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  • Incoming update

    The MUGEN ARCHIVE will have a software upgrade next week in order to fix a number of performance issues and add a few extra features.

    We are making this announcement because we expect a downtime that could last a few hours, perhaps a whole day depending on unexpected issues. While you may not notice any visual change, many core functions will be rewritten, so the update may be a difficult process. Hopefully, the improved performance will allow us to remove many of the restrictions we've added to the site during the past few months, and reduce the frequency of the community events.

    This article was originally published in forum thread: Incoming update started by Dizzy View original post
    Comments 29 Comments
    1. Finola's Avatar
      Finola -
      The update sounds interesting! ✨
      I will be willing to wait what is necessary for it to arrive...
      Although, with community events I met many people, also thanks to them I am here...
      I guess I'll miss his frequency (´ー`)

      Thank you so much for maintaining this beautiful community, I really love Mugen Archive very much! (´ω`)
      Thanks Dizzy!
    1. ghiacio's Avatar
      ghiacio -
      These are some great news indeed
    1. dadatiegunzi's Avatar
      dadatiegunzi -
      Sounds interesting
    1. ZEGA ZONIC's Avatar
      ZEGA ZONIC -
      Hope everything works out well.
    1. Ventis's Avatar
      Ventis -
      Will wait for the update! Hopefully i'll get used to it soon enough.
    1. dypaul15's Avatar
      dypaul15 -
      Great News
    1. slasher_scene's Avatar
      slasher_scene -
    1. sedotu's Avatar
      sedotu -
      very good I'm curious how it will turn out
    1. Asuka Masaki's Avatar
      Asuka Masaki -
      I'm looking forward to seeing what the features will be like next week.
    1. Sadroo's Avatar
      Sadroo -
      parece muito bom, mal posso esperar :D
    1. IAmMr789Guy's Avatar
      IAmMr789Guy -
      This is cool. I await the new archive.
    1. pastaboi's Avatar
      pastaboi -
      That sounds fun!
    1. M4N49's Avatar
      M4N49 -
      I can´t wait to the update
    1. mandragorajelly's Avatar
      mandragorajelly -
      wao que cambios traera impresionado
    1. Anime Weeb11's Avatar
      Anime Weeb11 -
      pretty epic can't wait
    1. 2042447539's Avatar
      2042447539 -
    1. asuraswizzy's Avatar
      asuraswizzy -
      a much needed one i suppose
    1. Julioal2005's Avatar
      Julioal2005 -
      Espero que sea pronto xd
    1. ClaytonEx's Avatar
      ClaytonEx -
      I am expecting eagerly, though I am noticing some little changes in the MA's policy!
      Anyway, do it as long as we never be Game Over!!!
    1. 1028elchamuco's Avatar
      1028elchamuco -
      wooow that is a good adition xD