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30th September 2016, 10:08
In this thread I will be listing my personal mugen goals and games in order to keep track of them and officially log them in as my full game projects and characters. You may ask questions in this thread regarding these full games and character projects if you like. I'm just using this to keep record and to better organize my goals and plans. These rosters and full games have been refined for years now and this is the result so far.

Current WIP

"Marvel Super Heroes Vs The Avengers - Earth's mightiest heroes"

Preview unavailable....

On Hold - Namek


*I have roughly 5 projects some very close to completion while others on pause or barely being produced.

The Avengers Game:
__________________________________________________ _______________
Captain America Ironman Thor The Hulk The Silver Surfer
The Red Skull Ultron Super Skrull M.O.D.O.K. Thanos


__________________________________________________ _______________

The Adventures of Batman Game;
__________________________________________________ _______________
Batman The Joker
Robin The Scarecrow
Two-face The Penguin

__________________________________________________ _______________


__________________________________________________ _______________
__________________________________________________ _______________


__________________________________________________ _______________
__________________________________________________ _______________


__________________________________________________ _______________
REPTILE-------------QUAN CHI
__________________________________________________ _______________


*In the future I may do 1 more game. I'm leaning towards a remake of Star Wars : Masters of Teras Kasi :

__________________________________________________ _______________
__________________________________________________ _______________


__________________________________________________ _______________
Dragon Ball:???

__________________________________________________ _______________


Other side projects & character favors yet to be fulfilled by request.

*Goku - Final
*Black Tarantula



*Armored Spider-Man TAS
*Kang The Conquerer
*Barron Zemo
*The Emperor
*Boba Fett
*Han Solo
*Sonya Blade
*Shang Tsung
*Skull Kid
*Android 16

*Link update




*Green Ranger


Note: Some characters are not mine but included for more fun and editing

26th January 2017, 20:17
Godspeed to ya, sprites look **** amazing.
I hope the characters are balanced, and more importantly, play well with consistent quality.
Hope you do well on this mang.

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2nd June 2017, 12:26
Godspeed to ya, sprites look **** amazing.
I hope the characters are balanced, and more importantly, play well with consistent quality.
Hope you do well on this mang.

You have no idea who i am do you? LOL

I'm notorious for not having consistent quality, balance, and all that other stuff. I create in the moment only and I do as little work as possible because I hate it. The stuff I do here is more for just the fun of it and personal preference rather than making it for the serious gamers out there. My stuff isn't exactly joke characters but it's not flawless either. I don't care for reputation either in this hobby of mine because it is just that for me, a hobby, so please lower those high expectations and expect only fan art as it was intended.

Critique it if you must with harsh honesty but please don't throw a tantrum when i don't care to change something for the better or if I'm okay with game breaking elements in these creations. I choose to do it differently, that's all and I'm happy with it even though almost everyone isn't fine with it.

Moving on...

Now that that is out of the way,

Here is something I'm playing around with.


It's sort of a combination of all of them out there with some details here and there borrowed into this one. I think it will generally be the same gameplay as the source material but with some tweaks here and there such as my fullgame's Super/Hyper BG splash fxs and hitsparks. I may add more in however such as an intro, a ship object in the distance perhaps?

My idea is to include the ground portal as a means of contact and mobility/interaction for the character. I have no idea if that is canon to the comicbooks or if he has this ability but I like this better than the previous methods of fitting a giant boss type character onto a stage. I imagine however based on what i know that he could very well do something like this and I love to take creative liberties like this. I do know that Galactus is a powerful cosmic being with technological advances so I'm guessing he could pull off some kind of portal technology like this?

2nd June 2017, 14:54
Oh, I see.
Well, still doesn't change that your work looks good.
Not to mention, your actually making things on your own, which is more than I can say for myself.
Even of you don't take it seriously, what's more important is that you enjoy what you do.

Yes, Galactus can make portals, though he more often just pop out of nowhere.
If it helps you in the future, there hasn't been a hint (to my knowledge) of a limit to Galactus's powers.
His backstory is that he was an ordinary human from a universe long past.
His universe reached the end of it's life cycle, being was the last living thing in his dying universe, all the remaining energy was sucked into him, turning him into Galactus.
With his universe dead, a new universe (universe of the current marvel) was born.

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2nd June 2017, 21:31
Well then I'll continue, sorry if I went off topic there but I had to wrestle with this issue for 8 years now... :/

Anyway, yeah, I read that backstory in that paperback marvel official guide to all the characters from A-Z. I read and have seen in the tas a spaceship to. I think I'ma incorporate a little of that somehow? I finished the first attack animation already. I'ma animate the portal thing separately and layer it all together so it isn't too static.

I was also throwing around ideas for some super/hyper attacks. I was thinking of the standard hand beam attack. I think I saw something like that in MvC3 Galactus?

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3rd June 2017, 00:51
Update: Okay not much else to convert left. I just have 2 animations left from the original work and from there I'll add some new stuff maybe? I'm currently considering a new attack where Galactus shoots down a head psychic pulse of rings, similar to professor X in the x-men tas intro towards the end of the title sequence. I plan on it working like Motherbrain super metroid boss battle ring attacks.


Another idea is have galactus shoot finger beam streams like master hand from smash bros? Sorta trap the opponent in a cage of danger?


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3rd June 2017, 09:41
The sprites are now complete and I can't think of any more moves to add on to this. Galactus has multiple attacks now increasing his moves to an overall 14 moves total!!!

He has an intro/outro where he emerges/submerges from a portal. For the fullgame if I can manage it, I'll adjust every character's final interaction ending cutscene to a Galactus fate.

An idea I have is to maybe Galactus makes some winners the new herald such as Wolverine, or have Apocalypse finish him off and take his place on his ship? Just some interesting twists and turns. Maybe some villains will die anyway for their ending as Galactus reveals he was toying around all along :P

All that is left for this wip to have a release is the coding. My next wip might be Apocalypse and after that if I have it in me, Spider-man. Then I'll just need my sub-boss Kang and the fullgame will be complete and finished forever!

The roster has been expanded to this overall and the game will be moved to mugen 1.1 because of the stubborn 1.0 incompatibility with winmugen, such as with Dr.Strange, Modok, and the others that insist on being 1.0 only :/


So the top row is the overall roster for the complete game. Not all characters are mine or taken with permission but I've deemed them worthy enough to keep for the experience.

Dormamu is not in the final roster or a part of this game officially but I'll add him in there anyway unofficially once the official release of that character is distributed by the original author.

The sub-boss is Kang (Not sprited yet, placeholder in place) and the boss is Galactus.

The pre-sub boss is Klaw (placeholder) but I've decided not to commit to another character as I need this project to be finished once and for all.

The rest of the characters at the very last bottom are non-playable characters in the roster but surprise fights in the arcade playthrough that come up at random after every third roster battle and will be decided at random to enhance replayability.

Daredevil and Adam Warlock are just sprites I like them to be full characters one day made in those bases. I don't care really for Adam or Blackwidow at all but I definitely want Daredevil in there for sure someday. Hopefully someone will make something similar enough out of the CapAmerica base.

I would like to add more moves to wolverine similar to what i did with Ironman and Captain America. The rest of the characters are satisfactory enough for me to complete the fullgame experience with the exception of Apocalypse, which i never liked the way he came out in the end, no offense to the various contributors who finished him but I had less generic attacks planned for him and I need to complete him to my original vision BUT not at all to diminish the original/take its place. My fullgame is just for that, my personal fullgame and not the forum he belongs to (just to clarify).

3rd June 2017, 10:24
woah nice sprites, especially the CVS style DB chars.
how many sprites/animations/moves per character ?

3rd June 2017, 10:44
Looking good

A x ◿
3rd June 2017, 11:52
woah nice sprites, especially the CVS style DB chars.
how many sprites/animations/moves per character ?

They all vary. The DBZ characters themselves, based on the one and only character I have finished, Goku, I have about ~18-23 attacks/maneauvers that result in attacks.

Having said that I don't know if I have it in me to keep that number consistent for the entire fullgame roster. That's a lot to handle for me and I can't keep that up. I shouldn't have even done so many projects but I really wanted these fullgames growing up in my youth and I simply must realize them all before I retire the hobby in regards to creation, I would just like to play it after this exclusively after I am done making it.

Also note that although I "steal" a lot and use other people's work, I mostly typically did all this by myself with little to no help and most of this content you see here was done by me alone, mostly. So it's very hard and has been for the past 8 years to do all of this mostly on my own and to do all the spriting, coding, ripping, editing, collecting, downloading, etc. (mostly)

Back to the move/attack amounts,

A lot of it will depend on numerous factors, my willingness to continue, the time and energy to do it, whether I can come up with satisfying moves/attacks to meet the standards (I can't always do it), and lastly, does the character need it and benefit from it or not.

In some cases I even removed moves/attacks because I felt they were too long, complex, or just didn't fit well with me such as Thor or Apocalypse & Link(zelda).

Some moves can't go with a character sometimes. I factor in a lot of things to decide that such as whether the attack is needed, how practical is it, is it too many or too little to be included, the way it's executed with or without creativity, and whether it works in the end, sometimes it can just fail just because it doesn't work out. Trial and error is a common practice for me.

In regards to Link (Zelda) I had to ditch some moves such as a gear wheel attack or in red Skull a Giant Robot suit. They just didn't make the cut, though strangely the red skull giant robotsuit was salvaged by my former co-collaborators and released it in an update I didn't like myself but apparently other folks thought it was a good addition, I felt it was too clunky and big and too much for the characters attack collection.

At the time I did that I tried to replicate the Dc Vs Marvel hyper/super chain attack where after one move finishes, a second one immediately begins and then a final third, finally; an example such as Thor and Wonderwoman, Ghost rider, etc. I had one version where I had Nazis on Dinosaurs come out of a portal for red skull's version that would follow up with red skull dawning golden cosmic cube armor using cosmic powers. Though in the end I felt that my marvel/DC characters didn't need to be exactly like the Dc vs Marvel project by scruffydragon and i decided to ditch the idea of a 3 super/hyper combo finishers. So in the end i ditched that all together and formed my own thing because at the time I was still figuring out what i personally wanted out of a marvel game.

Originally I was doing a Dc vs Marvel game after I saw scruffydragon's take on the idea but then after a lot of thought and development I came to the conclusion that I really only liked Batman as far as DC is concerned for me and that the roster was too big to include all those personalities in my game so my dc vs marvel became an avengers game only. The reason I wanted my own Dc vs marvel game in the first place was because I didn't like scruffydragons version because it had little to none of the characters I would have wanted so i was inspired to do my own with bases I preferred for characters.

Though in the end the Dc side was lackluster and the only good characters were mostly coming out of Superman for me so the justice league failed overall for me and so the game became just a marvel only game. The batman came way later and turned into its own game of only batman and only based on tas featuring only my favorite picks for that project. Originally that wasn't supposed to be a fullgame itself, I just liked a few characters from batman but eventually I made 1-2 many and then just decided, well I went this far, might as well complete the rest and slap together something last minute which is how the screenpack and stages came to be that really solidified the fullgame project.

To reminisce, a certain former forum member felt threatened by the idea of me doing my own batman game LOL I assured him before that time that I had no interest and it was true at the time but now I have to imagine since I unfortunately now did commit to it that he must be losing his mind :P If he's reading this, I mean't no fowl and this isn't to hurt your fullgame of batman or whatever or to even compete with your project. I just really prefer batman tas so it sorta just became a necessity, especially since I apparently did too much to turn back now. Believe me, I wish i could stop and have saved myself the pain of doing another fullgame project....

Star Wars,

The star wars characters are goinjg to be very limited in attacks/moves since I am basing it on Master of Teras Kasi PSX-1 3D fighter.

The pokemon fullgame is a special case, the pokemon generally have only 4 attacks as based on the original nintendo games, HOWEVER, some pokemon have more than just the four because I needed them to do some extra stuff I really wanted to include as well and I felt that they should be exceptional.

This and another decision contradicts my original plan/style to in that in addition to just the four attacks, if the attack is held and released in some of the pokemon, it can react as another similar real in game attack. For instance Pikachu does thunderbolt by default but if held and then released the same attack now attacks with thunderbolt but with mobility thrust, turning that attack to pikachu's in anime move, Volt-tackle. So for some P{okemon, the 4 only moves can actually be doubled to 8 moves total.

Another aspect that breaks my original format for the roster is that all pokemon indeed have a 5th move for finally purposes that mirror modern arcade fighers, a.k.a. super/hyper attacks. So rather than 4, it's actually ends up being 5 as a base. So my pokemon game is now not at all like pokemon by nintendo but has become a mixture of MvC, Pokemon by Nintendo, anime influences, and a custom game mechanic exclusive to this one only such as 1 round only battles to mirror the anime/nintendo games.

My mortal kombat game is also unique, it is a mixture between killer instincts and mortal kombat. The fighters have the mortal kombat fight style but it has been combined with killer instincts combo system where specials and hit chains are performed by charing back and then forward with an attack, yet the mortal kombat aspects are intact, mostly just the sweeps that the games are famous for, close range attacks, high and low punches that the style shares between all characters. So This is a fixed number for the entire roster to have. All characters will have the exact same number of attacks/moves and so far have maintained all of that. Mortal kombat after-realm (my MK game) is probably the only balanced game I have with the exceptions of infinites.

The super Smash fighters fullgame I have in development is completely unbalanced in every way because all fighters are unique and are more based on their original games rather than smash bros. I got a lot of disappointment from that because for some reason whenever i did a nintendo wip everyone just assumed it would be exactly like Smash Bros but that was never my intent but I still ended up with the backlash and still to this day :P


My Link from Zelda was panned by critics because I decided to go original/custom on it rather than SMB Melee. I can see why since it looked a lot like it during its development but I was just making a mugen character more than a zelda character by nintendo.

The smash fighters fullgame I have here wasn't actually originally a fullgame. It just so happened that I made too many Nintendo characters that at this point I basically had to make a full game but it's not really mean't to be, it was just packaged that way at the last minute. A bunch of stages were created in a matter of hours as well as the screenpack just to organize it together so it wouldn't get mixed with my other games, it just had to become its own game. I didn't want to mix my mario with my Batman. Yuck!!! XC

So hopefully that clarifies everything for you in regards to your question.

3rd June 2017, 12:34
wow, long comment, I usually keep things simple, that's how you get it done.
actually I thought there are too many characters, but if you can complete them, you will see nobody telling you "this character lacks of moves".
what I suggest you is to gather the authors, tell them your ideas and start being a director instead of a maker. not because you're not good as a maker, but probably because you're more focused on big projects rather than small detailing. I also think you like briefing, so if you find the right creators to make a well-directed project, at least you will manage them properly instead of seeing so many characters incomplete.

if you're going to do it all on your own... well you have to make a selection, if you feel you can't complete them all. you're human, lol.

a certain former forum member felt threatened by the idea of me doing my own batman game
well actually I hate American super heroes done in the style of Japanese videogames, so whatever it is (Batman, Superman, Crapman, etc... I just think that Capcom SFA3 style don't fit those characters).
I also don't like the lack of originality, the overproportioned amount of edits/frankensprites. It pisses me off when people tend to idolize creators who have no originality, rippers, etc. But... if people like this kind of stuff, who am I to judge?

A x ◿
3rd June 2017, 21:46
You know when I started doing mugen I heard from the very beginning no one will make you a character and if you want one you have to do it yourself. So it would be great if someone else could do all the work for me while I sit back in a directors chair, a team would be awesome and I have tried in the past but numerous issues always happened. For instance a team was formed (for Mortal Kombat After-Realm) with capable spriters and coders but in the end no one really finished anything and everyone practically left the project and I was the director and I was even also unrestrictive to, allowing them to make their own stuff rather than my stuff but even then they left and quit. I only managed to get a few contributions by 2 creators that I owe a lot to for helping me complete my vision.

Another instance was when I worked instead as a consultant/collaborator on a wip I started, Apocalypse. The project started well enough and I was happy that the team was getting the basics done really well but some ideas they refused to implement. So because of creative differences a team effort never really got me exactly what I wanted. The character ended up with a lot of bland generic attacks and little creativity for the most part. So even team efforts failed me.

A similar situation happened with MODOK where a team did accomplish a fantastic fighter! Though when it went through a process of being refined and fixed from bugs a lot of the moves and attacks were changed from the original. They weren't bad changes and some were really great but the stuff that went missing was really good and I needed it for the character. So again team projects although do relieve me of the workload I never get what i truly want unless I do it myself.

So you see the director idea hasn't worked for me 100% successfully; maybe like ~85%. :P Also just to note for anyone reading this involved in these past works, I appreciate everything and i am not ungrateful, I just had a different vision/idea for it, that's all and for me to edit some of that is nothing personal or meant to replace your hard work and your original work.

@the second comment,

Yeah creator egos have always been an issue but I think we all have our own to deal with especially LOL I try not to have one and I remind myself not to think of myself as being better than other new creators and etc. If anything we're all really talented just to be able to code a character or finish an entire animation, that's a feat that required skill, no matter how poorly or how professional it was done; it took hours!!! XC

It's unfortunate that elitism exists in the community and the amount of pride there is, is sickening. It results when creators are idolized for their works, the fame always goes to our heads but unfortunately we all can't resist it and some of us become elitist/prideful to a point where if anyone else emerges in fame they immediately become a threat to you that must be destroyed.

But that idea is just silly, other creators don't hurt your work, if anything, downloaders like different versions of a character so why can't there be 2 or even 7 Batmans. So what if yours isn't as popular anymore, someone still likes it enough to have played it and even then you yourself, as the creator, will always prefer it over the others so why get upset.

I've seen this type of forum drama and I have shamefully committed it myself to in the past, much to my regret. This is why I hate elitism, it goes to your head and ruins mugen for everyone. This is why I am against permission and crediting because it contributes to the problem all artist face. It makes creators prideful, selfish, hateful, envious, and bitter. I include myself with the likes of all of them out there such as Loganir, Acey, bdc, verz, magus, Arkady, O Ilusionista, balthazar, C.v.s The Abstract, cybaster, Laxxe, logansam, napoelonjonamite/ThatIdahoGuy, Ricepigeon, dj hannibal, theFuTuR3, T.O.P.S., etc. the list goes on (you know who you are*practically everyone*), being a creator is a slippery slope where you can easily become what you hate. I try not to get mad at them because we're all the same and if anything I pity us all collectively and I wish we could all quit this lousy hobby and make peace instead but unfortunately we are all helplessly addicted to it and the pride kills us, even if we try to repress it/change it...

