View Full Version : Transperency Issue

6th June 2013, 21:53
I am working on Bowser from M&L: Bowser's Inside Story, who's sprite background is white. I am using Fighter Factory Classic and want to know how to change the transperent color from black to white.

9th June 2013, 00:27
You could try opening it in Paintshop Pro, change it to a 256 color palette if it isn't already by going to-Image>decrease color depth>256 color palette, then go to Image>Palette>Set Palette Transparency and select the color you need to be transparent.

17th June 2013, 19:34
Paintshop Pro does not happen to be free, and I don't have it. I want to find out how to set transparent colors in Fighter Factory. The tutorial said something about setting the desired transparent color to what they call "index zero". What does this mean?

25th September 2013, 01:43
I have the same problem in fighter factory ultimate. I tried to index the colors, but the background was still there.:sdrop: