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2nd April 2020, 16:55
Hello guys, I'm here to show you my first naruto project on mugen 1.1. I'm a big fan of this anime and I've downloaded too many naruto mugen but all of them wasn't in my taste. So I've decided to do one by myself and have begun to edit my mugen using the reversed technology method (lol yes I didn't learn any web tutorial). My screenpack is a fusion between Alex TV GTM and Jésus Renaut screenpack and my own stuff and it's close to Ultimate Ninja Storm style. My roster contains at least 70% of important character from the Naruto Shippuden and 50% from Boruto Universe, special episode and movie character included. Characters credit go generally to CobraG6, Mikel8888, Om Hy, Akashi Mugen, Hermoduro, Lucky 7, Monkey D. Yomi, Shadow Mercer, Shingeki No Mugen, Shinrashi, SMW and many other who did a good job on these character. Because I'm new here, I'm not able to share any pictures or videos so I'll show you the first preview soon.

- - - Updated - - -

First Preview: Deidara Edo Versus Chocho Akimichi


Need any of your suggestions to make a better version. Thanks and enjoy this battle.

NB: Because I'm new here, I want to know where can I get some sprite resources (naruto related) to improve my mugen screenpack graphic.


I need your suggestion about the intro. Is this intro fit to the mugen or it must be changed for more suitable and no copycut one? Does the music is good for an intro? What do you recommend?



I've improved the menu with more animated stuff. I finally found, fortunately, a proper logo for my mugen. I didn't know before such game/logo could exist. Anyway, I verified and it doesn't exist. So I borrowed the logo because it fit very good to my mugen which got the name "Ultimate Ninja Storm Heroes" before I find such logo. Then, what did you think about the whole menu? Do I must change the background music? What do you recommend me.


9th April 2020, 03:05

Here is a preview of the 146 playable character within this game. I took care to put all available character from Naruto Shippudden and Boruto in the game. There are even character from movie and special episode. All character has been balanced to permit a regular and interesting gameplay. It's very close to Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm console and pc version but with 2d graphics on an old good engine lol.
Thanks to CobraG6, Mikel8888, Inseph, Om Hy, Shingeki No Mugen, Shadow Mercer, Monkey D Yomi, Hermoduro, Sektor, Akashi Mugen, Lucky7, SMW, Shinrashi, Alexei Roschak, Aloudie, ALXVE, Dan_Mt, Darek, David11, Juubi, Legend Ivanhoe, MEDYN, NGMT, Wolfstack, Sed and Yuretz for the beautiful stage and character they made for everybody want to make his own mugen game. Thank you all very much.


N.B: Sorry for my bad english :-P

- - - Updated - - -

Ok today I'll show you how I improved a bit my Versus Screen with animated cloud at the bottom of the screen. Now, the "match" appears correctly on the versus board. What do you think about it?


10th April 2020, 03:52
This is my new intro. I took all the day to do it by finally following some tutorial about inserting video intro into mugen engine. I think it's worthy and for a beginner I did a good job, wasn't it? Lol, I let you taste it now.