This is the problem with art/artist in general. It's the price of fame, why artist always fight in media and get drama/scandals and receive the backlash that we do.

But I look forward to the day when i can quit making mugen and just play my games and forget about the community and its problems and the drama and just do what I wanted to do from the start, just play a fun game. Just as soon as I finish these fullgames, I'll be free :wavetowel: and I can stop hurting my brothers who are suffering the same as me, who have also wasted their time like me when we could have been enjoying a sunset instead we were all in front of a computer drawing nonsense...

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7th June 2017, 11:47
Shifting focus again on Apocalypse this time. I'm remixing what was done before into this new version. This version of Apocalypse will have more traditional fighting attacks. This will be the dumbed down version with less stuff and I wanna take off the generic specials and put back some of my creative ones I drew up a long time ago. Unfortunately that work was lost and I don't really remember that stuff so I'll have to brainstorm again and take the time to remake that stuff.

The reason i'm remaking this wip is that I wasn't really happy with the final product from its first release. A lot of the final stuff sorta looked awful and stiff. Also it was overloaded with unnecessary stuff like pointless intros, color (uninspired) palletes, non-mvc fxs, an overuse of lasers (which turned into a lack of diversity), and stuff of that nature.

New punch and old but with added frames and touch ups.



After this quick re-release I'll go to wolverine and then my Avengers game should be practically finished. Once the roster is complete I'll touch up and fix a bunch of crap and release the full game and then I can cross it off my list! Finally!!

7th June 2017, 12:28
it all depends on the amount of work and ambition.
if you plan to make a 40 characters roster game... well of course people will get demotivated and won't do anything but leaving things as they are.
I'm talking about standards, here. Capcom style is high standard, despite being emulated very well, it takes a lot of time even frankespriting/editing.
I just suggest you to focus on a character at a time, without jumping to another, finish it up THEN start the new one. One brick at a time, you won't even notice how far you went if you go 1by1 with development of characters. This is also useful because, if you plan to make a full game, there must some standards for all characters. You finish one character then use the same character as a clone, change his sprites/fix his animations and you have an equal character BUT with his own moves and data.

why can't there be 2 or even 7 Batmanslol, because there would be 2 or even 7 Gotham cities? j/k

A x ◿
7th June 2017, 21:31
I understand where you are coming from and you're not the first person to tell me this. Firstly, in the past when people left, it wasn't 40-ish, the number was very reasonable; we're talking 1 or 2. They quit because apparently not everyone has it in them to start something and finish it all the way through hence why I hate to rely on others or even team up. Now my works are mostly incomplete and I understand the frustration people are feeling when they play my works but even at incomplete levels I always get it around 90% finished which imo isn't bad at all and a lot more than the ones that started something and didn't ever even release it. I'm also aware of the kind of creators that work on something for like 1-2 years and then release something and to that I say good that they took their time with it and worked out all the kinks BUT 1-2 YEARS!!!! Typically those guys aren't doing fullgames so they only have to worry about 1 character where as I have to do an entire roster. Not saying anyone here is wrong but just saying I have to do it this way and just for the record, I don't mind little imperfections at all; it's the downloaders that get bothered by that LOL, well the perfectionist who see a little here and there and raise hell about it.

In case I didn't make this clear before, I don't like making mugen, I prefer to play it, I just make it because I don't have it, the mugen I want is missing and so I have to make it but I don't care for it like some others who are overly passionate about it. This attitude tends to offend a lot of my viewers, especially creators, I don't know why, I don't think my work affects their work or maybe they wanted more out of me but again I'm doing this for different reasons.

I don't care at all for my reputation either as a creator though I just wish they would quit whining about it, that's all. I'm not out here to make a name for myself, I purposely leave my name off of things. That is how much I don't care for the community standards and so called rules. People are frustrated because I don't fit any category and they don't know what to make of me, I'm not a leecher but then I am, I'm not a creator, but then I am, I'm not this but then i am, etc.

I create the way i do because of necessity and it works best this way and I have no problem with it. It's everyone else that has a problem with it. I don't like creating period but when I do I create a lot at once and fast and a little sloppy but it doesn't bother me. I don't know what else to say...

8th June 2017, 05:53
Wow you are amazing! I'm looking forward to the Pokemon game and a Magikarp character (if you'll ever make one lmao)

A x ◿
8th June 2017, 10:58
Wow you are amazing! I'm looking forward to the Pokemon game and a Magikarp character (if you'll ever make one lmao)


Thank you!

Yeah I was thinking of doing a magikarp as an overpowered joke character. I was thinking of making it the only level 100 character with every move being super effective! LOL

8th June 2017, 11:16

Thank you!

Yeah I was thinking of doing a magikarp as an overpowered joke character. I was thinking of making it the only level 100 character with every move being super effective! LOL

That would be funny :grin: just don't make it like a OHKO character, at least give the weaklings a chance :grin:

A x ◿
8th June 2017, 13:38
Oh yeah, I agree. It's no fun without a pathetic last stand against a losing battle. I might give Magikarp like double the lifebar of a normal pokemon and have it use moves like psychic, Thunder, etc. and just for the hell of it, splash as his super/hyper/final attack XD

Maybe it'll do immense damage for no reason or it won't do anything at all, whichever is funnier.... :P Maybe have it do both like give it a 10% chance of accuracy XD

Also if I ever do ending storyboards I could maybe make an ending for the character where magikarp is the new Giovanni leader of Team-Rocket or something and have him splash on Giovanni's throne like seat while everyone salutes magikarp! :grin:

8th June 2017, 13:55
I don't like making mugen, I prefer to play itright the opposite for me, I only like to play MUGEN for testing purposes.
If creators hate you, it depends on what you did to them and their creations: if you steal their work, they will hate you for sure. But at least you don't sell their stuff (or else they would probably more than just hating you, lol).
Don't worry about "I don't fit" thing. People don't actually care. Most MUGEN users want just to add more characters to the roster, probably they love the image of their roster more than playing with it, but this is something I can't really understand or be sure of. Just my spider-sense tingling, lol.
Also creator can *hate* each other, some hate for envy (everybody envies), some for stupid reasons, some for past traumas, some because they're just stupid. Keeping a hate-free attitude is harder than it seems, lol. Damn ego.

A x ◿
8th June 2017, 14:27
Only to test?!?!?!?!

The beauty of mugen as artwork is that you can participate in it unlike other artwork which can only be appreciated from afar, mugen lets you interact with it. It's art/entertainment. You must try to simply play it for fun again and really appreciate that aspect of it.

Also as far as drama goes I know exactly what I am getting into and what to expect and I'm okay with it since what else can you expect from the internet, it's always will be drama. I just hate people pestering me about stuff that has all ready been addressed as if by bringing it up again will suddenly change everything. It just becomes repeating yourself rather than moving on to the new current topic instead.

But anyway, my games are almost done and I'm really looking forward to retiring! XD

Just don't have anyone give me any more new ideas of a good new mugen fullgame/character to make next!!! Ahhhhhh!!!!! :bondage:

8th June 2017, 18:37
you can participate in it
"partecipation" is a complex argument. one might say that partecipation is about playing, I but I'd rather take the creator's side, rather than the player's side. otherwise there would be no players without creators (unless you're a big fan of kfm). both sides are equally important.

I actually prefer original games rather than their MUGEN version and there should be more original ideas out there, not just rip-offs. A game must have his unique style, and I don't mean a perfect style, but same graphic style for all characters. That's why I think that putting characters with different style in the same roster is pure blasphemy.
People may like it, but it's actually a crappy idea, imho.

So, if you want "good ideas", make original characters and use the same graphic style for any of them.... or better: invent your own style.

8th June 2017, 19:21
Oh yeah, I agree. It's no fun without a pathetic last stand against a losing battle. I might give Magikarp like double the lifebar of a normal pokemon and have it use moves like psychic, Thunder, etc. and just for the hell of it, splash as his super/hyper/final attack XD

Maybe it'll do immense damage for no reason or it won't do anything at all, whichever is funnier.... :P Maybe have it do both like give it a 10% chance of accuracy XD

Also if I ever do ending storyboards I could maybe make an ending for the character where magikarp is the new Giovanni leader of Team-Rocket or something and have him splash on Giovanni's throne like seat while everyone salutes magikarp! :grin:

That's a great idea! lmao, For death animation do you know the Magikarp Game on the phone? You can give magikarp a "death animation" where magikarp doesn't actually die (because of course he's super strong) but gets taken away by pidgeotto instead :grin:

A x ◿
9th June 2017, 00:33
I wouldn't go out of my way to code something that complex :P It's an okay idea but not for my magikarp. I like to keep it simple.

Also I am not sure if you are aware but I all ready released my pokemon game a long time ago with all the characters you see here.


It's complete but I am going to do an expanded release with a bunch of updates.

The roster add-on will be this


All the pokemon in the very left field will be in the next fullgame release for sure. Mew will be the final boss. The one in the middle I am not sure about. The last box to the very right field I don't really wanna do but will if I need to put in 1 more. I had another list of possible picks for the same reason if I needed 1 more but I can't find that list right now.

As for the updates I plan on giving the trainers dialogue during battle to have the illusion of a real pokemon anime experience. They'll say something different every 10 seconds like "That's it pikachu, now dodge!".

Another thing is story boards, maybe...

I am also going to include trainer portraits as was intended from teh beginning so when you choose a pokemon, you see their trainer at the same time rather than just during battles.

During battles it was always my intention to have trainers move a little as they cheer in the foreground. I may do this if I can code it.

Also this was a wip by a former member of my team that again didn't see it through and ditched me half way.

https://i.imgur.com/mSQoZ.gif https://i.imgur.com/JZzGf.gif

I might use this to finish up his wip.

The last release thread was here if you want to know about the game details


Oh also someone converted my game to mugen 1.1b so I adjusted it to have zooming in all my stages. So that's in the update as well ;)

9th June 2017, 01:01
Yeah that idea was crazy lmao maybe because of overhype.

Golisopod is too interesting to ignore in my opinion, in the game he is very slow but bulky and strong. That sounds typical but his moves are priority moves! Imagine a slow moving pokemon with fast attacks like First Impression, Sucker Punch and Aqua Jet. And if he's in a pinch, his ability is Emergency Exite. Everything is complicated but you can ignore this if you want lmao.

There are some characters with background characters maybe you can get some ideas from those for your trainers.

A x ◿
9th June 2017, 01:40
Yeah that idea was crazy lmao maybe because of overhype.

Golisopod is too interesting to ignore in my opinion, in the game he is very slow but bulky and strong. That sounds typical but his moves are priority moves! Imagine a slow moving pokemon with fast attacks like First Impression, Sucker Punch and Aqua Jet. And if he's in a pinch, his ability is Emergency Exite. Everything is complicated but you can ignore this if you want lmao.

There are some characters with background characters maybe you can get some ideas from those for your trainers.

Oh when I did my first pokemon character, Charizard, I actually used code from a Dhalsim from Street Fighter because he had a BG character in his character fighter that was like his wife or something and whenever the fighter would get hurt she would cry but when he was winning she would cheer. Unfortunately I was unable to make the code work so the trainer was changed into a portrait rather than a helper

Yeah I try to add a pokemon from every generation as possible and he was like my only favorite from that last generation of pokemon but then he's too similar to kabutops and I really like kabutops, kabutops is like my favorite pokemon ever, I don't know why its taken me this long to do him.

I don't know, I might put Golisopod or maybe not. I'll see when I get there if I can squeeze 2 more pokemon in there somewhere after the must haves are completed.

I also am trying to get every pokemon type out there. I couldn't find a good fairy type but I decided on Vivillon to use fairy type moves as a decent substitute.

A x ◿
9th June 2017, 15:52
More progress on Apocalypse crouching attacks

http://i.imgur.com/I2K4uqm.gif http://i.imgur.com/7lQndUV.gif http://i.imgur.com/4lbDjXu.gif

Just really trying to utilize his alien robotics side doing amazing feats. I felt that was really missing in the original release. A lot of good spaces could have used just little touches like that that would have added a bit more value and weight. He's just not all lasers to me, he could do a lot more than just shoot.

A x ◿
16th June 2017, 14:06
More progress on Apocalypse


Most of this stuff is already finished, just like 2 of these need to be done, and finally a few of these all ready exist from the previous build. I'ma brainstorm just a little more and do 1 more special or super that I've had in my back pocket. After that it's just code and release and this one can get crossed off my list.

A x ◿
22nd June 2017, 05:01
Okay Apocalypse is now complete. He is fully coded, sprited, and works as a character. I'll be uploading him in a little bit. He has 3 supers/hypers and 4 specials. I also did a new palette taken directly from his MvC portrait. It's a lighter blue color armor as well as a remixed stance.

The next character I'm gonna work on is Wolverine but before that I'ma try my hand at an Ash Williams concept. I'ma try Cody from Street Fighter as a base with Unknown Soldier to as his other base just to see and gage whether I should do one or not depending on how well the concept base design turns out.

After I finish Wolverine I'll move onto Spider-man and Venom and then I'll do entirely new characters such as Daredevil and Klaw and Kang. Then that should be the end of my Marvel/aVENGERS fullgame.

Its been a long time since I released a Marvel character and I'm really happy with how Apocalypse turned out. I hope some of you will like this version. I'll be back soon to show my Ash Williams results as well and anything new I have on wolverine. Wolverine will just have some moves added and a touch up or two. Like 3-4 new additional specials from his MvC games and like 1 super/hyper. Basically the same deal with how i did Ironman and Captain America. Just enhancements/add-ons on old MvC characters. Venom and Spider-man will have the same treatment as well so all of these will be quick edits/releases and will hopefully give the player some new possibilities in gameplay worth utilizing in matches.

A x ◿
22nd June 2017, 11:12
Apocalypse Remix



Here it is, Apocalypse Remix. I realize the original version was pretty flawless in terms of coding and all that other stuff but even so I prefer this alternative style and at the very least I like this :D Expect infinites and some bugs here and there. All materials are free to the public to use however they like, please don't credit anybody for any of this. Apocalypse belongs to Marvel Comics© and is fan-art in mugen. No permission required! Do not credit me. Everything I edit is open source to the public. This is absolutely non-profit and is strictly fan art. No commissions were accepted for this fan art. Do not pay for this in any way or give any kind of donation to me or anyone else. This is absolutely free and absolutely non-profit. Do not sell mugen or any of this please. It is illegal to do so. Enjoy!


BTW in case anyone missed it, I encourage others to finish, fix, revamp, replace, this release. No permission or credit is necessary.

A x ◿
23rd June 2017, 14:40
Well here was my attempt at Ash Williams concept. I'm not feeling it so I guess it's cancelled. Kinda relieved to since I didn't really wanna do a new wip on top of my fullgame projects.


I'ma rest up for a bit and then I'll get crack'n on Wolverine and see what can be done with him. I have some moves all ready drawn up for him so I'll see if it works or not.

A x ◿
30th June 2017, 12:58
Okay moving onto my next project, Wolverine from X-men! I picked a good solid wolverine base to start from with a really tough A.I. I have some moves planned out all ready and I'm doing "research" for more as in I'm re-watching every x-men movie featuring wolverine and reviewing some popular x-men video games featuring wolverine.

I already modified wolverine's physics a little. Given that he has an adamantium fused skeleton I've made him "weigh" a ton or so. Whenever he jumps he jumps a little less higher and when he falls he falls faster due to his appropriate weight. When wolverine lands or even runs the impact will show as well as when he falls.

My goal again is to just extend the MvC version by adding some more moves and tweaking a few things to my liking. I may try a new stance or modification to make him a little more unique. I may mix in zvitor's wolverine and try a palette color modification. I'm gonna try to use wolverine original base more rather than zvitor's modified version. It looks good but I wanna try and keep the original quality if I can of the heavily animated original. I may try to blend the two somehow?


A x ◿
2nd July 2017, 06:43
New Attack/Special


So just imagine him flying across the screen for a multi-hit string of attacks. The move will start with a forward leap. This will likely have an after-image effect.

The next special attack will be a dual stab and tearing pull out combination. A popular move in one of the 3D X-men games, X-men Next-Dimension for the gamecube and probably other systems to.

2nd July 2017, 08:26
This is gonna be lit, keep it up dude.

A x ◿
2nd July 2017, 13:26
This is gonna be lit, keep it up dude.

It looks way better in game. It took longer to get the velocity right and the fxs. I got about 3-5 left to go and anything else i can think of to add on to MvC's version plus some visual enhancements such as a possible new stance and color update.

I may do other X-Men, Next Dimension had some awesome new gameplay ideas for the X-men.

A x ◿
3rd July 2017, 05:07
Another quick update, I'm gonna maybe double his special attacks as I've got a bunch of new special attack ideas. In the movie X-2 I saw Wolverine vs Lady Deathstrike I guess? Anyway she did this jumping spin thing and I just thought that would be perfect to knock back an opponent really hard! Another move I saw inspired a move idea in that I saw a sprite sheet somewhere and I got the idea to perhaps give wolverine a projectile! Yes that's right! How you may ask? My idea is not unlike pokemon's charmander, the simple ember attack can be done with wolverine, except now it's gonna be a hard friction spark. I got the idea that he should do it mid air and strike his own claws and drop down a diagonal spark. Nothing grand or anything but a good tricky move he might pull off in a dirty fight. Another special attack I visualized was a double claw lift if he doesn't all ready have that.

Another idea I'm toying with his somehow he could use he claws to the ground to dig up a rock to sweep up at someone but so far I don't see the move working out. I am considering maybe make it a dual claw action somehow? Similar to my Zero MvC for mugen where he strikes the ground and make rubble wave out in both directions to hit the opponent. I'll have to continue to brainstorm this one a bit more...

A x ◿
3rd July 2017, 23:07
Here is the next Dimension inspired move/attack


This is fully coded and it works beautifully. I may add a blood fxs on P2 for both hits. I had to implement a buggy wall-hit code as the base doesn't originally have one. It works some of the time but not all of the time.

