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  1. Yami Kula (remade) progress status, 2nd entry.

    Done converting most of her basic winmugen stuff. There are various of issues (which is shame that i couldn't import most of her winmugen skill due compatibility issue with mugen 1.1 engine, as the game wont run if there are classic winmugen script inside her cns. Right now i working off for her super and AI. Its been awhile, and my creativity kinda classic so please bear with me.
  2. WIP update : Replacing Winmugen [Dash Strike] skill to 1.1 version

    Winmugen version, Yami Kula's Dash Strike.

    Mugen 1.1 version, Yami Kula's Dash Strike.

    For the sprite, i actually use Geoniko's explode and sprite effect, but still retain the same code with winmugen version, though there are few minor adjustment so it can be run in 1.1.
    Subject sprite's effect and sfx will be change, depending on how far she will be. For now, it would be temporarily. ...
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  3. Yami Kula (remade) progress status.

    Progress : 20%.

    I'm taking this too long to update her, due university, job interview, pregnancy, and i lost all my yami kula assets (null generator, 1gb of uhd sfx, sprite and bunch of codes - Courtesy of Ced, SM, Panda and Stonekfm), because my old laptop ex-hd no longer working 5 months ago.

    SO far, i had to re-create her by using old kula files (David Demianoff (KOFM AI patch), 119way) as template for her. Might release non-cheap yami kula (without ohko, wide-screen ...