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10th November 2016, 21:31

Hello and welcome to my first, and new mugen project this is the first time that i do one so i got hooked to mugen because it was really easy change some basic things like chars and sound so i will see if i can get some game dev experience whit mugen as you can see this title is not the best or common for a mugen so is something for cover the first time.

What it will have this mugen?

- It will have common chars of a mugen but the menu will have some others so it will be a bigger this
-It will be harder:

First if you want to pass a extreme exp. whit my mugen try to change Life to 100 and put Max. dificulty

Also if you are of those who are searching a easy mugen this is not your place.

-flexible chars:

What do i meaning whit this? well the game will have chars whit good combos and good AI whit majority what it will make what the fight turns more harder and intense, but that means what i will not add imposible chars as i call (unbeatable chars) also if you want a good experience try to learn every combo of a char.

-amazing soundtracks

Good Stages

-Good framerates:
My computer is a 1,7Ghz CPU Intel Atom N455
And 128Vram
so you should dont worry as i see theres some Mugen that turns slow but this wont happen to the mine Lol :laugh:


How can i help you?
-Sending me some chars what you want to add or what you created
-Sending stages (1280x720) Res.
-Sending menu pics (i mean some for tune the menu)
-Recommended tutorials for beginners
Link: Coming Soon

11th November 2016, 11:22
Can you send the link whenever u have it?..

11th November 2016, 19:29
of course im working on it i will upload some Screenshot later for show how its going on the game for now

11th November 2016, 23:11
Thanks bro.. looking forward to it..

4th February 2017, 00:05
If you arent willingfull to learn and search knowledge you are in the wrongg place mate.
Unfortunatelly there arent too much 720p stages besides with your specs you will have problems even trying to run hires stages,i am aware of this because my pc has higher requirements then yours and still have some problems,test the stages from skull girls and you will understand.
This project is doomed from beggining to end (no offense) because you dont have anything new to offer,not even making custom fightfx,or taking advantages of mugen.
For example there is a game called mugen darkness (he name means infinite darkness and is not about the engine) is quite good and has something that makes it unique,maybe you should try something like that before even thinking on making a collective project.