I'ma set up the next special attack and get it done some other day if I get some free time again. After this I may need to add in 3 additional new specials to balance out the control scheme....Man i just gave myself more work :crying1:

A x ◿
4th July 2017, 07:03
I had to do it, the next move!


The actual move has been reworked so it looks really different from this preview but basically the same idea. I thought of maybe giving it a slight angle bend to the right but it's not that important to do right now. The move is effective enough.

Next move will be the double claw lift! I'm also gonna do the classic move he has done in all his movies, the lunging double claw stab/drop. I'ma directly rip Freiza z2's code to pull this off and then maybe modify that where needed. I know wolverine all ready has drill claw but the physics should be different for this move since wolverine will drop with the player together.

I thought of a hyper/super move to. I'ma do the classic samurai single take dual slice you always see in those movies/animes. Sorta like Gouki/Akuma where he dashes really fast into the opponent and in a split second you don't see anything but the characters now at opposite ends with the victor unknown it only is revealed towards the very end as the loser drops while the victor taunts his weapon and or sheathes it away.

4th July 2017, 07:43
That's like a next level Tornado Claw! I really like what I see so far, you got the right ideas. Also Logan is my main when it comes to Marvel, so I'm really looking forward for this.:amuse:

A x ◿
4th July 2017, 09:18
Well I'm keeping a lot of the old moves but they have been remapped and I'm not sure if the comboability is intact with all my modifications. Unfortunately I'm not a real good combo MvC player but rather a casual sfII gamer if that makes any sense? The old A.I still seems to be able to pull off comboes but I'm not sure if 1st player is able to do that still?

Update: Left 1 (New) Right 2 (Old)


I tried my hand at a new palette color scheme. It's essecially the same but higher contrast for that HD look as well as that CvS style like qaulity. Depending on your PC you may not be able to tell the difference.

4th July 2017, 09:57
Yeah i get you, you're more into freestyle (if that's the right term) which I also am, I think it's a more enjoyble gameplay then MvC imo. Also yeah, the palette may not seem that much of a difference, but it does actually have more of a fresh look, which is gonnw look better on the actual gameplay.

A x ◿
4th July 2017, 20:10
I hope it'll really come together when I modify the stance. Not sure if I'll do a completely new one as I love the aniamtion in the original though I could use more ferocity.

Anyway, here's a quick special done, this one is the movie lunge stab and drop


I decided to code this myself according to what I know and it's buggy of course because of that. Though the move works to my liking. There are additional animations not seen here such as getting up after the fall, a hard impact effect, etc.

So it looks better in game.

Next move for sure will be the double claw lift! I'm also trying to get the a.i. to use the new specials to. I may modify some of the moves that came with wolverine originally. He has one super hyper combo where he combo's then slices out on a finale, for this move I may add an after image to enhance the visuals. I was also thinking of changing weapon X to something that makes more sense. I hate to do this since I love Weapon X but I need to try this edit. For his grab I'm looking to add wall impact as well to spice up the regular moves.

A x ◿
5th July 2017, 20:10
Okay here's the Double claw lift!


It can be used to juggle the opponent several times. The move is fully coded and looks good in game. Just 2 specials left and then i tackle the hypers/supers. After that the stance and release ;)

This one is almost done!

I decided to turn the samurai super into a special. This move plus the one I just did, the double claw lift will all be done with the same button combination, a double button press X+Y. The claw lift will work when crouching, the samurai move when standing, and the final one will be wovlerines diagonal spark projectile when in the air.

A x ◿
6th July 2017, 08:17
Nothing new sprited but I reused some oild animations to form this very effective and useful move. Introducing Wolverine meets sabrewulf!


This move is programmed and works beautifully! Not only that the specials can be used in fun and interesting combination follow ups according to a recent fight test I did. Basically Wolverine is sabrewulf now and that's just awesome!!!!! XD

This Wolverine really turned into something else. I'm really liking this character now both as a personality and as a fighter! I think by the end of next week I should have this character ready to go and download :thumbup:

Now totaling 6 new specials + all the old ones originally in Wolverine!!! Now that's a fighter!

Only 2 specials left and then 2 supers/modifications plus an additional grab attack.

Silver Noble
7th July 2017, 02:21
I love the Wolverine meets Sabrewulf move.

Great idea to combine the two of them, something I never would have thought of.

This looks like it's coming along really well.

A x ◿
7th July 2017, 02:31
I love the Wolverine meets Sabrewulf move.

Great idea to combine the two of them, something I never would have thought of.

This looks like it's coming along really well.

I'll be doing Venom eventually, I may add some Glacius there! Like a symbiote Lance ;)

Silver Noble
7th July 2017, 03:00
I'll be doing Venom eventually, I may add some Glacius there! Like a symbiote Lance ;)

I love the sound of that, I look forward to see it.

A x ◿
7th July 2017, 07:46
Okay Wolverine officially has a projectile now XP

Introducing the claW SPARKS

http://i.imgur.com/V7uXZhx.gif http://i.imgur.com/etOpqRN.gif

It's fully coded and works pretty well. He shoots 3 at once mid-air and they float down like sparks. Individually they are weak but together they do decent damage, larger targets easier to hit, smaller ones are harder, collectively damage is small but good. Now just 1 special left and then the rest of the stuff. I just hope I can get the a.i. to do all this stuff in between the combo crazy a.i. built in the original release.

A x ◿
8th July 2017, 01:37
Okay, currently working on the final special attack. So the special will start with wolverine running at p2 with his claws open. At the point of contact a white flash will happen and then wolverine will be seen coming out of it flying off from the very quick slash across the opponent. The move ends with p2 falling after a get-hit shake up shock and pause.

After this I will do supers/hypers. I'm so close to getting him done. I can't wait to release and finish with this wip. I may try to get the stance done today as well.

I've also decided to blot out wolverines eyes, the mvc version actually has pupils and stuff but in other media they are like batman as in they are blank.

https://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/capcomdatabase/images/0/09/WOLVERINE_002.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20121012215939 http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-Ls_y5OlyDhE/US-xo06zO6I/AAAAAAAALtE/EFu5QrrS97o/s1600/wolv14.png

8th July 2017, 19:19
Looking good :smile:

A x ◿
10th July 2017, 07:49

Okay, wow, sorry about that delay.

Anyway, here's that move and btw it looks and works awesomely in game! Nice fxs go with it!

https://i.imgur.com/xnUjY4y.gif After contact http://pa1.narvii.com/6174/f88342836a455d93c75974d28d7adc8daed47792_hq.gifhe HITS https://i.imgur.com/vI8Uw3q.gif

The run was inspired or directly ripped from hue jackman's wolverine run pose from the x-men movies with the claws out like this. The finish was inspired by old samurai/anime dual finishers.

Okay just super/hypers and a new stance and head edit and then we get the release ;)

Silver Noble
10th July 2017, 14:50
Loving the run, looks great. Looking forward to his release.

A x ◿
10th July 2017, 18:48
Loving the run, looks great. Looking forward to his release.

Well then you'll love this new great news. I figured out the A.I., so now Wolverine uses his new specials and supers/hypers but he also uses his default a.i. comboes and specials. Unfortunately I am a little concerned about the change since in some scenarios wolverine was easy to beat but in others he was quite difficult. So not sure if it worked out for the best?

I've also mentioned this before about tweaking or altering the mvc specials/super/hypers. I'm thinking of modifying drill claw to have outstanding push back to differentiate it now from the many similar moves now with these new specials I want the user or player to feel the need to use it still. I also have to beef up the sounds on everything and create new sounds out of pre-existing ones such as was the case with Apocalypse. So this will be a little set back but not entirely much longer.

I wanna re-create the tension and feel of the x-men movies where the actor did the dbz war cry which really sold the similarities between the animal to the mutant.

I really hate how much work has to go into even a simple add-on to a pre-existing character but I hate that there is just so much missing that could have been in there for a long time now.

I tried Zvitor's versions and Beto's version and I didn't get much improvements; and in many cases set backs. Not saying they did terrible jobs but to bring to life wolverine's wolverine was disappointing for me. I love Beto's wolverine since he has the movie look but most of the moves are directly from mvc based so not much was new and zvitor's version had some great add-ons but he unfortunately used a wolverine from a different comic which looks tamed by comparison to the classic more popular version imo. Wolverine just looks so much cooler with those longer mask ears and feral details but I understand he was going for some fullgame comic project based on a specific comic but still I wanted the old wolverine anyway...

I would have really preferred if either of these men did most of the work for me but that's rarely the case and it pains me to have to do it. Luckily though This particular fullgame is very close to getting done character wise. I even dropped a bunch of characters so the roster is even smaller and more manaeable.

Here is the new final roster.


This is the full game period. I dropped a bunch of them but I kept only the most and best well known and most desireable imo. Also yes that is the official Kang wip. Still working on the design but this is generally the desicion but I still need to figure out some details before I begin to mass produce here in a sense. He is about as hard as the original Apocalypse was to produce and unfortunately I'll be doing this alone so this will take me really long to finish.... :C

Kang is the sub-boss as mentioned before. However I may include some bonus non-playable characters throughout the game but no more than these two.


I picked this daredevil since he is just perfect and simple imo to do and Shuma Gorath because he's my favorite design. I did want Dr.Doom also but I ditched him and his counter The Thing because the roster became unbalanced and too big and they ultimately don't fit even though they are both super fantastic irregardless but this is a full game and a vision to accomplish and they hinder that from being realized.

I'm also gonna re-work the fullgame screenpack using mazemerald's screenpacks. He is a brilliant screenpack maker and has done some awesome ones that were just so brilliant that I simply must use to enhance my original fullgame with his ideas and choices.

old screenpack


I may also create a few stages for the special scenarios such as boss fight or bonus bouts. Maybe...

Sol Badguy
10th July 2017, 19:21
wow!! speechless :amazed:

come to think of it why not go for an avengers vs x-men game instead
this is one of the most anticipated movies of all times and if you make a decent avengers vs x-men game, I guarantee it will be the most popular mugen games ever :dirol:

Silver Noble
10th July 2017, 23:08
[QUOTE=A x ◿;42182]Well then you'll love this new great news. I figured out the A.I., so now Wolverine uses his new specials and supers/hypers but he also uses his default a.i. comboes and specials. Unfortunately I am a little concerned about the change since in some scenarios wolverine was easy to beat but in others he was quite difficult. So not sure if it worked out for the best?

Sounds good that you've managed to add those moves to his A.I., hopefully you figure out why his difficulty was so variable, but even if not it still sounds good.

The roster looks solid, and having Kang in MUGEN will be pretty sweet.

I understand about it taking a long time though since you're working alone. A full game project is a pretty ambitious project for one person to tackle solo.

A x ◿
11th July 2017, 06:39
wow!! speechless :amazed:

come to think of it why not go for an avengers vs x-men game instead
this is one of the most anticipated movies of all times and if you make a decent avengers vs x-men game, I guarantee it will be the most popular mugen games ever :dirol:

I believe IMT all ready did an avengers vs x-men full game! I was hesitant at first to include any x-men characters in this full game and what I picked was just for the bare essentials. I have thought of renaming the game "Marvel Vs The Avengers" in keeping with the titling tradition though it really doesn't make sense since both "sides" have essentially been on either though everyone is pretty much marvel :P I don't want to make this game any bigger, in the beginning it was gigantic but through time I preferred the idea of a smaller game. I have an ALL X-men game idea in mind however, I even did a screenpack once. Though it was never intended to be a full game in the end and I have no desire to bring an X-men full game to fruition. I may work on a few x-men characters in the future but not for an x-men fullgame. I get what I need from my Avengers game, it's enough.

Silver Noble,

Well the fullgame is nearly finished, I say Kang will take long because it's a complicated wip in of itself. It's using a lot of parts to make and requires extra detailing work. The only other thing that took so long was the original Apocalypse wip which also used many intricate parts to complete.

Failing to mention this before but I would also like to move my game to mugen 1.1b so I'm gonna have to figure out how to do that somehow. I hope it'll be easy to convert because I've had no luck creating in mugen 1.1b. :cray:

A x ◿
13th July 2017, 04:36
I finally blotted out all of wolverine's eyes! Also I did a stance edit. To the right is the original for comparison with default palette.


Basically the original one but I re-did the head with my frankensprite + Zvitor's version mixed in edit. With the new palette and eyes blotted I think it turned out well.

Here is one I was toying around with as an original stance instead of wolverine's default one.


This one was edited onto a wolverine sprite by scrollboss mixed in with my own editing. I could have made this one and animated as well but it didn't seem fitting since the result felt off for some reason? I don't know, I think he came off too tall?

Speaking of tall, I always liked that Hugh jackman was a big wolverine and wolverine should be a little taller as he is a leading man, especially in the movies so his size was increased via .cns resizing. The result is not too bad and I'ma leave it in. I know it worked on the original silver surfer by TOPS and my Link (Zelda) had it as it shared the same base and it seemed to work well.

Unfortunately i forgot what else I was going to do with this wip so I'ma spend a lot of time reviewing and brainstorming again before I continue again with this. I know I had to rework some sounds, edit some supers, and some other thing??? So progress will be halted for the time being. Sorry.

A x ◿
14th July 2017, 09:49
Nothing special to show but there are updates done!

Wolverine now has sweet new sounds ripped directly from the TAS and the x-men movies. Lines, sounds, and fxs and even some win quotes mixed in.


Portrait for the full game and select adjusted for my fullgame screenpack to! Sorry for the bad quality but I decided to keep it just because it looked bright like msh arcade :p

All that is left now is the last supers/hypers, 1 mod and one new while removing an old one because of incompatibility. Leaving 4-5 supers only. I'm going to add blood hitsparks on top of the cuts as well.

The sounds aren't clean though I have always done it this way and it's hardly noticeable imo and besides there is just something about ripping it from a tv source that you can't get from a videogame recording booth, passion and heart by being in the moment of the scene!

I'm really enjoying this character, especially now that he's coming together he really sells badass now. Wolverine's a beast and now he has more claw happy attacks! This one is my favorite to watch for the moment and I'm enjoying every bit. I hope others can do this sorta thing in the future and just add more layers to an all ready awesome fighter like this. I really wish I could do more X-men but after these last 2 (Apocalypse & Wolverine) I can't anymore and won't since I have other fullgames and wips... :/

Though I'm glad I have these 2, they are some of my favorites. Hopefully i can finish this wip by this weekend! ;)

A x ◿
16th July 2017, 23:24
Ok I'm on the very last thing, the grab. Everything else is done. I went back and fixed some stuff here and there. Expect a release by my next post today. There are some glaring big bugs though that pop up some of the time. He has a claw stab move where if performed really close to a wall the a.i. will trap you until you are dead.

On another note, wolverine has constant health recovery when in his stance at half his life he will steadily regain health so he must be defeated promptly. The final super/hyper is implemented. It is a single strike move reminiscent of weapon x super/hyper attack except it only hits once but really hard. Weapon X has been altered to make more sense in a way. Now the X slashes only appear in wolverine's path as multiples instead of a giant one in the center of the arena.

He's coming!


16th July 2017, 23:31
Heeell yeah dude

A x ◿
17th July 2017, 05:01
Wolverine Edit/Add-on 2017



Wolverine is finally complete. This is an add-on version, basically MvC's Wolverine with new and extra attacks as well as the old ones. Expect infinites and some bugs here and there. All materials are free to the public to use however they like, please don't credit anybody for any of this. Wolverine belongs to Marvel Comics© and is fan-art in mugen. No permission required! Do not credit me. Everything I edit is open source to the public. This is absolutely non-profit and is strictly fan art. No commissions were accepted for this fan art. Do not pay for this in any way or give any kind of donation to me or anyone else. This is absolutely free and absolutely non-profit. Do not sell mugen or any of this please. It is illegal to do so. Enjoy!

BTW in case anyone missed it, I encourage others to finish, fix, revamp, replace, this release. No permission or credit is necessary.

A x ◿
18th July 2017, 07:05
Now working on Spider-Man!


As you guessed it, this spider-man is gonna have TAS voice and I'm gonna use ideas from various media outlets such as Spider-man movies, TAS, videogames, other mugen spider-man's, etc. Same deal to, I'ma look for a MvC1 version with tough a.i. and add-on to it with some modifications and possibly a new palette and stance? Not sure, but anyway, I'ma brainstorm today and do some research as well as choose my base to work from. After this I'll do something with Venom. Then I'll finally move onto Kang.

This might take longer than Wolverine to complete as there is more stuff to do to this version.

Years ago i made some awesome .gif animations but a lot of them went offline except maybe for 1 animation that I managed to save. If anyone saved the rest, please send them to me. thanks.

A x ◿
20th July 2017, 03:37
Presenting the new Spider-Man Project!


Left is the default MvC model and on the right is a possible new stance edit?

I've decided on this palette and I may change some of the other stuff that I personally don't like. For the rest of the night I'll be brainstorming again. I wanna get a good 8 specials total at least and redo almost every super/hyper. I'm not a fan at all of the Maximum spider combo super/hyper. I'd like to do more web based moves.

Some ideas I've had all ready is have spider-man transform into man-spider or his six armed version to deliver triple the hits. Or fire web from every arm as p2 gets crushed into the wall? Another idea is have him dawn the iron-spiderman armor from TAS. He can do a barrage of missles and lasers. Of course another idea is the symbiote black suit as well however I do not want to use the popular hyper/super combo but rather do something original with it. I know the suit enhanced spider-man's strength considerably so I may have him lift hundreds of tons like a ship or something as venom has demonstrated in the comics to be able to do. I also like the idea of the symbiote itself attacking for spider-man and the web has been shown to be superior, maybe I could just exaggerate the web shootings a bit like have him shoot a thousand shots a second? Maybe have him violently choke P2, as the symbiote amplifies aggression, it would make a lot of sense?


23rd July 2017, 01:33
man i want those dbz characters so bad

A x ◿
23rd July 2017, 06:47
man i want those dbz characters so bad

The Goku I have there is just amazing, I added a fly mode with special fly moves. Goku is 100 MB size character with everything I could think of. He is ready for a re-release but he needs a sprite update to look like his stance a little more.

