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  • M.U.G.E.N. Super Smash Bros Ultimate Project (Mugen 1.1)

    Hello! After several months of absence (Although in fact I was never in this forum), I was working on a mod that consists of adding to any character, mechanics like Super Smash Bros. (most specifically SSBU).

    This mod will add new elements, compatibility with characters with different CoordSpace, it will also be fully customizable, both the amount of stock, the game mode, etc., as one of the most important aggregates , the fact that here you can create your own stage with your own platforms.

    Here are two videos of how I progressed with this mod.

    Any suggestions are welcomed.
    This article was originally published in forum thread: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Mod for Mugen 1.1) started by KadirV View original post
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    1. Plusle2019's Avatar
      Plusle2019 -
      This is what that stupid smash mod needed. Now the smash mod is more worthwhile

      - - - Updated - - -

      Can you make it so ledgehoggers arent invincible and have a certain time of being forcrd off of it?
    1. KadirV's Avatar
      KadirV -
      If the character has his Clsn, yes.
    1. dacat244's Avatar
      dacat244 -
      i think is good enough already
    1. Dizzy's Avatar
      Dizzy -
      I'm looking forward to hear more about this, it looks really amazing.

      If a donation could help, please let us know, we would be glad to help you.
    1. Vocalnoid's Avatar
      Vocalnoid -
      Are you gonna show us more platform/slope details soon?
    1. Chiliastic's Avatar
      Chiliastic -
      Goddang this is cool. One step closer to making our own Smash rosters.
    1. Um cool's Avatar
      Um cool -
      Kung Fu Man throwing the match lol
    1. Sadroo's Avatar
      Sadroo -
      incrivel !!!
    1. KJ Gamer's Avatar
      KJ Gamer -
      The Fact That Platforms Work In This Mod Makes This The Best Smash Mod For Mugen
    1. TheWhiteDevil27's Avatar
      TheWhiteDevil27 -
      I honestly can't wait for this mod to get released. It looks rather promising.
    1. MageJooJ's Avatar
      MageJooJ -
      Very Good!!!
    1. Oshtoby's Avatar
      Oshtoby -
      Holy hell, this looks amazing. This is already looking like if Rivals of Aether's Workshop mode was done way better. Please keep us updated on this, I am extremely impressed.

      Added thought: I have to wonder if it would be possible to alter Mugen to allow for 4 human players. That would be great.
    1. evilslayer506's Avatar
      evilslayer506 -
      when will it be released
    1. YoloPopYourFace's Avatar
      YoloPopYourFace -
      Pretty epic, can't wait till its released
    1. KJ Gamer's Avatar
      KJ Gamer -
      When Will This Be Released
    1. oceanboy06's Avatar
      oceanboy06 -
      Quote Originally Posted by KJ gamer View Post
      When Will This Be Released
      I Agree! and to KadirV, When will you Release it?
    1. Elite Hellspawn's Avatar
      Elite Hellspawn -
      The more damaged they are the more the higher the knockback force is with a add-on of % viewing added in as a new Lifebar UI. that's something I could see this happen.
    1. tasadar13's Avatar
      tasadar13 -
      link de descarga plis
    1. M4N49's Avatar
      M4N49 -
      Quote Originally Posted by tasadar13 View Post
      link de descarga plis
      Amigo, es un mod que esta en desarrollo, cuando este listo, pondran el link de descarga.
    1. khalil7's Avatar
      khalil7 -
      crazy :)