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  • MUGEN ARCHIVE : 10 years !!

    I noticed that this year the site completes 10 years of its foundation. I really want to thank the first admins Dizzy and Justice for the work that has been going on with this site since the beginning, they planted this seed there at the beginning and today we are all reaping that fruit, I want to thank the whole team for participating in this wonderful work of preserve the Mugen content, I feel honored to be a part of this story and I don't know what would be of the Mugen community without the Archive.
    Congratulations Mugen Archive, come 10 more years ahead.
    This article was originally published in forum thread: MUGEN ARCHIVE : 10 years !! started by kater15 View original post
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    1. Jansen121's Avatar
      Jansen121 -
      Congratulations for it's 10 years, The MUGEN ARCHIVE/Mugen The Chronicles, You deserve it.

      MUGEN ARCHIVE: Since 2009.
    1. Juu-bei7's Avatar
      Juu-bei7 -
      Congrats on the 10 year anniversary, Mugen Archive! I only wish I discovered you sooner

      It's great to see our site and the community still maintained and growing strong, after all these years.
    1. Dizzy's Avatar
      Dizzy -
      Thank you @kater15 I completely missed this.

      I'm going to add a special banner ASAP.

      10 years is always a great landmark. Glad to see this community still engaged and thriving despite all the difficulties. Glad to see it keeps breaking records, we passed the 100,000 files landmark not long ago. All these resources preserved for generations to come, it's wonderful. At this rate we might accomplish our objective, which is to make MUGEN a mainstream phenomenon, known to all.
    1. Swimteampie's Avatar
      Swimteampie -
      Happy Birthday M.U.G.E.N.!
    1. Jewel men10's Avatar
      Jewel men10 -
      Happy 10Th Anniversary to MUGEN Archive
    1. AGenericDude's Avatar
      AGenericDude -
      Wow, 10 years? I was in middle school back there and i was also finding out about MUGEN around this period. Time flies alright...

      But anyway, congrats MA.
    1. MegaAray18's Avatar
      MegaAray18 -
      I hope these ten years multiply by ten :)
    1. IAmMr789Guy's Avatar
      IAmMr789Guy -
      Ten years? That's awesome.
    1. acm240's Avatar
      acm240 -
      Happy 10th Anniversary, MUGEN Archive!
    1. Plusle2019's Avatar
      Plusle2019 -
      I cant believe 2009 was 10 years ago
    1. Douglas1083's Avatar
      Douglas1083 -
      Awesome! ��
    1. TheWhiteDevil27's Avatar
      TheWhiteDevil27 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Plusle2019 View Post
      I cant believe 2009 was 10 years ago
      Man, I feel old now because of it.
      I was 8 and heavily obsessed with Naruto and Mega Man at the time.
      Congrats for being around for that long, though.
    1. Ghelvex99's Avatar
      Ghelvex99 -
      Congratulations to The MUGEN Archive by reach 10th years old in this section industry of videogames fight thanks by share this great fact recognition part of the big family the giant in the matter of MUGEN i hope of my part that are many more celebrate is your day special.
    1. Sasukexreall's Avatar
      Sasukexreall -
      I came a little late, and I would like to say congrats! I'm a baby to this site but it seems like hard work and lots of effort. For all that thank you to the ones owning the site and the ones making it as magical as it is!
    1. CharlieBrwn's Avatar
      CharlieBrwn -
      Congrats for the 10 years !! Thank you so much for providing us with great content
    1. DanteDMC's Avatar
      DanteDMC -
      happy 10 anniversary!!! thx for this community im new and already love it! jajaja
    1. z_ane_666's Avatar
      z_ane_666 -
    1. TheMLGBraixen's Avatar
      TheMLGBraixen -
      Happy 10 years! (sorry I'm 2 days late ^^')
    1. xWagnerPlaguesx's Avatar
      xWagnerPlaguesx -
      Here's to 10 more
    1. Palette's Avatar
      Palette -
      Holy [email protected]#, this place has been up for a decade?!?!?? What history!!!!

      Congratulations on keeping this place a hotspot for many mugen users, myself included. Who knows if Mugen would still be around today without all your contributions and hard work!