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  1. Yami Kula (remade) progress status, 2nd entry.

    Done converting most of her basic winmugen stuff. There are various of issues (which is shame that i couldn't import most of her winmugen skill due compatibility issue with mugen 1.1 engine, as the game wont run if there are classic winmugen script inside her cns. Right now i working off for her super and AI. Its been awhile, and my creativity kinda classic so please bear with me.
  2. The fatality never dies!

    Greetings to the whole community!

    Now, I share with you some new things that I have brought for you:

    ➤Complete update of the char's ninja male, the version of Chameleon is not yet available but I clarify that it will arrive.
    ➤➤The versions uploaded to the Mugen Archive server are versions for 1.0 or higher, if you are looking for versions 0.5 [WINMUGEN] download them on the web, I clarify 2 things;

    1- I don't want to ...
  3. Full Game..?

    Hello everyone. So... I’ve been wondering. Ever since I started to do conversions of a bunch of different characters in my own (technically not custom) style, I’ve encountered the thought of creating a full game many times. Maybe I can have a giant mesh of all my characters into a big roster. Provided that their mechanics are the same, there should be no trouble at all. At the moment I’m still creating the “system” part of the motif, but the “fight” section is polished and finished, as seen in my ...
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  4. WIP update : Replacing Winmugen [Dash Strike] skill to 1.1 version

    Winmugen version, Yami Kula's Dash Strike.

    Mugen 1.1 version, Yami Kula's Dash Strike.

    For the sprite, i actually use Geoniko's explode and sprite effect, but still retain the same code with winmugen version, though there are few minor adjustment so it can be run in 1.1.
    Subject sprite's effect and sfx will be change, depending on how far she will be. For now, it would be temporarily. ...
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  5. Done patching Yami Kula to 1.1

    She no longer have null skill, passive reversal, flashy wide-screen ohko and ridiculous helper.
    Another version of Yami Kula for null-tier will be planned for her soon. But for now, i will focus regular character, while removing all cheap content from her.

    She will available only for 1.0/1.1.
    WIP News , Misc
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