Android 16 is going to be the hardest one to do because his sprite are from PSX Ultiamtebattle22. They are resized and edited heavily to mirror extreme butoden/z2. He is around 2% complete :P

The Grand Kai and Piccolo have a lot done on them and their features are all planned out and ready to execute in detail but progress is on hold until other things get done (non-DBZ related) in mugen.

The boss character Dr.Raichi is still going through design work and the base isn't certain yet or what he will do exactly. He's more of an idea really, I'm not even sure if he should be a fighter. I actually thought of making him a giant final boss type character, as a ghost I always imagined him being able to do something like that and I'd like him to fight similar to MvC Apocalypse Boss. I probably won't even make a regular fighter form but he may just transform into a giant that unleashes ghost warriors occasionally. Probably gonna be like Onslaught/Apocalypse? Not sure?

As for Bardock, I'm not sure what exactly I'm gonna do with him either, i don't wanna reuse the extreme butoden setup but rather I wanna remix the character entirely reusing his sprites to make new moves and animations. I was thinking of editing him to look battle damaged to, similar to Goku, bloody, broken armor, vainy, etc. Even creating my own special attacks and supers not really being canon at all but original.


As for Insect Cell, I would like to create him into a full character with jumps, get hits, and everything but with a twist, instead of fusing with android upgrades he would instead learn super saiyan transformations. Not sure how I will portray that though? I don't wanna totally change his design but at the same time I'd like to visually portray that. I may definitely change his eyes to a glowing yellow instead of green? Maybe enhance some skin colors to appear more green instead of yellow like saiyan hair and have something spike up? I may add more muscle to? I don't know at this time.

DBZ is gonna be on hold for a while until i can complete my older full game projects. My goal is to finish all games by 2020 and then retire for good. I will say that Ghast has some incredibly awesome and original moves witch will make Piccolo look like an amateur by comparison. He's so good I don't even like Piccolo anymore, that's how much better he'll be. This is gonna be the Namek everyone always wanted but never came to be. I was really dissapointed when Piccolo fused with kami because I was expecting something like Ghast to happen but in the end he was quickly over powered and then shoved to the background again.

Also i don't know if I mentioned this before but the grand kai was done very much for the same reason, we were promised something extraordinary and then the show turned him into nothing. So he was put in this game to see what possibilities could happen in a dbz world where the grand kais never existed. However i was inspired by Don Kaio, the Majin Buu looking Supreme Kai of the supreme Kais. He has some incredible ideas behind him and i wanna push the dbz boundaries with the grand kai and make him do really spectacular stuff no one has done yet. I'm talking energy bubbles, machine gun kai streams, body enlargements, swallowing opponents, super bright white light eye beams that burn under those sunglasses like cyclops from x-men, and more!

I'm very excited about Gast and Kai, they will truly be spectacular additions to Goku and sadly the rest of the game will be sad by comparison since these 3 will really set the standard incredibly high. I don't see the rest of the game measuring up to what i plan to do with these 3. I may just have to end the game as incomplete since the rest of it will pretty much be for nothing. I just don't feel like the rest are necessary. They aren't as interesting/refreshing nor are they gonna be unique and creative fighters. I really have to figure something out with the rest of the game in order to make the whole thing satisfying because if not then it's hardly a worthy full game without the rest of it working together. They have to be something not seen before and they have to do things no one expects them to do but at the same time totally seem possible and canon somehow if that makes any sense. That's my criteria for this fullgame/characters.

My very original goal from the start was to reinvent DBZ for numerous reasons, many of them being the following. The standard DBZ fighter based on the anime has been done justice many times all ready, both by fans and official games. You have the Ultiamte Battle series which looks exactly like the show with perfect standard moves. Then the GB games, all of them really giving you the best experience possible. Then moving onto Choujin, like an older arcade style but accomplishing the same goal. Then Z2, basically redoing the same feat in the Capcom style. After that Extreme Butoden just topping everything else in everything and now there is a new dbz game coming out that basically out does that which is exactly like the old anime!

I could just do another Goku, another Vegeta, another Piccolo, and any of the same minor characters again doing the same exact moves no matter how you change them OR I could take this opportunity to really do not just a rewrite but do it better with original twists and originality.

Too early to tell if the mugen community will want that and be happy with the results but at the very least I'm on board with it and I'm honestly preferring it over the same old same old usual clones. Because honestly i can play 3-6 different piccolos for mugen and they'll do the same exact thing or I can have a Namek that's not piccolo but at the same time more awesome, more powerful, and totally different. Nameks tend to all look alike but Ghast has the unique traits that make him part Lord Slug and part Nail and maybe part Guru ;)


Yeah these 3 are gonna make (just like DBM) dbz good again in my opinion. I wish I could even animate my own cutscenes and give the gamers more like how the original Raichi OVA video game cutscenes did but this will have to do I'm sad to say. The way i played out the story in my head is anime good imo. I wish i could share the episodes with everyone if only it were possible.

A x ◿
27th July 2017, 09:48
Okay to be honest I was on a break for a while not doing anything with the character but recently i did a ton of work on him so here's the update news on spider-man. Many ideas and resources came from sei, JedDrago, and zvitor's spidermen characters.

Moveset is complete,

we're looking at 6-8 specials


4 supers/hypers

as well as some bonus moves that work in special situations such as when wall clinging or in a grab attack.

Other than that, i edited almost all the basic moves with new fxs and physics. He's no longer a direct MvC rebuild but now he fights more customized. I have mostly all the special attacks all ready sprited and compiled in the character package though i just need to code it up to get it playing. I can't really show previews of this stuff because it's nothing spectacular or unique and a ton of it you probably all ready seen in other spider-man mugen characters.

However i will outline what I have and what i plan to do. Side note: My personal goal is to utilize spiderman more efficiently as a fighter as well as representing his full potential and possibilities. I also wanna try and implement spider based qualities because I feel that spiderman should do a lot more than just web stuff. Also he needs to emphasize his spider-like powers. Spider-man should leap more, float a little, more acrobatics, because Capcom and mugen builds really down played his natural powers and abilities.


Spider Swing: default mvc version.

Webb Throw: default mvc version.

Impact Webbing: Based on Acclaim's spiderman game; spider-man will shoot a charged up webb ball that will explode on impact! Opponent drops to fall.

Double Webb Stream: Similar to Impact webbing except it's a thicker webb line that pushes the opponent all the way to the wall before it ends w/damage.
(think fire hydrant/hose)

Webb Lasso: Spider-man shoots a line and yanks the opponent towards him. I'm thinking about following that up with a mortal kombat scorpion combo style uppercut!
(uppercut will be half fulgore claw and half spider-man uppercut w/webb fist/ball uppercut)
"Alternative: Instead of uppercut, back flip kick into the air!"

Zip-line Drop Kick: Spider-man zip-lines towards his opponent and at contact spider-man adjusts himself for a point blank double drop kick as opponent flies into the wall.

The following are pending approval

*Spider-Stomp: Spider-man shoots himself up like a grasshopper and then comes down on opponents head for a squishy stomp!

*Object Swing: Spider-man pulls up a rock with his webb and starts swinging it around with a spinning momentum doing multiple hits!

*Glide Mode: Activates when on wall at full power bars. Spiderman glides in any direction damaging anything he touches in his path with impressive speed using web based gliders.



Spiderman Webb Slam: default MvC version.

Web Ball Flurry: Zvitor's webb ball attacks but this time faster and like 100 instead 3-4.
(think machine gun!)

Spider-Strength: Spiderman webbs every corner and pulls his surroundings down to collapse around the opponent.
(think raining rubble/ceilings and walls falling over around you)

Man-Spider: Spidey transforms into manspider Hulk style and then spews tons of poisonous acid at his opponent after a predator style roar. Then reverts back to normal.
(Think zombie clone marco from metal slug using bloody vomit up sweep or dhalsim flame thrower super/hyper without player control)

The following are pending approval

Symbiote-Spiderman: The symbiote takes over and an aggressive double-handed webb stream traps p2 in a webb sack. Spider-man will then swing over his opponent repeatedly; up to 4 times!!!
(move based on MvC's Venom's special and Wonder Woman lasso Super/Hyper)

Armored Spiderman: Spiderman ironmans out his opponent! The armor falls down on Spidey and he quickly fires a red laser from above his wrist that pushes back his opponent steadily and then leaves them in a daze. Spiderman then rockets at his opponent like superman until both end up and hit the wall. At that point blank distance spiderman will activate the armored suits electrical defense and the opponent will be electrocuted by the armors close proximity contact. He then reverse jets away from his opponent while rockets launch under his arms and then gets followed up by machine-gun bullets from above his wrists. The machine gun will first hit the opponent before the rockets do. The rockets will reach the opponent afterwards but will be hit by both machine gun and rockets continually. Then Spiderman does a tony stark taunt pressing his wrist as a massive blue vertical laser from a satellite (presumably(not depicted in super/hyper)) comes down on the opponent to finish off the opponent. Super Bomb sound effect and splash fxs from super metroid samus as the attack closes out.


Intros, Taunts, Victories, etc.

Intro: Okay a flash happens off camera :p and thugs turn around to look, 1 thug gets pulled up, another is caught by his feet and dragged off into another direction and the remaining thug makes a run for it only for spiderman to land on him. Camera continues to flash during the whole thing.
"Alternatively the running thug is shot by a web projectile that pushes him all the way back out of camera as he is about to escape out of frame!"

Spiderman is in pain and grows more arms and looks at his hands in horror as victory.

Spider-sense taunt from head!

Removed and or denied

Some things i felt were poor decisions either by Capcom or previous mugen interpretations. These are the things I'm leaving out or getting rid of.

*web cartridges - It takes time to load, it sucks running out in the middle of the fight and a super/hyper just to refill? You're wasting my time....
(I may use it as an intro however?!)

*spider-sense - It doesn't serve a purpose practically though zvitor's idea is brilliant I feel that it still lacks substance in that for a fighter, it needs to be seen and realized immediately in the moment.
(I may use it as an intro however?!)

*Spiderman belt signal - Probably the worst comic based idea ever. It's neat story wise when spiderman needs to see in the dark but it has no application in a fighter or anything else besides seeing in the dark. Why does spiderman need a bat signal? He's carrying the damn thing to, does he signal himself? That's DUMB!

*spider bug tracker - Again no real use in an intro or in a fight. Useless here but a good plot element for the comics/tv/movies.

*maximum spider and spiderman combo - These two from Capcom are terrible ideas. They must have just simply ran out of ideas and said, "lets give him even more punches and kicks"

*web ball shot/trap - MvC version; it's okay but I personally feel this type of trap/attack is more fit for a super/hyper than a special move and I personally feel if spiderman had to trap someone in web it would come from a stream, not a web shot.

*web parachute - Again not really useful in the fight...
(I may use it as an intro however?!)

*Spider-Glue - An interesting idea but I hate to wait for my attacks to work. Opponents can avoid traps they see and just preparing the trap leaves you open to attack. That's why i hate bomb set ups, freeze grenades, etc. in mugen fighters and in fighters in general. Lets just cut to the chase, i have 12 more opponents to defeat after this!!!

*web bomb/explosion - It's a really great idea but it just never felt natural for normal spiderman to use. Maybe best suited for a different version that will seem more likely accomplished in them than this wall crawler.

A x ◿
28th July 2017, 08:21
Okay I have impact webbing done and double web streams completed!


I couldn't get the web streams screenshot because the a.i. hardly used it. But this one here is the web impact. Sorry I couldn't give .gif demonstrations but the coding does most of the work. All you would see in those previews would be spiderman shaking his hands and fists. I hate using screencaps and even worse resizing images X(

I'm also remapping some controls for the specials. Both of these specials have a lot of nice fxs. More coming maybe tomorrow or the day after when I get around to coding some more.

A x ◿
29th July 2017, 17:31

Spiderman now has a mortal kombat like scorpion spear attack/pull and it's followed up by spider sting which has been visually modified with a web fist/boxing knuckle glove!

Also web throw was apparently missing so i added that one from other spiderman characters. Unfortunately I am all ready detecting bugs (no pun intended) but they aren't horrible like some other bugs, at least from what I could see. I'm okay with releasing something with minor bugs so long as it doesn't ruin the match by getting some character in a constant loop or a permanent floating off screen and anything major like that.

Spiderman is currently at 5 specials, all unique. I may re-include web ball if I can figure out a way to differentiate it from the other attacks and give it some new functionality? So maybe I have 6 specials here total fully working right now with 2 new ones coming up next and 1 special one (fly mode).

I'm probably gonna cancel spider-stomp as I have a regular attack very similar now to that idea but I've been thinking about modifying the super jump with web pulley assistants?!

*Next specials and final specials will be object swing and web zip-line into a double kick press into a wall.

BTW I am thinking of resizing spiderman a little. I always liked how in tas he was more muscular rather than stringy like in some of the more popular comics. I understand that it's more spider-like to portray spiderman small and skinny with superb flexibility but a hero always needs to look powerful and well heroic and I hate how his strength is very underplayed. Spiderman actually has great strength. It's not as easy for him or probably as great as some others but he can do some amazing feats.

A x ◿
2nd August 2017, 08:59
Okay the web zipline special is complete and it looks wonderful with all its final touches. That's all the main button combination specials. There is just 1 bonus special, the object swing w/step momentum for multiple hits. However now I think instead of an object, spiderman should swing a web sack with supposedly holding an object inside. This way he will play more universally regardless of what stage he is on since some stages might not have rocks or junk lying around.

After this it is just the spider-man gliding (fly mode) and then the final supers/hypers.

After that it's a release ;)

So just 5 things left!!! Then a download for everybody ;)

Also in other news, this spiderman is being considered for his own fullgame by a buddy of mine going by the name Angelues-Silverhead. He has a spider-man TAS fullgame and he has a venom wip as well as being the head of the project. This project all ready has my Ironman, Red Skull, and Captain America as well as my incomplete Scorpion (Marvel).


Web of Spider-man full game project!!!


Side Note: I'm no longer with that forum as they don't share my mugen sharing beliefs; however I still have many projects and wips there that i intend to finish and release for either myself or to whomever I promised it to. Though I am no longer a part of that forum anymore I would like to still complete my projects but I don't intend on posting there again. I will only exclusively participate in private ONLY; and then when i'm done I won't be visiting there anymore period unless mugen policies change but I won't hold my breath... :tongue1::tease::tongue2:

A x ◿
5th August 2017, 07:43
More news and updates.

I just gave spiderman his new super/hyper. It's zvitor's spider web bullets except X100. I'm in the process of giving him his old ultimate web super/hyper, apparently the base I'm using didn't have it done...D'oh! :facepalm2:

So that's a delay I have to work with.

EDIT: I just added the super....man that was a lot of work.... :C

Also I decided to turn the object swing bonus special into a super/hyper. That way the attack can be extended a bit more and really fill that slot as a decent super/hyper. So in total for sure I'ma have 4 supers/hypers total and the other stuff that is pending will have to come another time or be ditched altogether.

As for the spider-man glide/fly mode/attack I am thinking of modeling the animations after storm from x-men, she has a flying intro from her fighting game appearances. Spider-man and storm seem to fly very similar so I think that will work out well.

In other news I fixed and updated a lot of the new sspecials so now they are less buggy and more pleasing to the eye. I replaced spdier-man's web ball with cyrax's (MK3) net trap special. It totally works and looks awesome. I also modified the move to quickly drain the opponent as the web net shrinks the opponent to death before breaking.

The old web trap net special has been combined with the old web glue idea that I previously refused to use LOL

So now the special will have not only a freezing effect but a difficult sticky situation if not avoided entirely.

Spider-sting as a normal special has been modified to include and after image effect as well as a forward dash. Similar to Fulgore's claw attack. I didn't like how the attack was just so plain and too similar to spider-man's other uppercut punch so this ehklps along with the web fist boxing glove uppercut combo. I should definitely make it multi-hit to! :spidey: That's a great idea right there!!! :idea:

On a personal note I think this spider-man is all ready doing some outstanding stuff. I'm really happy with what I'm forming here. This has elements from JEDDragon and zvitor and Seth Zankuten and Sei/Intermission plus MvC's spiderman and then some of my own new stuff. This spiderman is just overloaded with everything but the kitchen sink and it's really gorgeous! I think you are all really gonna like this!

I'm also considering giving spider-man a new walk animation. An upright walk animation! I all ready have an excellent base perfect for him and pretty cleaqn to so an easy edit overall. Now this spider-man is gonna be really different now!

Also i didn't really wanna do a storyline for this, I just wanted a straight up arcade experience but I can't help but wonder about a plausible scenario?

So my new working fullgame title is "Marvel vs The Avengers"

So basically team Avenger's Captain America, Ironman, and Thor versus Marvel's team of Spider-man, Wolverine, and Hulk?!?!?! I'm still trying to figure out how and why they would clash and for what good reason? IO like the team up of spider-man and wolverine since in tas they had an episode together with Beast and Wolverine and Hulk go way back together in the comics and also have a stand alone animated movie together as well.

Maybe the story can revolve around the Hulk? Perhaps the Avengers wanna cure Banner but The Hulk wants to to stay as himself and that causes strife between the two groups while their enemies take advantage of this. I have no idea how Galactus and kang will get involved so not sure about that as a story.

I may just do a cheap sprite collage of the struggle with Hulk in the middles looking confused as the two groups clash before the game starts with a very brief plot description with some music. Just a 1 or 2 frame thing just to get the gist of it. I can maybe do it after the intro trailer.

I've also been thinking about either using MvC's game history of soundtracks regardless of their previous use for this full game's use or ditch wizzy's music all together in place of more fitting character specific music instead. I may just do the latter. Wizzywipitz music is very fitting for MvC style games but at the same time a lot of his stuff is lack luster. I appreciate that he made custom tracks for my original MSH stage collections in the past and they were okay for a while but I feel that the music we were all using previously was more powerful in terms of battling familiar and great personalities.

I mean just to hear a spider-man score from the good movies over a generic stage track totally gets you lost in the moment of battle and really does the experience more justice.

He has a few good tracks but I don't know if they'll remain or get replaced by stronger works of art.

