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  1. the phone lad's Avatar
    I love fnaf but i hate those "fans" that don't know SHIT about fnaf
  2. Incipiens's Avatar
    This guy quite spittin facts
  3. Shingo_Yabuki's Avatar
    you spittin' straight up facts bro
  4. watersnake's Avatar
    I agree does are facts
  5. Kono_Diego_Da!'s Avatar
    This was quite agreeable.
  6. Pizzasause2000's Avatar
    it is... Just look at how the FX is coded this way
  7. Forrrester_81's Avatar
    t looks nice..
  8. vegas's Avatar
    Hope it's not too hard for you. Good luck.
  9. Pizzasause2000's Avatar
    i would not mind if someone asks: Wheres Pesky Luigi and Wario? (Two of those versions of those 2 that are probably ded by know)
  10. blackromero's Avatar
    oh, im new in this place, this is interesting