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  • MUGEN ARCHIVE news : Found news section added

    I've recently added a found news section, so please feel free to post about any MUGEN related release or news you've found around the internet.

    Feel free to copy news from other sites, we don't mind. Especially from guild which has an active news section at this time. If you copy their news here, there will be no reason for anybody to visit the guild anymore, and we can finally bury that old site which has done so much harm to us.

    This is also a very good way to level up your account (better than trash posting and getting rank locked).
    This article was originally published in forum thread: MUGEN ARCHIVE news : Found news section added and going social started by Dizzy View original post
    Comments 11 Comments
    1. speedheaven's Avatar
      speedheaven -
      it's hard to understand
    1. TerNgy's Avatar
      TerNgy -
      wait what
    1. Dizzy's Avatar
      Dizzy -
      Quote Originally Posted by TerNgy View Post
      wait what
      There is now a section to post the news you find around the internet.
    1. TerNgy's Avatar
      TerNgy -
      oh ok, sorry im new
    1. Tforce's Avatar
      Tforce -
      Neat cant wait to put more time in the forums... sounds sarcastic xD
    1. sphelon8565's Avatar
      sphelon8565 -
      Interesting....I know I'm just new here but I think I want to know more about contributing sprites.
    1. Franco123's Avatar
      Franco123 -
      If by just posting one thing, an inactive member can re-download forum content?
    1. TomonariNoctis's Avatar
      TomonariNoctis -
      I'm trying to Upload a character onto here but i cannot since i do not have permission. It is still a WIP and i would like to get some information on how to fix him up.
    1. MIX99T's Avatar
      MIX99T -
      Bom dia eu sou do Brasil e novo aqui no fórum, gostaria de saber primeiramente com postar algo sou bem recruta nisso :D e gostaria também de saber por que diabos o winMUGEN trava do nada???
    1. Kiyosu's Avatar
      Kiyosu -
      I'm afraid I don't know what "guild" is o3o
    1. loupan's Avatar
      loupan -
      Hi guys i have been wonderin about something, what makes snk and capom's video game characters so different from the shonen anime characters i mean snk and capcom are also japanese just like the shonen jump. I was just wondering what makes snk and capcom's characters different from the shonen jump characters, or can you actually place snk and capcom almost under the same genre as the shonen jump characters. Guys please leave a comment and give me an answer i would really really like to know.