I've also been planning on reworking the character portraits to match the MvC1/MSH ones. So i'll need to either clean up a lot or totally redo them from scratch or a fitting base.

Speaking of portraits, I am thinking of customizing the select screen icons. Looking back at the typical 25X25 size squares and then comparing that to arcade classics such as MSH, well the difference really adds something special to it all. I'ma have to do some research and look at comic book styling to get some creative ideas to see if I can take it up a notch. I really wanna improve my game's overall presentation and really make it the best it can be but also make it the go-to choice for all your MSH mugen needs.

I know that's asking too much especially with all the serious competition out there to on top of all of that but this has been an old dream of mine way back since I first started the hobby and I know it's a premature wish but I think I can maybe make it happen now since so much progress has been accomplished. So I'ma give it a try, there really is nothing else for me to lose anyway seeing is I hit rock bottom from the start in the community LOL

5th August 2017, 07:53
Keep it up man, I really enjoyed your work so far, except good ol' wolverine, cuz it doesn't work on 1.0. But hey, I guess I'll be waiting for the full game to fire up the experience. :very_good:

A x ◿
5th August 2017, 08:12
Keep it up man, I really enjoyed your work so far, except good ol' wolverine, cuz it doesn't work on 1.0. But hey, I guess I'll be waiting for the full game to fire up the experience. :very_good:

He doesn't work on 1.0!?!?!?

How in the world did I do that? LOL

Well Wolverine is probably one of my best ever so you really should try getting a winmugen. However I do plan to update everything for the final game so maybe you do wanna wait? I've all ready seen a ton of stuff I wanna fix just from playing my own game. I'm probably gonna add a few new moves to some of the old ones to or alter current ones.

Yeah looking back I'm glad i released betas of all this stuff before. I think it worked out better in the end. Everyone gets a wip preview but also stuff from alter on makes its way in and makes the fullgame desirable to. I hate it when a fullgame comes out and it has the same exact character from the release prior with no updates/add-ons. I mean it's great to get it complete on the first release but in time you get new or better ideas and it's an added bonus to have a surprise in the new updated version that people will downlaod just to see and have.

A x ◿
6th August 2017, 06:19
I just added spiderman's new walk and I think it's pretty decent. The top half is static but I don't think it's terrible as it kinda works like MK3 fighters. It blends pretty well to. I also remapped spider-sting/boxing web glove as the bonus special, similar to captain america's edit. So now it's a dual bunch button combination. Also I decided to do the web-bomb cocoon thing by JEDDRAGON's amazing spiderman but instead I'm gonna use it for the man-spider metamorphosis to start off the super/hyper. I think it'll be a good way to transition the transformation. I always hated how for any character a transformation always stopped the fight for a a while which in my opinion really killed the action. Particularly the DBZ characters. Yeah it was great to recreate the thing from the show/series but for a fighter it takes too long. If the transformation did an attack though then it becomes useful even though there is a transformation/power up. In my Goku update I did that for his powering up in that I have rocks flying around, lovely sharp rocks ;)

Also if I forgot to mention it before, I finished the ultimate web throw super/hyper from msh/mvc. It took forever but thankfully it's over now. I wouldn't have added it if it wasn't so good so i just had to have it.

So now I'm back on track to do the last 2 final supers/hypers, man-spider & object swing.


After that I should be done. I want the web gliding/fly mode in but I really hate to do more work. So i don't know for now if I'll save it for later?

I really want to move onto Venom and then finally kang the Conqueror to finally finish and complete this game once and for all.

I'm also thinking of altering spiderman's default X button punch for a more upright version. He has a bow legged horse stance in that attack move because of his old stance which really doesn't fit as well anymore because of the change. though every other move still works well.

Also if I failed to mention this before I changed web-ball into Cyrax's web-net, but it still functions the same as spiderman's web ball though. I didn't think it would blend well but it turned out okay with a few minor edits.

A x ◿
7th August 2017, 09:50
I just sprited spiderman's object/web-sack swing and slam/throw. I think it's going to be programmed as a 4 hit combo, with the final 4th hit a slam/throw. It was a simple sprite edit but it's a little more work because of the size of the action going on.

It looks visually similar to this but it's basically web throw.


On another task I'm trying to figure out what man-spider is going to be. I saw one where it's a dead on sprite edit but then there is one where malevka did a sabretooth base which is a more Capcom solid base plus it's really huge making it more intimidating as a horrible mutation threat. I may have to do my own edit of that with my little touches. So that's gonna take some time and a lot of work unfortunately. :stress:

A x ◿
8th August 2017, 12:11
The web-sack object swing super/hyper is now complete and working marvelously!!! :drinks:

Just fly mode and man-spider super to go and it's all finished. I just have to re-organize my to-do list to make sure I have what I need for the first release and what I'll set aside for the final fullgame add-ons for the final refined release which will take a little more time to complete per character.


I'm gonna definitely try to upgrade the A.I.

The base all ready has an a.i. but it still feels weak to me so hopefully i can get my usual marvel vs dc template a.i. in there or Z2 A.I. alternatively. I also use Thor's A.I. but I think the other 2 are a lot more aggressive.

I also slightly increased spiderman's size and it looks good on him. I still have to go back and add the extra little color details, the extra shades in spiderman but that should only take 10-30 mins easily though I'm saving that after I have the character completed first.

I also added a swinging sound I found in symbiote spiderman for his ultimate web super, the one where he swings the opponent into a floor slam.

For sure next i'm gonna try ripping TAS voice and sound fxs. It'll be hard to find clean bits but I'm sure it'll work just fine either way irregardless of the final result.

I was looking at an openbor version for him where he has a running animation rather than his mvc hop. I think a run animation would be cool for spiderman though I don't know if it'll make it into this release. Also I beefed up spiderman's mvc run/hop and I'm not sure if i wanna change it since it works pretty well and looks awesoem to.

I gotta make some tough decisions soon. It's hard to compromise, it really is...

A x ◿
15th August 2017, 08:27
Sorry again, I've been lately distracted by other stuff so I haven't done any work until recently. I have the first part of the final super/hyper all ready sprited where spiderman with 6 arms builds a web cocoon/shield around him. The next part will be him emerging in a web explosion to web trap into the wall his target and spray the opponent with acid afterwards for the finale.

I'm using sprites again from malveka, jeddragon, and zvitor.

A x ◿
17th August 2017, 22:50
Okay i finally worked out the man-spider design and he is currently being built. Hopefully someone like Malveka will take what I have done and turn this into a full character. i remember him expressing that he wanted to do a man-spider character?

I've also been playing around with the idea of have spider-man fire web lines or web-balls from clinging on the wall? Sorta give the player a reason to do it. Maybe it results in really cheap quick life draining health attacks?

Hopefully i can at least get this spriting done and then maybe later hopefully code it once and for all.

A x ◿
19th August 2017, 01:30
Man-spider sprites are complete!!!

I just need to code the hyper/super.

I've also decided to cancel the fly-mode and instead turn it into a wall special maneuver where spider-man glides head first at the opponent for multiple hits. The special will work really well from the wall as it is a proper launching point to start the attack from.

The main reason for the change is unlike Link's (Zelda) version the fly mode version would hardly serve as a useful fighting purpose. I could make it deal damage constantly for anyone to get hit in its path but in my opinion it would feel really unnatural to have constant control of something like this without it being a super/hyper. So for that reason it's being changed into a wall special. Also the wall special would act just as a normal special so it's timing would fit better as this kind of attack. On top of that I don't think necessarily that spider-man can actually fly up with this but rather only glide down. He might be able to pick up with a proper updraft but that's too complicated for this type of fighter in general.

After these last 2 things are in place I think it'll be ready for a first release! However I will also need to beef up the A.I. but that shouldn't be too difficult nor should it take long either. The thing that might delay this now though is the voice rips/fxs from TAS!

The planned new intros/victories will be left for the fullgame release so don't expect anything there for the first spider-man release.

On a side-note, while looking for more/alte4rantive special attacks for spider-man I came up with a fitting movelist for metal-spiderman. I don't plan on doing one nor a symbiote version either but I have some really great ideas just in case so who knows what will happen in the future! ;)

Also I'm still not sure if I should do a full run animated animation and a new standing light punch attack? Maybe they should be considered for the final release rather than the initial release? Anyway, that's all for now. By this new week he should be releasable so check in frequently in case he gets that early release!!! :)

19th August 2017, 19:19
congratulations for the good work, i hope play this mugen.

A x ◿
22nd August 2017, 05:29
Oh I think you'll enjoy it as long as you're not uptight about balance, infinites, and small stuff like that.


I have some bad news, or good news depending how you look at it? I was finishing up looking through some sprites and cleaning up a sheet of sprites and i suddenly started building new ideas and lo' and behold!!! I created new specials :P

So it's gonna take longer to finish this first release. Sorry friends. Disregard this week's eventual release and wait a bit more....

On the upside, spider-man now has hard A.I. It doesn't work the way it's suppose to because i just couldn't figure out the problem but at least now he uses everything at random and he does so aggressively. In the test trials he has beaten everyone multiple times including T.O.P.S.'s Venom! A notoriously hard character to beat!!!

Also also man-spider super/hyper is fully completed!! The attack is very brief but creatively engenius and delivers the punch/finale. It features audio clips from Predator and Predator 2 (films) as the man-spider's voice!!

Flying-Spiderman special is also fully sprited, as well as a spiderman wall special web attack as well as a follow up to spider-man's hard kick attack and a new special identical to wolverine's adamantium claw take down attack w/wall impact! Much of all of this stuff was ripped and edited from Zvitor's spiderman but again edited and combined with my own stuff.

Now just to tirelessly code this stuff in ( I really hate myself right now...) and then include the animated series voice and sound fxs and he's fully done for his first release. I won't likely code his new intro stuff but I'll leave the sprites in the character for 2 reasons. First reason is so i don't lose that work if I should happen to lose the character and mugen archive goes down for some reason and 2nd to give you the audience these resources early and a look into what i have planned for the full-game.


On a personal note I'm gonna have to take a small break to right now because all that spriting and coding has exhausted me to the point of wanting to quit (DON'T PANIC!!!) though that's out of the question at this point with so much done and so very little left...I just wish this could finish itself.

In total I probably have about 45 character left to complete for all my projects combined!!!! Xo


....and not including my breaks....

Though my goals for this year is finish the full games of "Marvel vs the Avenger" and "Pokemon"

2018 will be "DragonBallX" and the rest are sort of - I just stopped caring but I'll have to finish them just because I have them still unfinished... *sigh* So "the Adventures of Batman" & "Mortal Kombat After-Realm" will be next either or. As for the other projects, they aren't necessarily needed anymore or good enough where they are at. So I'll just leave that on the table and check it out later.

A x ◿
23rd August 2017, 21:44
So now spiderman has been loaded with wall crawling, wall specials, and little details like that and oh yeah.....


Everything is done!!!! He's coming SOON!!!!

I'm just gonna check him and see if I missed anything and after I come back from my job I'll upload and release ;)

He's coming! He's Coming!! He's Coming!!!


A x ◿
26th August 2017, 20:08

Visit The Mugen Archive Today!!!

Spider-Man 2017 Edit/Add-on Version
(winmugen Only/tested compatible)



4 supers/hypers
14 specials
new palette
new attacks
new sounds
new animations
new modes


Expect infinites and some bugs (pun intended as well) here and there. All materials are free to the public to use however they like, please don't credit anybody for any of this. Spider-Man belongs to Marvel Comics© and is fan-art in mugen. No permission required! Do not credit me. Everything I edit is open source to the public. This is absolutely non-profit and is strictly fan art. No commissions were accepted for this fan art. Do not pay for this in any way or give any kind of donation to me or anyone else in any form or credit anyone except the original copyright holder(s). This is absolutely free and absolutely non-profit. Do not sell mugen or any of this please. It is illegal to do so. Enjoy!

BTW in case anyone missed it, I encourage others to finish, fix, revamp, replace, this release. No permission or credit is necessary.

This character is based on The Animated Series (90's) cartoon show and was created for project/full-game "web of spider-man" as a fan continuation of the story in, "The Search for Mary Jane", continuing off of the final season finale. "Web of Spider-man" fullgame project can be found at MugenMultiverse under full games section.



Well he's finally here!!!! Sorry for the delays again, i added more last minute stuff. There are future updates planned for the fullgame release but this is basically the release. Next i'll be helping out a friend finish his Venom. I don't think I'll be able to release that here though but after that I'll be working on Kang The Conquerer. Then again On Galactus, the final boss and if I have time a quick alpha/beta of Daredevil based on captain America edit.




26th August 2017, 20:27
It may be 2 months per character, but what I'm staring at is pure power, effort, and guts. When I get around to download them spicy files (because I'm still a lurking leech *suck suck suck*), then I will totally look into download this character.

El capitano awaaaaay!!!!

A x ◿
26th August 2017, 20:36
It may be 2 months per character, but what I'm staring at is pure power, effort, and guts. When I get around to download them spicy files (because I'm still a lurking leech *suck suck suck*), then I will totally look into download this character.

El capitano awaaaaay!!!!

I hope you enjoy this! Also don't be ashamed of being a lurker, for anyone wondering, this character was made by a warehouser, sprite/code thief, sprite swapper ,and a lurker! on various other forums XD

So to those elitist creators/admins out there that think little of us I say, "stick that up your pipe and smoke it" LOL & amateur Newbies RULE FOREVER!!!!! XD

26th August 2017, 21:28
I have now went through the re-captcha protocol and one of the many mods thought I was worthy to be normal, proceeding to download some serious spice (and all that is nice).

28th August 2017, 18:17
I just saw this
"Wow! I hope you didn't miss the amazing WIP by Ax (Dragon Ball, Avengers, Batman, Pokémon, Smash Bros, Mortal Kombat, and more...)"
I saw the characters and then I saw those oh so crap Pokemon characters.................

28th August 2017, 19:10
Wow, it's a very hard work you got here :shock_jaw_drop:
I just say : Good luck !

28th August 2017, 21:57
these look like Heritage for the Future characters
Can't wait for the Scarecrow char, good luck

28th August 2017, 23:42
Can ya make Laura Kinney Senpai (X-23) char

29th August 2017, 02:04
They look amazing!!!

A x ◿
29th August 2017, 06:24

You probably won't like the other characters/fullgames either. These characters and fullgames aren't for everyone. sorry.

They look amazing!!!

These projects have been around for years so they all had a lot of time in planning and execution. Almost all of these have early version releases you can preview. A lot of these rosters are uploaded all ready on the mugen archive by various uploaders. Some more complete than others though, not all and not everything.

Can ya make Laura Kinney Senpai (X-23) char

I enjoyed the movie Logan to however someone is all ready making that character in mugen and she looks very good. I remember by 2 different authors to! Maybe one of those is all ready available for download somewhere around here?

these look like Heritage for the Future characters
Can't wait for the Scarecrow char, good luck

These characters took months and a few rarely a year. I think scarecrow is pretty much done and has been available for a long time now. It was even re-released by another creator with many updates/fixes/improvements. All the characters are opensource and anyone can take them and do anything they want with them without permission.

Wow, it's a very hard work you got here :shock_jaw_drop:
I just say : Good luck !

thank you. It is a lot of work and I really don't enjoy doing it anymore. I just want to finish what was started. Hopefully I will finish everything and retire for good and become a mugen player again/lurker :P

A x ◿
29th August 2017, 08:28
New Venom idea using T.O.P.S. venom as the base. I may be working with Angeleus_silverhead to complete his Venom if he wants to use my help.

Here are some experimental colors and shadings in the works.


Personally I think the experiments failed. I'm likely just gonna use the new palette (the first edit) and take a bunch of stuff I didn't like out and replace it with new stuff I do like as well as maybe putting in new stuff to extend the character a bit more like spider-man.

I'm gonna brainstorm the special and super/hyper attacks some time this week and when that is done I'll get to work on the wip.

29th August 2017, 10:12
I like the Dbz stuff and the marvel stuff seems like it would look right at home in mvc2

29th August 2017, 19:29
btw is that imperfect cell going to be like that or he could maybe transform to his other forms too?

A x ◿
29th August 2017, 23:52
btw is that imperfect cell going to be like that or he could maybe transform to his other forms too?

Oh that Cell, if I ever try it all the way through, is gonna be like a spin-off Cell character, where the androids are destroyed and Cell has to figure out how to use his saiyan cells to transform! So basically I'm gonna make a type of Golden Insect Cell!!! I don't want to change the design too much from insect Cell but I will show somehow that he's transformed into the next power level of a Saiyan if I can.

I like the Dbz stuff and the marvel stuff seems like it would look right at home in mvc2

The DBZ stuff is a life long dream since I first got into MvDC mugen and saw a sub-section of Capcom styled DBZ! After having watched the entire series plus soem fan made projects, I wanted to do something with it to so hopefully you'll like my take and fan interpretation of Project DragonballX. The marvel stuff is heavily based on The Animated Series of various Marvel properties from the 90's as well as the D.C. Batman stuff.

I personally don't like MvC2 because I personally feel that the new fxs that game had kinda clashed with the original MvC1 and MSH and MvSF style fxs. So I'm trying to go for the older styles rather than MvC2. In fact I'm gonna change a lot of the other characters that use those fxs and similar styles.

I'm gonna re-edit Ultron, Super Skrull, M.O.D.O.K., and anyone else not using MvC1 styles. I'm also thinking of changing the super/hyper BG fxs for all the characters. I wanna try and not re-use MvC1 stuff but I want it to look very similar. I may have to make my own or figure out a way to re-invent the splash fxs. I'm planning also to update the screenpack for the fullgame being inspired by mazemerald's work. He really set the bar up high so I gotta try and match his work.

31st August 2017, 02:50
oh sounds like a very interesting concept

31st August 2017, 03:49
Ok so after looking at these W.I.Ps, here's what I'm excited for:
Boba Fett
Han Solo
Skull Kid
Galactus and the other Marvel Stuff
I feel like I was a little too harsh on you there. Sorry. Your newer stuff looks great. And hey If the characters turn out bad, we can just re-use those sprites since your sprites are amazing. But let's just hope the base characters are good first. And also, why do you put the author name as the company who owns the character? E.G Your Pokémon characters are said to be made by Nintendo and Your Recent Marvel stuff is said to be made by Marvel themselves. Why do you do this exactly?

