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  1. Aggar (NES Boss) (V1.04)

  2. Matti M.U.G.E.N v1.7 - Hidden Characters Information

  3. WIP (Undertoad Mario) + MUGEN battle

    Some WIP of a newer Undertoad Mario
    but its private cause im gonna guess theres gonna be dislike raiders (I woudn't recommend posting this character here if i were you wanting this online)
  4. Dont i just hate how this occurs over an Unbalanced Undertale Character?

    i'm getting tired of the undertale fanboys/fangirls/ppl disliking over a SIMPLE AI Critisizm thing,
    mostly because the fanbase itself is still an "Opinion-Based" Fanbase and NEVER takes one opinion if they think its bad.
    all its just a opinion over AI that should NOT be disliked (and dont get started on "But you should'nt post this"). So from now on, if anyone just dislikes a comment about the Unbalancing AI thats no mercy AF
    its just gonna be a simple ignore ...
  5. Matti M.U.G.E.N v1.6 [Released!]

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