View Full Version : Preview images in seach (Easily find the character you're looking for)

1st October 2016, 21:32
Some people don't know what some authors of certain characters are, and sometimes they could just tell a character by their sprite. Assuming a character's quality will also strain too much work times. While it's impossible to auto detect a bad MUGEN character or that doesn't matter at all, I think searching could be easier if the preview images were added with search results.

1st October 2016, 22:50
It sounds like an excellent idea actually. I support this. :very_good:

2nd October 2016, 00:10
Thanks Dizzy. And thanks for giving me contributr status

1st January 2017, 07:37
yeah that would make it easier to see what you are getting.

28th August 2017, 08:51
very well