A x ◿
31st August 2017, 07:36
Ok so after looking at these W.I.Ps, here's what I'm excited for:
Boba Fett
Han Solo
Skull Kid
Galactus and the other Marvel Stuff
I feel like I was a little too harsh on you there. Sorry. Your newer stuff looks great. And hey If the characters turn out bad, we can just re-use those sprites since your sprites are amazing. But let's just hope the base characters are good first. And also, why do you put the author name as the company who owns the character? E.G Your Pokémon characters are said to be made by Nintendo and Your Recent Marvel stuff is said to be made by Marvel themselves. Why do you do this exactly?

The reason i put the company name rather than my own is because artist are terrible people. Very prideful. You know the mugen history/drama about credit, permission, claiming ownership, well I'd like to set the example here and say even though I did a ton of work on this stuff it will never belong to me but rather the true owners who should be profiting from credit, permission, and ownership.

I find it ironic that creators out there will say hey don't use my sprite edits, when those sprite edits were originally copyrighted material that they didn't have permission to use. How can someone tell someone else "it's mine", when it clearly isn't. Unless it's 100% original like mulambo's stuff, no one can claim it as off limits. If someone did take his original work he could successfully sue someone but no one can sue anyone over using a character like The Hulk (copyright Marvel). The only ones who can do that is Marvel and rightfully so.

I've also pointed out since both sprite thieves and creator's who make edits of copyright work are in fact both doing the same thing, stealing art at the core that doesn't belong to us. We're basically the same no matter how you cut it and there are loopholes in where anyone publishing mugen work will make money out of it somehow either through ad revenue, which every website ever does, donations, which a lot of creators promote and accept, and commissions, which again many creators promote and accept.

On top of that since we're all dirty here I set all this work as open to the public so anyone can do whatever they like with it to because again no one is asking Marvel for permission to do anything. Forget the company, no one even asked the original sprite artist who created the images originally for Marvel. Besides the company did anyone ask the original comic book artist? See it's all silly. We're all the same here and it's dumb that we're divided like this so the hell with credit, permission, etc.


Also I'm okay with anyone saying whatever about mugen, even if it is harsh. You have a right to express yourself on the internet and your opinions will allow other users to better judge the mugen content to. That's why i like the comments section and ratings at Mugen Archive, it's all very informative! Go ahead and be honest and also how else will I know what's wrong. If you can make it constructive criticism if you have the time to tell me what's specifically terrible and I may or may not change it (to be fair and honest) and also something else i really appreciate but it happens rarely, if you can tell me how to fix it properly. Everyone complains and it's okay but give me a break to because I'm not exactly an expert either. On that note I'm still learning new stuff, especially coding stuff I'm discovering all the time! So please teach me if anyone is reading this who is an expert at mugen because I'm not at all. Really I'm just creating stuff because no one wants to do it for me and no one wants to do it for free either nowadays...

And yes that's right, anyone can use this stuff, no credit or permission necessary. Mugen is free and nobody cares about my username anyway LOL

I always encourage others to create better, replace, or reuse the work and even edit it, hopefully to improvement! This is the internet and if i didn't want to share then I wouldn't have posted this on the internet where everyone can see it and download it for free.

BTW I have the perfect base for Ganondorf! It's Goat from Asura Blade!!! He fits perfectly as Ganondorf. Just a simple palette color edit, a few minor edits, new coding, sounds, and you have Ganondorf!


Someday I'll make this happen for Link (Zelda). XD

31st August 2017, 10:27
Oh okay thanks for telling me that. Ganondorf does fit for that character. But I think you will have to edit the head. But I`m pretty sure you can do that easily.

bison shadaloo
1st September 2017, 05:14
Taking recycled characters is not bad, the bad thing is that I edit a character and steal it from the creator, denying his signature, but that is not my style of work, I hope it is a good project for the community, I do the same job in Mugen, I play and I look for some error of animation and complete the edition, but in my personal life I dedicate very little to my things that I do in mugen, since I have a life full of complete obligations and I do not speak of updating contributions !! good luck A x ◿


2nd September 2017, 17:50
Your work looks great :smile: . Do you plan on adding Mysterio to your Marvel character edits? He is my favorite spider man villain

A x ◿
3rd September 2017, 02:32
Your work looks great :smile: . Do you plan on adding Mysterio to your Marvel character edits? He is my favorite spider man villain

I did actually have a personal list of Spider-man villains I would like to do if I'm not completely burned out by all these games. This is my list and status or plans for them...

* Venom - Current WIP

* Lizard - TAS Remake

* Mysterio - Omega Red base

* Dr.Octopus - E.Honda base + Raiden/Big Bear base (fatal fury)

* Vulture - scrufydragon version

* Sandman - Edit of Loganir's version (human form)

* Green Goblin - New original Edit *undecided*

3rd September 2017, 08:30
I did actually have a personal list of Spider-man villains I would like to do if I'm not completely burned out by all these games. This is my list and status or plans for them...

* Venom - Current WIP

* Lizard - TAS Remake

* Mysterio - Omega Red base

* Dr.Octopus - E.Honda base + Raiden/Big Bear base (fatal fury)

* Vulture - scrufydragon version

* Sandman - Edit of Loganir's version (human form)

* Green Goblin - New original Edit *undecided*

I like this list, Good luck and I hope you get great results.

4th September 2017, 07:11
Nice Sprites. I Know you weren't a good creator back then but I still LOVE your sprites. Keep the good work on man.

4th September 2017, 08:32
This exploit in your spider-man is just.... wow...

Lord Platanos
8th September 2017, 00:22
Nice point mulambo. That reminds me a Mechwarriors ingame chat:
p1: I Hate this map!
p2: Or the map hates you. =P

Dunno, how. But creating and recreating sprites like that plus new posses and effects really take huge time.
Believe me. Every project for me spend free time moments also night high hours to achieve 1 or 2 new sprites posses.
What i'm talking about? I'm understand and i apreciate Ax's projects that i wish success on them.

8th September 2017, 12:23
Nice point mulambo. That reminds me a Mechwarriors ingame chat:
p1: I Hate this map!
p2: Or the map hates you. =P

Dunno, how. But creating and recreating sprites like that plus new posses and effects really take huge time.
Believe me. Every project for me spend free time moments also night high hours to achieve 1 or 2 new sprites posses.
What i'm talking about? I'm understand and i apreciate Ax's projects that i wish success on them.

Well, if Editing takes more time, I guess by scratch takes a lot less because editing just means taking some sprites, chopping them off then connect each part and make it look like somebody else than the original artist drew the sprite. That's double of the work, actually: because you have to think with the original artist's mind and then modify it and it would be really difficult because the original artists knows what to do, an editor doesn't know what to do as much as the original spriter so he just have to "guess" how to make a good-looking char. First results of original art can disappoint the beginner, but as the practice goes on it will be automated and "perfectioned". Original sprites are better because they show more than just a mechanical way to portray the human body: best example : Kim Kaphwam (and I'm refering to the "waves" of his legs in some attacks).

So, unfortunely, there is no way to make a good sprite if not originally. All the other attempts are a clear sing of stylistic parasitims. This is just my point of view. No surprise some people loudly explained that "yeah we steal sprites! yeah!!!1". But, hey, at least they're honest about it. But, believe me this time, it would take maybe more time at first, but more fun in the whole process, (for no success in the end because most people don't care about it XD).

So, I actually know why people make such characters. Some of them make the characters for the fans, some for friends, some others for the final result. Some of them don't even complete the chars, giving up when they don't get enough feedback by the supposed "fans". Whatever their reason is, they don't often like making them (that's why they often complain about "how much time they spend". What the hell, if you like what you do, time goes by unobserved!). Or probably they do, instead, I can't tell.

But I can also understand that many people just want to make their dream game with originally existing char. In fact, I'd make an edit of Rolento, but just the code and the animations of it, without touching the sprites. Because, in SFA3 for example, he's not that strong. I mean: why not giving him some guns, missiles, satellite rays hyper and some good combos. In all the games I've known Rolento just jumps, throw knives from predictable positions and rolls. Somebody must make a good version of him.

A x ◿
9th September 2017, 00:18
Oh thanks for the support/encouragement. Making mugen isn't fun at all, I don't think it ever is in my personal opinion. It's satisfying when completing something and achieving a dream come true but I stand by making mugen being horrible because you sit in a room with poor ventilation and in the dark, hunched over while stressing your back and flattening your butt for hours and being forced to stare at a glowing computer screen for hours while developing carpal-tunnel while balancing work, going to the bathroom, eating and sleeping....mugen making is hell.....

Playing mugen is awesome, and for a creator playing mugen it's heavenly since you know your fighter inside out.

As for spriting VS franknenspriting,

I say either can be difficult or easy depending on what you are doing. In my opinion editing MK sprites is super easy despite there being more colors and details in the characters than MvC types. I can knock out Mk characters way faster than I can MvC. I've sone some scratch work spriting and it isn't so bad. Again it all comes down to what you are gonna do. Either can be hard or easy.

BTW in case anyone missed it I'm on a little break of just relaxing. I'm in contact with another creator in regards to Venom. I refined a base and he said he likes it. I'm gonna brainstorm a moveset for Venom and hopefully we'll get to completing Venom. After Venom it'll be Kang The Conquerer and then MvA will be complete!!!! XD

9th September 2017, 12:21
Looks awesome! Hope for the best man, They look great so far!

9th September 2017, 13:21
In my opinion editing MK sprites is super easy despite there being more colors and details Well you can easy edit the palette of a photographic/rendered sprite by messing around with HSL settings instead that color by color. But the settings must be specific: the only difficulty is to change all CMYK values, one by one.

14th September 2017, 03:42
As a tokusatsu fan, all I care about is Green Ranger lmao
But to be fair, I also like Darth Vader, Sega and Comic Book characters, and I really like to see that you don't give a f about what people say about your work, MUGEN should be open to everyone do what they want to do, it's sad that a lot of people quit MUGEN because of stupid people who think they are SO awesome they can humiliate people for having fun with something they made themselves (even more when they humiliate people just because they did a character that a lot of people want and they didn't, like the way people treat Chuchoryu and Beto, this last one almost quit MUGEN after spending 5 years making Juspion). Wish to see more of your work soon Ax, peace!

23rd September 2017, 04:04
I can't wait!

23rd September 2017, 12:28
Those sprites look so good.

23rd September 2017, 13:40
nice work


23rd September 2017, 18:40
Looks amazing great work on all the sprites it can't imagine the time and effort that has gone into all this work. Thanks for creating awsome free content. Modders/developers that create things just for their love of creating deserve more credit. I know many games that would be considered borderline up playable with out dedicated fans.

24th September 2017, 00:38
Awesome works

24th September 2017, 02:35
A random message sent me here and good grief...

24th September 2017, 05:09
Good stuff!

24th September 2017, 19:10
I really like that nail it looks awesome

A x ◿
24th September 2017, 21:11

Right on, right on! I've been thinking about taking up that green ranger wip again? I remember zvitor made the same cyclop base character that totally got passed up because of loganir and verz's version. Perhaps I could use that other cyclops base to finish up the green ranger? He only needs some more basiocs and a probable special attack+hypers.

It really was years of work and too much work I don't care to ever redo. I never look to be recognized for anything of this; as I've stated in the past recognition always goes to people's heads and artist are the worst type of people period. The best I always hope for is people liking what was created and them enjoying it, that's all. But thanks just the same. I hope to bring you and the others other nice stuff in the future ;)

That Nail is part of the fan based story DragonBallMultiverse free online web comic. He is the Namkian's combined effort to defeat Frieza in an alternate timeline where the Nameks of Namek all fused together in order to stop Frieza and his men. The character isn't much bigger than Piccolo but in the comics he's twice his size practically! In mugen he's going to be incredibly tall, not exactly a giant but really big and towering over piccolo. He has some spectacular and original moves that is going to make Piccolo in general pale in comparison. He and the Grand kai are going to be some of the best DBZ characters for mugen period for what i have in store for them. I can't personally wait to get them done and released. They are gonna be too awesome!

24th September 2017, 21:13
That sounds really cool. Now I got to check that manga out.

24th September 2017, 22:50
These look really cool! :)

25th September 2017, 03:06
xks :wavetowel:

25th September 2017, 03:18
These look awesome

A x ◿
4th October 2017, 07:38
Thank you my fellow mugen lovers.

A quick update it seems I'm going to finally get a hold of the new Venom spritesheet soon so I'll be working on that to touch it up with my personal editing. I've also come up with some new special attacks/a new move-set. I don't know if mugen gamers really appreciate new gameplay or unique attacks (it hardly matters it seems) but I like to go the extra mile and make old characters do mostly brand new things if possible. I don't understand it how people don't seem to get tired of the same exact character being repeated with the same exact attacks but somehow being a top pick because of a simple tweak or fxs change....Not saying it's wrong to like simple edits like that but just hard for me to understand what's so spectacular about it considering how mugen lets you accomplish so much more with its endless possibilities?

I feel as if Ryu can probably do a lot more than just hadokens but sadly that's all he's ever programmed to ever do...

4th October 2017, 11:10
Thank you my fellow mugen lovers.

A quick update it seems I'm going to finally get a hold of the new Venom spritesheet soon so I'll be working on that to touch it up with my personal editing. I've also come up with some new special attacks/a new move-set. I don't know if mugen gamers really appreciate new gameplay or unique attacks (it hardly matters it seems) but I like to go the extra mile and make old characters do mostly brand new things if possible. I don't understand it how people don't seem to get tired of the same exact character being repeated with the same exact attacks but somehow being a top pick because of a simple tweak or fxs change....Not saying it's wrong to like simple edits like that but just hard for me to understand what's so spectacular about it considering how mugen lets you accomplish so much more with its endless possibilities?

I feel as if Ryu can probably do a lot more than just hadokens but sadly that's all he's ever programmed to ever do...

Oh I totally know what you mean. This is basically the same exact thing with KOF. There's waaaaaay too much KOF here. And most of them barely look and or seem different. At least with Mario there's many, many power-ups you can use to make yours different. But most people ether make him with M&L series sprites or just edit or use Super Mario since that Mario is super popular and basically everyone owns him. Yeah people should try to be more original considering this game is almost 20 years old.

A x ◿
4th November 2017, 18:56

Okay well I think waiting a month or more was enough... So I'm just gonna do my own edit using various sources. I have to finish my games and I just can't wait on others any more. I'm going to make a personal edit of T.O.P.S. version of Venom. I wanted to start from a MvC1 base but the T.O.P.S. version has a lot of what i like in there so I'm gonna save myself some time and just use his work. I'm gonna remove a lot of the stuff i don't like and replace it with new stuff I want. I'm most definitely gonna remove that snake symbiote effect. I never liked Capcom's attack designs so I'm looking elsewhere to come up with alternative moves. Some moves I have in mind are new, others based on other Venom depictions, and it's again from the same usual sources, such as T.V., movies, videogames, and comics.

It's a shame I couldn't have done a Halloween Venom release, it would have been perfect but what are you gonna do when time is against you... :P


I'm also gonna try and skip most of the spider-man ability details such as wall crawling and webbing for the most part. I feel it's important not to have a clone and well with venom it's all ready a bad start but perhaps I can make him more different to really give an alternative playthrough. So the idea is not to have him web based but rather to ahve him symbiote based for obvious reasons. So he's gonna use his symbiote suit rather than his webs. Also he's going to be more brawler than acrobatic trapper and maneaver based.

Initially for the roster in choosing spider-man's rival I did once think of other choices besides Venom because I did want to avoid a clone issue fighter, by that I mean what Ken is to Ryu from Street Fighter. Unfortunately despite Spider-man having outstanding Villains none other could rival him best than the alien monstrosity known as Venom. I did consider Carnage to but in the end Venom was just a better choice overall. Carnage is superior, more evil one could say and uniquely more dangerous in what he can do but Venom has a very solid design that stands out better over spider-man and looks better as a polar opposite artistically. Also Venom makes up for what he lacks in weapon morphs with just being massively greater in strength and power. Also his backstory is very interesting and is far more complex and better well written overall.

So in conclusion Venom is the only choice to rival spider-man and that is why he's being done over Carnage, the Green Goblin, etc. for this fullgame.

So far i have implemented the new color scheme and stance into TOPS version. Now I am going to remove the junk I hate and possibly remap the commands to better suit my personal game play style. After that I'll sprite, animate, and code the new stuff in and polish the rest for a release.

I won' be altering the voice as it is all ready using TAS voice clips and I prefer those rips over other rips as they just fit better in my opinion. I really didn't like Activisions voice recordin and other ones I heard I just couldn't get into. TAS itself just did a lot of things right and it did it well right from the start from its voice cast to its choices in art decisions. There are a few things I didn't like that kinda felt odd here and there but I still prefer it over a lot of the other medias that tried to do spider-man.

Just as a quick example I never liked TAS Doc 'Oc, I felt that was kinda flat and generic but some of the comics had a really nice design and even the movie was damn perfect for a movie version. Though TAS Lizard was miles better than the movie version or the comic version so none of it is perfect but there are good ones here and there and TAS mostly got a lot of it right for me so i stick to it for a lot of decisions and inspirations.

Well anyway i'm gonna get to work on what i outlined. If I can produce anything soon I'll try and post it for everyone to preview. Thank you for your patience and sorry about this terribly long delay.

A x ◿
5th November 2017, 04:09
Okay I have some wip news. I re-edited a lot of the basics to have new or different physics. Venom is no longer balanced as a result but I believe he fights better and I really like how he does combos. I removed a lot of stuff I hated and it's almost all gone. I still have some other stuff to replace though.

I re-used sprite animations to form a new attack animation and came up with this.


I also replaced this snake attack with a spike version from another attack. I really half-assed this one but I think it's good enough for now. I might touch it up.


The good thing is this is mostly done all ready for me with just a few minor tweaks.

Here is the new stance animated to work almost identical to the original one.


I did alter other specials and created a new one out of an old one. I re-used an old idea from the spider-man wip that didn't work out.

