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That Man
17th December 2016, 12:28
Hello MUGEN Archivists,

We've experienced a server crash a couple of days ago, resulting in some minor data loss.
About twelve hours of activity were lost : new posts, new members, and any new activity.
If you've created an account right before the crash, I'm afraid you need to register again.
No file was lost though as the file server was not affected by the incident.

The files uploaded right before the crash were batch restored along their images but some of them must be claimed by their owner as I have no way to recover any data about those files.
The files are located there : http://mugenarchive.com/forums/downloads.php?do=cat&id=1
If you've uploaded any of them, please claim the ownership here and the files will be transferred to your account asap.

I apologize for this incident and most of all for the couple of days it took to fix it. I thought it was a hardware failure because I couldn't access even the rescue mode. An incident ticket was filed and it took a couple of days for the support staff to answer. It turned out I was wrong and it was a software issue. We've experienced a rare "kernel panic", some kind of linux BSOD. It happened after a HDD upgrade (again) and a server reboot. I'll try to avoid hard reboots from now on, or at least run a backup right before.

Should another incident occur, please don't panic, and remember we have a twitter account (https://twitter.com/mugen_archive) where you can get updates.

Men must become more then men, and gears must become more then gears.


Wild Ram
17th December 2016, 14:57
I'm member of a forum which we lost ONE year of activity, because this was only last backup of the forum found in server.

Here we had more lucky.


17th December 2016, 20:34
I'm already allocating them to their respective sections ;)

18th December 2016, 09:01
so thats why i coudent get on for like 5 days with it saying server 404 or can't connect you guys have a twitter page never knew that

19th December 2016, 04:29
Wow, this site is truly amazing. It let's us know that mugen is not dead.

26th December 2016, 04:19
Wow, this site is truly amazing. It let's us know that mugen is not dead.

yes it does

25th January 2017, 04:31
Hi all

12th March 2017, 16:10
I feel bad for people who lost their accounts.

14th March 2017, 15:09

21st May 2017, 16:08

25th June 2017, 21:22
oh dear