [BOSS 1.1] (DNF/DFO) Quattro Manus Update started by Dronekiller View original post
    Comments 20 Comments
    1. RazorsEdge282's Avatar
      RazorsEdge282 -
      looks amazing I'm so downloading him I feel like that's a boss I have been looking for a long time for
    1. speedheaven's Avatar
      speedheaven -
      it's amazing
    1. AkiraDark95's Avatar
      AkiraDark95 -
      exelente la verdad muy bueno ya habia visto algunos parecidos
    1. Kisesy's Avatar
      Kisesy -
    1. TrueGemini's Avatar
      TrueGemini -
      I love how there's alot more Bonus/Mini games coming out nowadays, It lets me feel like im making a story or something
    1. Kamui_Pass's Avatar
      Kamui_Pass -
      it's good boss
    1. goteni's Avatar
      goteni -
      It's the very good boss, in fact the first boss I ever fought. I think i realized I can't beat him alone until I get another character. So until then, i'll bring Date with me.
    1. pennywise57's Avatar
      pennywise57 -
      Great boss, not too cheap
    1. qweeqq's Avatar
      qweeqq -
      Wow it's nice quality
    1. Hybrid's Avatar
      Hybrid -
      Wow that looks awesome! I 'm curious do we have to download a certain stage with it as well?
    1. maurizeurgo's Avatar
      maurizeurgo -
      This is amazing! Good job - Well Done!
    1. Otaku Rowne's Avatar
      Otaku Rowne -
      geeez nice
    1. Dronekiller's Avatar
      Dronekiller -
      Hey, Thank's :)
    1. noople's Avatar
      noople -
      very nice!
    1. Animaraz's Avatar
      Animaraz -
      ¡¡¡Woooww!!! No version for 1.0?
    1. Axelimith's Avatar
      Axelimith -
      Does anyone have a youtube video of him?
    1. joejoe8989's Avatar
      joejoe8989 -
      Thankys for good update!
    1. N. Kenway's Avatar
      N. Kenway -
      It's so promissory!
    1. marcioleo123's Avatar
      marcioleo123 -
      Yay! Thanks!
    1. Seras·Victoria's Avatar
      Seras·Victoria -
      That is great!