I have 2 new super/hyper attacks planned. The first is going to be web induced cave in where the ceiling will drop continually for multi-damage and the other one is going to be similar in that it will be a crumbling wall drop, almost the same as Spider-man Vs Green goblin's fight from the first movie except done with more force and speed since Venom is more muscle like. He's gonna fire out a double handed web net and yank the wall behind his opponent for a surprise impact/drop but while coming from behind at high force.

I'd like to do 1 more unique super/hyper. All of Venom's moves, either from TOPS or MvC are terrible ideas in my opinion so I'm working really hard to replace them with better ideas. For all my comic based characters I would like it if they all have at least 3 supers/hypers minimum so I just need 1 more idea for Venom to satisfy my gamer needs.

Also i have 3 new special attack ideas. Really quick they are gonna be the following...the first is a point blank carpet lift though instead of a carpet it will be a ground plate of stone that Venom unearths from the ground for possible juggle damage. The other idea is a Zangeif rip-off fist spin attack. The idea came from Venom in SNES separation Anxiety. The other move is going to be a generic web swing across the room as the fighter kicks away an opponent. There is another idea where Venom could spawn an extra arm for a 3-4 punch combo with a forward momentum, another move inspired by a female symbiote from the same SNES game. Though i don't know if I wanna add more than 3 specials as he all ready has a good amount so far.

A x ◿
6th November 2017, 07:29
Okay, an update!

I completed the third and final hyper/super idea. It's coded and working, it is a simple multi-hit web shots.

I also finished spriting the other new hyper I pitched earlier. It just needs to be animated and coded in but it's all finished in sprites. Here's a preview of the idea mentioned earlier of this attack.


After that i just ahve to do the cave-in super/hyper and he should be done in that area. From there I'll move onto specials and he should be semi-ready for a first release.

A x ◿
7th November 2017, 06:40
The Super/Hyper is finished. I just have 1 final one to do and that's it for everything period.

I have some new moves/previews to show though of the new specials. It's the same stuff I usually do in most all characters although the swinging kick move is altered in a unique way so it's semi-original in how it's used...sorta.


This first special was taken from a character called Riot. It had Venom as a base/Zangeif so it was easy to re-edit back into Venom.

The next special was done on the fly so not very detailed at all but it works good enough I think. This is the swinging kick special mentioned from before.


Anyway, as i said before, just 1 thing left, the symbiote web cave-in super/hyper attack. I might be able to release either tomorrow or sometime this week if things come up.

After Venom I'll move onto Kang the Conquerer as the sub-boss for my game and then i will just need to complete the Galactus update for his final boss position for the game. The game's full roster should be complete after that. At that point it's just a quick polish of all the stuff that needs to get updated and fixed or changed and then after all that the final and full game will have it's release

This game is almost over and it has taken me near a decade to do but I'm so close to realizing this first dream. When this is done I'll move onto the other projects for their completion. Perhaps I'll start with Pokemon since that's a really fast project and it is also nearly done as well. From there I'll visit dragonball again.

So by next year for sure I will have completed 3 whole full games for mugen. Which means I'll only have 3 full games left to realize my dream of retirement. XD

Also not sure if I'll go through with the 4th full game idea of a star wars return of the jedi sequel based game on the style of Masters of Teras Kasi. I only really care about 3 characters as individual releases rather than having them with an entire roster and in their own fullgame. It's not necessary to make it a full game so i might drop that for sure.

Even though I started late this year I feel as if I accomplished a lot in the short time before it's end. I like that I can make progress at least once a year rather than go missing forever and then suddenly reappear. Too many mugen projects die like that and it's a really hard and sad thing to see something not come to fruition. It's so hard to keep up a pace like this and not lose complete interest. Anyway I hope to release soon so stay tuned ;)

A x ◿
9th November 2017, 03:39
Okay Venom is done!



I don't know if I should release right now since a lot of minor stuff still remains like changing the fxs to match classic mvc.

I'm not even sure I wanna polish anything any more for any of the characters period. I really hate doing all those other smaller details because it's a real hassle. Maybe I'll just release Venom as is and maybe later for the full game release I'll perhaps reconsider giving him an update to match the rest of my fullgame?

I'm gonna take a small break and then after I feel well rested I'm gonna put together the details for release and upload to post about it. Mugen work has dragged on too long and I just can't stand it anymore. The only upside now is I can for some reason do wips relatively faster than i could do in the past for some reason? From just a few months ago I managed to pump out Apocalypse, Wolverine, Spider-man, and now Venom. Maybe it's because most of the work was done for me all ready? Hopefully that won't slow down progress on kang the Conqueror!!!


He's the last one left and after that I release the fullgame. I all ready have a moveset planned out for him to. He's green lit & all set to go! I'm a little excited about doing Kang. He's one of those that hasn't gotten the mugen treatment and a few comic fans out there would love to have a Kang for mugen. So hopefully this will give them something for meanwhile until someone can do a better one LOL XD

A x ◿
9th November 2017, 07:33

Venom 2017 Edit/Add-on Version
(winmugen Only/tested compatible)



4 supers/hypers
6 specials
new palette
new attacks
new animations


Expect infinites and some bugs here and there. All materials are free to the public to use however they like, please don't credit anybody for any of this. Venom belongs to Marvel Comics© and is fan-art in

mugen. No permission required! Do not credit me. Everything I edit is open source to the public. This is absolutely non-profit and is strictly fan art. No commissions were accepted for this fan art. Do not pay

for this in any way or give any kind of donation to me or anyone else in any form or credit anyone except the original copyright holder(s). This is absolutely free and absolutely non-profit. Do not sell mugen or

any of this please. It is illegal to do so. Enjoy!

BTW in case anyone missed it, I encourage others to finish, fix, revamp, replace, this release. No permission or credit is necessary.

Okay well here's that Venom at last. This one was delayed as well for anyone who missed it but the character is basically done well enough. There are some bugs I didn't bother fixing because I'm just too exhausted. I think one is an opponent clone issue that spawns sometimes and somehow? The other issue is an air special web attack that I didn't have time to fully disable. The only other glaring issue besides the ones I just mentioned that I can remember is an a.i. activated chameflouge special that I have no idea how to disable completely from the old Venom. Anyway check this out if you like and see the new stuff in this old Venom as well as my new alterations.

Next work in progress will be Kang The Conqueror. For now I'm gonna take a sshort break but after that I'll get right to work and hopefully I'll be able to finish this before the end of the year! ;)

9th November 2017, 08:03
The Venom comic cover with Spider man reaction is hilarious :megalol:

A x ◿
9th November 2017, 14:55
The Venom comic cover with Spider man reaction is hilarious :megalol:

That's because it's an authentic mugen character with authentic infinites ;)


A x ◿
10th November 2017, 01:07
A new announcement today for all my projects. Since Venom is now released I'v decided to refine and rethink my games. Many of my games will be getting roster cuts in order to make them more feasible releases with better refinement and time dedicated to it all. Some of the roster cuts are also going to be done for other various reasons which i will go to in detail however some cuts may not be permanent for sure as it will depend how the future will go.

First off is DragonballX (working title) in that it will be shorten to the core projects that all ready have progress. The roster will be cut down to 4 characters only. The boss fight and the other missing characters will make an appearance only through the game's story. I didn't want to lose the story elements in many of these games and after studying my previous selections I've decided just to really do the ones I would like to play as most and the ones I personally like the best. Why have extras if I have no intention of playing them. Before I always thought that some characters were must have because of their popularity but then I remembered Vegeta all those years ago being dropped and I thought to myself why even keep the others I won't even play as in the future?

So here is the whole roster for DBX


Most of my games now will be either 4 characters, 8 characters, or 12 characters; by coincidence they are relatively at these numbers for some reason. There are some exceptions such as the pokemon game which obviously far exceeds these numbers by just being pokemon there is an overabundance of characters that just overpopulate any mugen game period.

So the final boss Raichi was taken out and the 2nd part of the story was entirely dropped along with the guest appearance characters such as King Cold Final form, Super Imperfect Cell, Broly, and Raichi's ghost warriors as well as my personal edit of Bardock in other world sporting his battle damaged look from the t.v. special. I really don't feel like picking any of these up even later on so this will probably be it for keeps.

Next fullgame/project is Pokemon.


This game was at a stand still on who the final member of the last update was going to be and that decision was difficult but at long last I decided to pick from the latest generation of Pokemon that the final pokemon would be Mimikyu


So the last roster update will include

Mew (final Boss)

& from the new gens


The next fullgame is Super Smash fighters! The change is only a small one in that MegamanX will be featured instead of Kirby. I personally never liked Kirby and I felt in the original N64 game that his presents was an odd choice along with Captain Falcon and Ness??? I know he is a big title in nintendo and he is even a creative and iconic character but I never felt Kirby to be very fitting and i believe he was only included because he was the invention of the lead smash bros director so of course he was featured heavily in the game but or me I can get along without him. I'm probably gonna drop a lot of the extra hidden roster characters to make it a lighter game and to make it simple. I think I would probably only update Link (Zelda) to have his cape look and maybe redo bomberman with an actual movelist.


Moving on now to Batman and there are a lot dropped!!!!


So basically the ones that stayed were the ones that I all ready have a lot of progress on all ready. Two-face and Robin all ready have a lot done so it wouldn't make much sense to drop them now. As for catwoman I've decided that she was too ahrd to complete and also there isn't much inspiration to take her somewhere new so I've decided to instead sprite swap/edit her current design and mix it in with Scruffy catwoman or Zvitor's? I forget who she was done by for mugen but yeah that one that has hand drawn sprites. I'm gonna rip her off and make her into my own basically with like a simple head swap, palette swap, and perhaps a small sprite edit where needed.

Also there is no guarantee but I may bring 1 of these selections which I dropped for a Boss character selection. I highly doubt it but you never know if I will be able to muster up another one.


As you cans see any of these would make a fine boss. For Penguin I wanted to do like a movie version from batman returns using Danny devito's voice, even! Clayface is an easy overpowered choice. he would be the easyist one to do. For Mr.Freeze I thought I would rip off Unlimited's Mr.Freeze base design using X-men's Cable. I was hesitant to use cable as I felt he wasn't tall enough for Freeze however he could be adjusted to be much taller through various sprite altering methods? Though i proibably won't have any boss but if I can I may chocie one of those 3 to do it.

You might also notice that 2 characters that aren't mine are going to be incorporated to fill the empty roster count. Harley will be added since she is very close to the series design and has an o.k. setup and function. The other is a sprite patch I did for Ivy. I felt she played very well and to me she is the best Ivy i ever played period with a fantastic move-set. I may alter her a bit though since I saw a lesser ivy execute some phenominal supers/hypers and I think that is the only thing missing from this Ivy.

Okay next it's Mortal Kombat After-Realm!!!!


Okay this one has some major cuts. right off the bat Sonya is being dropped as I'm hardly a fan of Female characters. As a fighter I don't beleive she offered much even though I find her design very appealing, she is no longer needed here. Next is Shang Tsung!!! His design was based on the t.v. series Motal Kombat Conquest and he was by far my favorite part of that show and I beleive he was the best Shang Tsung period but he's the least fantastic looking and he doesn't offer anything too great that I would miss so he's been dropped. I'm keeping Shinnok because I believe I can make him something very awesome and I also like his design very much. I alkso would have dropepd sub-zero but he is almost complete so might as well finish him :P In the distant future I may even drop shao kahn as I'm not sure if he would really add much to this MK game but for now he is included to stay...for now!

One huge shocker here in case you missed it that the final boss has been removed O.O LOL LOL LOL
Well he would have been an excellent fighter and design wise he isn't that bad but Belokk just lost my interest entirely and now he's just best left as a story element rather than a final battle. I think he will be mentioned only as the game's ending and only as a still image scene and a generic win screen to be used universally with all the fighters from the final game.

The last and final game is Star wars Mugen (temporary working title). I've decided to drop the main character Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Boba fett. this will more or less be like DBX in that the game will amount to mainly a storyboard reward. So the roster will be only 4 characters.


Only 2 are set design wise but the other 2 characters left have not been completed in concept. The other 2 missing characters will be Dash Rendar from "shadows of the empire" N64 game and Leia "return of the jedi" bounty hunter outfit.


http://static.wixstatic.com/media/b70f4b_50b7d04a85ac440dad20ce862a94973d.png/v1/fill/w_448,h_299,al_c,usm_0.66_1.00_0.01/b70f4b_50b7d04a85ac440dad20ce862a94973d.png https://nerdist.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Boushh-06222015.jpg

I imagine leia will fight like the predator and I always liked Dash over Han Solo and I believe he can be very versatile in combat. All in all though the main part and the best part to will be in my opinion the story. I absolutely hate the prequels and the new movies like the force awakens and the last jedi so I've been itching to tell a proper sequel to return of the jedi. I'm gonna use photoshop magic editing to bring to life a film that never happened but should have in a mugen storyboard that'll blow these million dollar travesties out of the water. So that'll be a real treat for all of us I think?

So that was the announcement and changes which will improve things in my opinion and will also make it easier for me to. So hopefully I will be able to get through all of this now under these new conditions. I'll post new stuff on kang next once i develop something to share with everyone. ;)

Thank you and goodnight!

A x ◿
14th November 2017, 03:49

Well today I got a lot done and soon I'll be able to post progress on Kang The Conqueror! The mobility basics are almost complete. Soon after that I'll try to finish the get-hits and then I'll call it a night. Real soon I'll tackle the basic attacks. I usually do all the standing punches in 1 night and the next day the next set for crouching so I estimate that will all take around 2 weeks to get done assuming I'll get the typical interruptions or lack of being well rested.

I estimate after all that and then tackling the hard stuff later on I should have something ready for a final version by the end of December. If all goes well by then, then I'll be able to release the fullgame roughly by new years!!!


So now I'll share my plans for Kang. keep in mind he's gonna be a sub-boss so he's going to be rather difficult and very cheap. His attacks will be unfair and overpowered as well as fast in execution so be careful!!!!

Now for my specials outline for what's to come.

Kang's specials will be the following...

*a shotgun-like plasma shot(s). The attack will appear like a medium large beam of sheer force, I'm thinking white in color and shooting consecutively for 3 fast shots total.

*The cordless yo-yo like device that floats away from kang's hand and then returns to the same hand after it strikes. It may explode on contact...?

*sonic amplifier from a gun like device that shoots small sound waves that gradually turn gigantic as they travel through the air waves for push back damage. x8-hits total.

*Energy machine gun is a very small (no barrel) like oozy device that fires x20 rounds in lightning like speed with little push-back and no fall. Burning fxs somewhere???

*Blue phantom skip will act like a dash attack that constantly hits upon body contact. Kang will appear to only move slightly but will have traveled far w/afterimage fxs.
temporarily invincible and free to pass through opponent's phsical bodies. smoke on victim fxs?

*energy dome repulsion will have kang activate a field around him that will grow outward to drop and push back & away an enemy.

*energy projector and viewer will be like a handheld device that kang will activate which will spawn random geysers of energy throughout a stage path.

*frequency blade is just that, a blade made of a vibrating energy capable of cutting through incredible tough solids. It starts low and then reaches up high w/dash and is held as a nightstick.

Now for Kang's super/hyper. Only 1 and level 3 super/hyper.

*Kang regenerates health based on opponent's power meter while draining it away.

So that's all I have planned for kang. I was thinking of adding a character/stage hazard where there will be floating orbs throughout the stage path in various locations. If the opponent makes contact he will take damage just to make the fight more difficult. Though i might scrap that idea because I feel that may push Kang over the edge of being a sub-boss and that that will make him more of a boss rather than a sub-boss??? I have only 1 super/hyper because the concept on its own is very unfair as it can potentially bring kang back to full health if you're not persistent enough to defeat him. Also the special attacks are all on the level of supers/hypers since they'll do considerably more damage than normal and will act as overwhelmingly devastating supers/hypers even though they'll be specials it'll be tough to weather that level of damage.

I would like to test this once he's finished against scruffy's Ultron, another sub-boss character created for mugen for marvel themed mugen fights. Not to see whose best or anything like that but just to enjoy the deadly dance of two overwhelmingly powerful evil doers fighting to the death. XD It'll be like watching Thanos Vs Darkseid again or superman vs Doonsday!

A x ◿
14th November 2017, 06:31
Okay sorry I couldn't do the get hits. Seems I ran out of time unfortunately but at least I was able to get the other basics done.





turn 1 & 2

https://i.imgur.com/gO9Ccwo.gif https://i.imgur.com/HJCnnLP.gif





So that's all I have for now. Not a bad start and the bases weren't too bad to combine though resources are limited because of cape and flying model limitations so certain things had to be compromised in order to get them to work fairly well enough. Though I love to find that some parts were just mean't to be joined together successfully, it's almost as if Capcom anticipated frankenspriting and was sorta setting it up to give you a hand at it :P

Though that's not true at all but the way some pieces fit together you have that impression XD

In case anyone was wondering, I'm using Magneto, Dr.Doom, and Bishop a.k.a. Colossus in mugen with sprite edits :P I felt using Bishop would be easier since those sprites are a little more cleaned up for me so it made the job easier. Also the base has unique configurations since it is all ready modded into a different character so now I have double the resources for feet movement. I really loving the way the base is combining together since it gives the fighter a nice height and weight advantage. Obviously it's not that accurate to the Marvel versions but acceptations had to be made in order to get a fairly accurate base. Though I always prefer a bulkier look as oppose to a skinny chump and Marvel has in the past done strange things to their characters such as making spider-man a very young teenager or even changing his body build and even race O.o Not to mention Nick Fury :P

So this Kang is bulkier and for his design it is custom for mugen however it is based on various kang designs but combined together so this explains why he's a little different than what you're use to.

Eventually I'm gonna start looking for a voice resource. I hope there are rips out there all ready of a decent voice actor who can give me the lines I need. If not I'm gonna have to get creative and find a voice from a non-Kang voice actor. Hopefully I don't use Disney's Jafar as Kang's voice :P


Well that's all I have so until next time I'll hopefully have something new to post. ;)

A x ◿
15th November 2017, 08:38
Okay the missing stuff as follows


https://i.imgur.com/6UB9O0o.gif https://i.imgur.com/8yUFi0R.gif https://i.imgur.com/2HH4Kxg.gif


https://i.imgur.com/zUtMPP4.gif https://i.imgur.com/HiJWvgZ.gif

falling down and forward


Okay that's everything for that category. Now I'll move onto the basic attacks. Hopefully i can share something tomorrow. After the basics attack will come the special attacks and then the supers/hypers/finishers.

