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  1. TRGPG's Avatar
    Hey pals. I just food out about this feature. Bare late too...heh
  2. FPSvoltage's Avatar
    really helpful thanks !
  3. Forrrester_81's Avatar
    ohh sorry for streetfghter..chun lee for sure..(hickk!)
  4. Forrrester_81's Avatar
    nice work..lol ı give to mai lol...
  5. Forrrester_81's Avatar
    U know how to add more char slots for mugen ..?or do we have to upgrade the version to make it megaman .<3 sorry to ask a noobish question....^^
  6. Forrrester_81's Avatar
    Great help thank u..<3..^^
  7. Dizzy's Avatar
    What does this have to do with MUGEN development? No offense but this is supposed to be a creator's blog where users check creators updates
  8. Plusle2019's Avatar
    Today is the last day to vote. Chun li is in the lead.
  9. jont911's Avatar
  10. Bradsalo's Avatar
    --lll lll--
    --// \\--
  11. Mekstik's Avatar
    what! Kuma sia
  12. kater15's Avatar
    I think this feature of the Blog is a bit older, however no one was aware that it exists or don't know how to use and from what I know, only you (Megaman) and OldGamer are using this feature.
  13. Plusle2019's Avatar
    I think it'd be great if it was for everyone though. Maybe it's a testing feature.
  14. Left4Joker's Avatar
    yay \o
  15. ruifox's Avatar