View Full Version : Ichigo fullbring/Shinigami edit of stormex ichigo W.I.P.

22nd July 2014, 05:56
Looking for someone to help me make ichigo fullbring/shinigami for winmugen/mugen 1.0
(i say winmugen because some people might play on old computers)
I request help from anyone experienced with creating BLEACH mugen characters but if your experienced then it doesbt matter if you make bleach chars

I would like for Storm-Ex personal help on this project

-What i need help with
Finding sprites that are non-chibi
Almost everthing but mostly the cns and cmd files
Animations that involve projectiles or energy blast such as getsuga tensho
And all the good stuff

Again i request Storm-Ex to mentor and help me

Thanks for reading

Soul Taker
16th January 2015, 19:04
Unless you plan on paying for people to take there time to make what you want then this well never happen

The other way of getting people to help is if you have something to offer them such as what skills do you have are you a coder can you program ai can you make sprites if not then you won't get anyone to help you for free unless you personally know them

Why not try and make it your self you might get someone to help you more with coding once your character is made maybe