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  • Nappa and Frieza DBFZ by Tomo, released

    The MUGEN Creator Tomo has released Nappa from Dragon Ball FighterZ in mini-HD quality.

    UPDATE : Frieza DBFZ joins the battle !

    Preview :

    Downloads :


    This article was originally published in forum thread: Nappa DBFZ by Tomo released started by Dizzy View original post
    Comments 163 Comments
    1. ZEGA ZONIC's Avatar
      ZEGA ZONIC -
      I wonder if Tomo could make Guilty Gear Xrd characters?
    1. Mitzu's Avatar
      Mitzu -
      woah looks real good
    1. Captain Gensokyo's Avatar
      Captain Gensokyo -
      What does the scouter say about his power level?!
    1. ZEGA ZONIC's Avatar
      ZEGA ZONIC -
      Quote Originally Posted by captain gensokyo View Post
      what does the scouter say about his power level?!
      it's over 9000!!!!!
    1. SONIC_THE_HEADSHOT's Avatar
      3D rip? the sprite turned out surprisingly well. Nice
    1. Loki.EXE's Avatar
      Loki.EXE -
      This is really gonna open the floodgates for future 3D model rips, good job!
    1. MichelST's Avatar
      MichelST -
      wow, this is amazing
    1. Monstrodevo's Avatar
      Monstrodevo -

      I've been seraching for a decent Nappa for years and years!
    1. Andrew213's Avatar
      Andrew213 -
      Amazing job thanks
    1. Gomamon's Avatar
      Gomamon -
      I don't play DBFZ but this looks amazing!
    1. SOLIDJEFFRO_W's Avatar
      please tell us you have the whole cast from DBFZ!!??
    1. TheGamingPaladin's Avatar
      TheGamingPaladin -
      Tomo makes amazing DBZ Characters, so this will be an excellent addition to any roster, i have a feeling that this wont be the last we see of the DBZF Variant.
    1. blueyeb's Avatar
      blueyeb -
      This looks amazing
    1. blazehenry's Avatar
      blazehenry -
      he lowkey be getting thrashed by my genitz lol
    1. bambyspm's Avatar
      bambyspm -
      exelente muy bien
    1. sssneijderrr's Avatar
      sssneijderrr -
      very good very nice
    1. Roxiagaki's Avatar
      Roxiagaki -
      Holy SMokes!!! THANK U
    1. eend8's Avatar
      eend8 -
      Nice ,its very good
    1. dededeman's Avatar
      dededeman -
      you actually pulled nappa out of fighterz. it doesn't get any better than that!
    1. friki1234's Avatar
      friki1234 -
      awosome bro