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  1. BEASTERWOOD2007's Avatar
    good stuff man! keep up the good work!
  2. TRGPG's Avatar
    As an MK fan, I like this a whole lot
  3. NERD745's Avatar
    Not all heroes wear capes
  4. the phone lad's Avatar
    orange card series
  5. Chavinho Mugen's Avatar
  6. Incipiens's Avatar
    i dont know what to say honestly, but i can tell this is great
  7. Shingo_Yabuki's Avatar
  8. Shingo_Yabuki's Avatar
    is Hydro Bi-Han / Noob Saibot?

    otherwise, pretty good select screen. looks interesting. i might have to check this out.
  9. jootaaro's Avatar
    sounds cool
  10. watersnake's Avatar
    nice looks good
  11. Kono_Diego_Da!'s Avatar
    This isn't something that particularly interests me, but I'm sure that this is, and will be, something fun and amazing. I hope that this ends up being quite successful.
  12. MrPr1993's Avatar
    Goodness yes! Glad to see this revived.
  13. un wey's Avatar
    Yo no soy una persona que lea los comics pero que se este creando un fanmade de mortal kombat me pone feliz y espero
    que el proyecto se complete
  14. rehannoor75's Avatar
    looking forward to it
  15. UnbiasedDrake's Avatar
    :( I want to download
  16. dilili's Avatar
    Epic love it
  17. cesarshadow's Avatar
    use the chars from mk chaotic 1 and 2 (i upload a folder with them)
  18. Matilda's Avatar
    Escorpião saksaksak
  19. -MICHA-'s Avatar
  20. Aquinha's Avatar
    Achei bem interessante, não tem nenhuma atualização de como esta indo o projeto?
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