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  • Atomic Thouther by Deoxgigas, released

    Acclaimed creator Deoxgigas released Atomic Thouther (HnK + Touhou edit)

    Originally Posted by Deoxgigas :

    Now this is an old idea I came up with ages ago in order to complete my "trio", but never really bothered with because I wanted to try out new challenges. And burned out.
    Yet, here we are after all this time. Like Celestial Mukai and Prismatic Jam before him, he was conceived with the idea that it would be fun to try and
    give other characters a Touhou style moveset, as I often find that it's the Touhou characters that are edited into other styles.
    And just like the two, Thouther has taken on the moves from another of my older characters, this one being Stardust Utsuho.

    The difference between him and the two older ones, though, is that he was build with all the experience I gained after making Mukai and Jam, which gives him
    some rather long and devastating combos, and better AI in general. As for the difference between him and Stardust Utsuho, Thouther still retains some of his
    original moves from his source game, and two of his supers are practically the same, only with alot more solar power. His usage of Utsuho's moves are, in some cases,
    also faster, slower, have bigger hitboxes, and in a few particular cases, aimed differently.

    A fair warning, this one might be one of my strongest characters yet, rivaling even Umi no Kokoro.

    The AI is as relentless as ever, designed for AI vs AI fights.

    Download : https://mugenarchive.com/forums/down...ther-deoxgigas
    This article was originally published in forum thread: Atomic Thouther by Deoxgigas, released started by Dizzy View original post
    Comments 75 Comments
    1. Cavoyjrstl25's Avatar
      Cavoyjrstl25 -
      nice cant wait to try him out ..downloading him now
    1. Ghelvex99's Avatar
      Ghelvex99 -
      This new character is so good.
    1. Shrek'sMilk's Avatar
      Shrek'sMilk -
    1. awesomeguy42's Avatar
      awesomeguy42 -
      loookin sick
    1. Kiusacaca's Avatar
      Kiusacaca -
      cool is very great
    1. MegaAray18's Avatar
      MegaAray18 -
      cool excelent character
    1. monkey34's Avatar
      monkey34 -
      I have only one thing to say He Is AMAZING!!!
    1. omega tawashi's Avatar
      omega tawashi -
    1. Zadoc's Avatar
      Zadoc -
      Good char
    1. kintaro's Avatar
      kintaro -
      :très bon:
    1. trentm's Avatar
      trentm -
      sprites look beautiful!
    1. victor6467's Avatar
      victor6467 -
      looks amazing, can't wait to try him
    1. Linkbird5's Avatar
      Linkbird5 -
      Hey nice Character

      - - - Updated - - -

      quels sont les meilleurs mugen a telecharger?
    1. Johnothanian's Avatar
      Johnothanian -
      cool Character
    1. Hikari.EXE's Avatar
      Hikari.EXE -
      He fights well,just like any other Hokuto no Ken edited type characters.
    1. CrustyNutSack's Avatar
      CrustyNutSack -
      Just downloaded him :)
    1. chakizulu's Avatar
      chakizulu -
      This Looks Great!
    1. Decrypter1990's Avatar
      Decrypter1990 -
      Realy amazing!
    1. Lafairr's Avatar
      Lafairr -
      Cool character
    1. maskedrider's Avatar
      maskedrider -
      superbe creation du style hokuto no ken