View Full Version : We are restoring redirect ads for Lurkers

Mar 02, 2020, 21:22
Years after disabling redirect ads (except for bad users), we are restoring them for Lurkers.

Why? Because our servers just can't handle the traffic anymore.

Benefits of restoring redirect ads :

many bots will be stopped, so the site will be much faster for regular users
community weekends will not happen every week
the daily bandwidth limit will be increased by 15% for Lurkers
the income will hopefully allow us to upgrade our servers and improve the site performance

Note that we expect some drama to happen again, so here is the one and only rule this time : zero tolerance for drama.
The angry lurkers who will start a rant will be banned on the spot and their posts will be wiped.
Why? Because we ran out of patience after years of the same drama. Even after removing all ads from our site, the bad actors who complained about ads were still reposting our exclusive content on for-profit site with ads. So clearly we will act swiftly and not let drama get to us in the slightest this time.

Mar 02, 2020, 22:17
Man if I could help (i have no debit atm) i would. I wont mind if ads were enabled for me just to add a few cents to MA's budget

Kris Kagura
Mar 02, 2020, 22:57
I would donate if i had an account for online transactions. Either way i'm active enough, so i hope the inevitable drama isn't widespread.

Mar 18, 2020, 12:28
We have backpedaled. After 24 hours of test it turned out the income from redirect ads was too low and would not allow to upgrade our servers.

We are currently investigating other options such as implementing optimizations, however, since it is extremely difficult, we will likely drastically decrease the bandwidth limit of lurkers. Lurkers use +90% of the servers resources while giving little to nothing back to the community.

Our priority is the community, we want our regular members and contributors to enjoy their stay on the site and not struggle to load a page.

We expect of course a lot of complaints from lurkers. We will ban rude lurkers on the spot, since we don't owe them anything and that will allow to save server resources for our community members.

Anathar Merol
Mar 18, 2020, 13:33
My full support for the community!
I will contribute post links to the community on my character videos.
I will ask people to donate to the community server costs and so.
Please all members do so. Lets spread more word of the site and let ALL understand it needs OUR support cuz its for US all to enjoy.
If we do not care no one will help us. Thanks!