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  1. Xmas/Christmas day

    Nothing.. just a filler post :P
  2. Information about: Matti MUGEN v1.6

    Listen guys, I need your help.
    There are 6 slots available for Matti MUGEN v1.6 (yup, last 6 character slots).
    And I need the last 6 characters that I will put to Matti MUGEN v1.6

    Write in the comment:
    1. Character name
    2. Link to download
    3. Super / Hyper Moves List
    4. Screenshot of the Character

    What's new in Matti MUGEN v1.6? :
    - Fixed Final Move Lag in character named: Tank (Battle City Tank) - T-Rex Finishing Move ...
    Matti M.U.G.E.N
  3. Matti M.U.G.E.N v1.5 (Beta) Important Information

    Listen guys, i have a question for you.
    There are 7 free character slots for Matti MUGEN, so...
    Which characters should be in this 7 slots?
    Write your suggestions in the comment.
  4. Mati MUGEN v1.4 (Update 13) Released!

  5. Incoming update for: Matti MUGEN v1.4 (Update 13)

    This upcoming update will include:
    - Old Foxy & Mangle
    - New Lifebar & Powerbar (Finally)
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