A x ◿
18th November 2017, 01:48
The basic attacks are forming up. So far I have the punches fleshed out. The base makes it very difficult to get clear animations but somehow I'm managing it. Unfortunately i had to throw some animations out but I've come up with an idea on how to turn 1 attack into 3. It's basically gonna be a hybrid punch and special attack. I've been thinking about using future-esc technology for Kang such as ionic energy, magnetism, photon, electrical energies...,etc. So for the current punches I've been thinking of adding a projectile effect using ionic energy to push an energy fist as if to extend Kang's punch to a limitless length!

I hardly know anything on Kang though so I think I'm gonna have to do just a little more research to make sure he's getting the right attacks done. Though my impression of him and what I know of him is that he's from the future so he has super advanced technology. Just every mad-scientist cliche you can think of like a lightning ball, shrinking, growing gigantic, lasers, camouflage technology, rockets, flying, and all that stuff plus high-tech guns.

A x ◿
18th November 2017, 09:20
It's been a while since I did a full character spritesheet though it's coming along rather quickly so I'm not that exhausted as i normally would be when tackling a task like this one again.

I managed to the first 3 basic standing punches that will act as projectiles as well to have an amazing reach advantage.

https://i.imgur.com/T2f7wbC.gif https://i.imgur.com/LFgSWsV.gif https://i.imgur.com/dajq7sV.gif

So each punch will have something flying out of his hand in a unique path and direction. When it hits it acts like a normal punch but it can be done rapidly and it is quick at the same time to. Hopefully i can get these actions to combo together to really sell them as normal punches.

Next are some specials I sorta had left over though they may not be specials entirely in the end as i haven't really decided what they will do and where they will be placed in?

https://i.imgur.com/fWCcRKa.gif https://i.imgur.com/d3b5onP.gif https://i.imgur.com/sJZXomz.gif https://i.imgur.com/d63w86y.gif

None of this is coded yet but it's in the build. Before I start the rest of the animations like the kicks set I would like to do an extensive search for a proper voice for Kang The Conqueror. One idea I had was to use Alan Rickman since his face sorta gave me the Kang impression??? Perhaps I can mechanize it and/or make it a deeper pitch?


If anyone has better ideas please don't keep them to yourself. Let me know!

A x ◿
22nd November 2017, 07:25
Finally finished the kicks for standing, crouching, and jumping.

https://i.imgur.com/QnS9P2n.gif https://i.imgur.com/dfoBSru.gif https://i.imgur.com/xgRZOSq.gif

https://i.imgur.com/bkFajq6.gif https://i.imgur.com/8ktQa9u.gif https://i.imgur.com/ZWhJNta.gif

https://i.imgur.com/NJEcZaK.gif https://i.imgur.com/DTClPum.gif https://i.imgur.com/JsfNEpY.gif

Now that those are done I just have to compile the remaining animations and turn them to more basics or new specials. After that I'll import all this stuff and have it coded in. Then I'm gonna add the voice and sound fxs and then probably do more coding fixes here and there to change it from the base edit into its own thing.

Speaking of the voice, I have chosen Kang's actor to portray his speech. I found something with a good ring. I may try and edit it to make it unique from its source but I'll most likely just use it as is. Voice editing usually doesn't work too well for voice sounds.

A x ◿
24th November 2017, 00:21
Here are the remaining animations. They can possibly be supers/hypers or specials or basic attacks. The spriting and animations seem to be finished more or less. All that is left is to code and add the sounds and then it's ready for a release.


After Kang is finished I'll goi back to Galactus to complete him, just some minor coding and then the rest of the game will undergo some fixes and changes to make it more of a fullgame with slight tweaks and balances and shared content.

I hope I can release the full game by New Years. If not that than for sure early January but I'm gonna try for the beginning of 2018!!!!

After all that i'll move onto one of my other full games. Most likely pokemon sionce it'll be the quickist to complete and finalize and then after that my best project, dragonBallX, which will be small but outstanding for sure.


A x ◿
25th November 2017, 08:39
I somehow missed some basic attacks so i went back and threw some stuff together out of pre-existing sprites so here is the missing stuff.



Lately I just have been enjoying my work and watching winmugen matches. So not much activity from me for a while. Also my schedule is looking busy so this may take longer...

A x ◿
27th November 2017, 20:44
I coded all the punches in so now Kang's punches are all projectiles to with variations between them. Looking back at the walk I might redo that using Dr.Doom base only or maybe with slight edits? I'm eager to put the sounds in now and edit the extra codes to.

https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/marveldatabase/images/7/76/Nathaniel_Richards_reinvents_himself_as_Kang_the_C onqueror_from_Avengers_Vol_1_269.jpg

A x ◿
30th November 2017, 05:49
Okay the sounds are done and voice work to. Also 4 special attacks are now coded and working.


I only have 4 more moves left and he's ready for release. All of December is going to be Galactus and the fullgame! The goal is almost complete!!!!!

The following moves are complete and illustrated above as listed before.

*frequency blade
*Blue phantom skip
*sonic amplifier
*a shotgun-like plasma shot(s).

The following remain to be created.

*The cordless yo-yo
*Energy machine gun
*energy dome repulsion
*energy projector and viewer

A x ◿
3rd December 2017, 21:25
Okay Kang now has everything done but he needs some tweaks. The WIP took a lot longer than I thought. Everything may be delayed...

A x ◿
5th December 2017, 22:48
Okay i have some terrible news, well for me... I just reviewed my game and outlined all the stuff I need to do before a fullgame release and I discovered to fix and update all sorts of things that the game will take a lot longer to complete so unfortunately this fullgame release will be postponed. I estimate.. Possibly for several months...


I'll likely not be posting anything new in a long while though the upside though will be like getting a new game build different from the early prototypes. Some characters are gonna get new attacks, fixes, upgrades. Some new stages to. Updated screenpack. Updated intro & new prologue.

I'm not trying to make a highly polished mugen game with balances and fixes but rather this is just for personal taste and satisfaction. I don't care about meeting other people's expectations or impressing a bunch of **** snobs/critics or whatever. It's just that when I decide to play this for fun and I'll see things i wanted differently that it would feel like unfinished business, personally. So that's why I can't release just yet...I want to complete this game to the point, for me personally, that I can just play without thinking something needs to be tweaked or changed.

So until then this is a sort of sabbatical from mugenarchive work. I'll still check in and post in other topics from time to time but I won't be constantly updating this thread with new progress. I WILL be working on the fullgame however until it is done but only in private as there is too much to do and not enough time and energy to preview the public thread.

Hopefully my next post(s) in the future will be the fullgame release. Anyway, thanks for checking out my games ;) :very_good: See ya later in the thread! :spidey:

A x ◿
23rd March 2018, 21:08
Hello Archive! Long time no see!

Some news today about the marvel project is that it is almost complete! There are a lot of new stages, several new characters with the last character nearing completion. The screenpack has been revamped as well and the game has become a lot larger. I estimate everything is around 90%. All that remains are some character portraits and the game's intro/ending cutscenes. Hopefully the release will be here soon! The roster is expanded to include guest characters/special fights which I estimate is roughly double the matches in total. The release will probably include the expanded roster as hidden selectables so it'll be more mugen than arcade.

https://imagesvc.timeincapp.com/v3/mm/image?url=https%3A%2F%2Fewedit.files.wordpress.com %2F2015%2F04%2Fmighty-avengers.jpg

Coming Soon!

16th April 2018, 19:40
I like it all!!

17th April 2018, 11:55
Can you convert Decidueye from Pokémon & Takamaru from The Mysterious Murasame Castle into MUGEN Characters please?

A x ◿
17th April 2018, 21:46
Can you convert Decidueye from Pokémon & Takamaru from The Mysterious Murasame Castle into MUGEN Characters please?

I'll take it into consideration! I'll have to check out the pokemon first and see if it's a good choice.

Also, sorry everyone for keeping you waiting still, I'm currently helping out a friend with his project and I just got burned out pretty good so i'm on a little break until I can come back and finishing everything for everyone. Be back soon ;)

18th April 2018, 07:45
...Man, i would love to see an Crono for mugen (not those chibis)
your art is so great!

18th April 2018, 13:02
I'll take it into consideration! I'll have to check out the pokemon first and see if it's a good choice.

Also, sorry everyone for keeping you waiting still, I'm currently helping out a friend with his project and I just got burned out pretty good so i'm on a little break until I can come back and finishing everything for everyone. Be back soon ;)

Ok. Trust me, it's a really great choice for a Pokémon.

20th April 2018, 04:19
hey ax did u ever download my mysterio with magnetos base and for ur green goblin did u want to try my idea with a standing not on glider un less u double jump like tops silver surfer

and have it more of a helper if ur like me i know green use a glider but he can fight to on the ground and then from that i can make a hobgoblin cause the one we have now is not

appealing to me if u like any i ideas i can send u my thoughts for green i have a base for his walk and for his fighting i been trying to recreate the way he fought in the first movie

since thats the only time i have seen him fight off his glider but i think he would use his lightning blast from his fingers

20th April 2018, 18:17
I have a request for a game. It could be a MUGEN video game crossover, with normal MUGEN controls, but a new HUD, options to have up to 14 simultaneous fighters and up to 8 members of a team in team arcade.

21st April 2018, 04:27

- - - Updated - - -

very cool and i like this:shock_jaw_drop:

22nd April 2018, 23:41
Keep Up The good work man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

23rd April 2018, 00:30
Noice sprites! :very_good:

23rd April 2018, 06:18
this is super neat! great spritework!

A x ◿
23rd April 2018, 19:03
hey ax did u ever download my mysterio with magnetos base and for ur green goblin did u want to try my idea with a standing not on glider un less u double jump like tops silver surfer

and have it more of a helper if ur like me i know green use a glider but he can fight to on the ground and then from that i can make a hobgoblin cause the one we have now is not

appealing to me if u like any i ideas i can send u my thoughts for green i have a base for his walk and for his fighting i been trying to recreate the way he fought in the first movie

since thats the only time i have seen him fight off his glider but i think he would use his lightning blast from his fingers

I may jump back on spider-man after all of this. You have really good ideas for goblin. I like it very much. I personally think there could be a better one in mugen to. Currently I'm swamped and I just got swept in a bunch of other stuff so now I am completely busy with other non-mugen related matters :S

Hopefully I'll get back in on all of this and I'll see what i can do for all of you. Thank you all for your ideas to. It never hurts to put in a request. You never know if it makes for a great project!

Also I don't think I've tried mysterio but right now I jsut don't have time at all for nothing.

23rd April 2018, 20:53
I like it all!!

24th April 2018, 01:54
Loving the sprites...!

24th April 2018, 15:54
Keep up the good work!

24th April 2018, 20:06
Wow! I am looking forward to using more new characters! Thanks!

24th April 2018, 20:50
Woah. Awesome job there, man. Can't wait to see these games!

25th April 2018, 02:24
Well if u do start pm me and we can work to make the best we can or get at least a beta

25th April 2018, 03:10
No bowser jr????????

- - - Updated - - -


25th April 2018, 03:27
oh hell yea

25th April 2018, 03:55
Really great looking stuff here! A lot of these sprites look superb.

25th April 2018, 11:51
Donkey Kong look awesome !!

25th April 2018, 21:42
That's quite a good green and purple sprite

26th April 2018, 04:24
Can't wait bro

26th April 2018, 04:33
you should add shadow the hedgehog to go along with sonic or maybe tails too!!

26th April 2018, 05:18

28th April 2018, 19:49
:drunkfriends: ...))))

4th May 2018, 01:39
I'm very excited for the Pokemon game! Pokemon are a bit difficult to fit in with other characters in my MUGEN game that I've put together, since they're usually shorter than other characters, so a game of just Pokemon sounds great!

4th May 2018, 01:42
The sprites are very good Good job :wavetowel:

A x ◿
6th May 2018, 01:20
Thanks guys. I'm hoping to put in a lot of time today on all my projects to get them finished for you.

The pokemon game is all ready large for it's original release but it's going to get an expansion of significant size. I hope to implement the random trainer comments to simulate modern rpg gaming background banter and the anime feel of the pokemon world! Also these pokemon aren't really small, they are enlarged to be more MvC size. Some even had graphic enhancements with additional colors and details. This also means that they are inaccurate to the pokedex entries but are more based on the anime incarnations where they can vary greatly from small to huge versions. I scaled them to what I wanted them to be in terms of size so charizard is no longer the size of ash ketchum but rather a decent sized Barney.

The marvel game itself is the most impressive in my opinion. It has a ton of work in it paying great attention to visual stimulation. It outshines the previous design and the initial roster is doubled if I haven't mentioned that before. I have 2 characters that are almost complete but have not been previewed here. I may create 1-2 more in addition to give a total of 4 brand new never before seen characters in this mugen fullgame project! No one knows who these characters are but they are pretty popular in the comics and they are all villains! A bunch of which are on wish lists across the comic based mugen forums that frequently request these selections. There are also various music cues from the films/cartoons to give it more power when performing supers/hypers.

As for the nintendo characters, a few of them I'd like to go back and update or rework. Fox McCloud could use more basics such as a real walk animation and run. I didn't want to make him a smash bros port but rather an original fighter type character based on his games rather than smash bros. I'd like to fix mario up to and refine his movelist without cramming everything from his games in areas that don't fit well. Also his supers/hypers could be expanded. Link needs his cape update and a proper intro and victory. Other than that he is pretty complete but if I discover something neat to add I may include it in.

As for Goku, the update is still going on. I'm gonna add a run forward and run back animation along with the current ones. The dashing will work by double taps but the new running will work by holding the directional button longer than normal so the walk animation still works and plays as normal but then changes into run if it is held slightly longer. This may be a first original programming design in dbz mugen characters so hopefully it'll work. I already have an excellent base for the run animation. I may even expand this concept into more modified moves/attacks. Perhaps increasing a beam size by holding a command button as it's being used?

Samus from Metroid is still incomplete though I'm happy where she is at, it can be completed.

Same for MegaX from Mega man X. Amazingly they are at the same level of completion but are not there.

I would also like to add more dimension to pacman. Expand him more without giving him arms and legs. I think I can creatively make him do more with new ideas and twists on the original arcade concepts. I may even add an extra shade to make it more 3 dimensional as well. I never liked the modern version so I think the current wip is going somewhere.

Sol Badguy
6th May 2018, 09:05
like it all :dirol:

23rd May 2018, 22:37
That MORTAL KOMBAT AFTER-REALM GAME looks siiick! They look like they're from the movie! (Well, some. Lol)

Amazing work, overall!

A x ◿
23rd May 2018, 23:32
That MORTAL KOMBAT AFTER-REALM GAME looks siiick! They look like they're from the movie! (Well, some. Lol)

Amazing work, overall!

Inspiration for this game came from many sources. You'll notice N64 Mortal Kombat, TV series, other games, and more. Johnny Cage and Sub-Zero have a lot of progress on them. They just need to be programmed and a few moves finished. I'm holding that project to the side until I can get the other 3 done first.



I also had other characters that I unfortunately had to drop that you might find of interest.


Recently, going back a page or two, I had to drop more characters but who knows what might come back again. One fullgame is hard enough work as it is and it's too much to continue with even more characters, hence why I needed to drop a couple from each game. I've put too much time into mugen that I want to drastically reduce it to almost nothing in the future, maybe even retire if I can leave the addiction. Unfortunately for me, I am addicted! And I also can't leave what I started, some of it anyway, that took too much time of my life for it not to be completed now. So that is why I have stayed as long as I have so far with the hobby.

One day I'd like to just play mugen just for fun without creating something for it to....

24th May 2018, 01:22
Inspiration for this game came from many sources. You'll notice N64 Mortal Kombat, TV series, other games, and more. Johnny Cage and Sub-Zero have a lot of progress on them. They just need to be programmed and a few moves finished. I'm holding that project to the side until I can get the other 3 done first.


One day I'd like to just play mugen just for fun without creating something for it to....

Amazing work. I understand your concern there, and I agree - being a creator is a hard job. I got excited when I saw Sonya, Johnny Cage, and Scorpion - I've been looking for MK characters based on the designs from the films for ages!

But I digress - just seeing them edited in the MK style is enough for me, and I congratulate you for having an amazing eye for editing in those details. I've tried - it's not easy.

Thank you for your work!

A x ◿
24th May 2018, 03:14
Thank you for saying so. I also prefered the movie incarnations as opposed to the classic arcade designs which got old after so many years. I may pick them up just to bring them alive, just for you, if you want them that badly. I know i wanted them that bad before once to.

Also, yes, it is a hard job and very unpleasant. I can see why some creators think they at least deserve some recognition but I still think it goes to their heads when they think they deserve and demand it the way they do and then how they think they can control others because of it as if they are better than the rest of us to :P

I'll try and push myself to get you Sonya when I finally come back to Mortal Kombat.

From what i remember about her WIP is that it was very difficult to come up with a useful and original moveset for her specials. I think that's why I gave up on her and also the fact that she wasn't very exotic, unlike the rest of the roster which were very strong characters visually.


I just might have to give her S.W.A.T. styled attacks just because there isn't much else to work with her so she might have a shotgun special. Maybe I'll add some C-4 to :P


Right now I'm working on finishing a new Marvel villain. His moveset is almost complete. After that i'm gonna go back and add the final touches on the entire game like portrait fixes, screenpack fxs, various character fixes, additions, and alterations.

I'm even gonna expand Magneto's moveset like I did with Wolverine and spiderman!!!! Also adding music ques from the X-men films/video games for enhanced supers/hypers!


So look forward to that!

I may also add a few more bits to shuma-gorath. There are easy additions to expand that character as well using it's unique anatomy and perhaps even it's sorcery!


25th May 2018, 21:19
*sees notification*
"Holy crap, this looks amazing. Hope this comes as good as it looks."

25th May 2018, 23:01
ya dejen descargar plis

26th May 2018, 03:09
Thank you for saying so. I also prefered the movie incarnations as opposed to the classic arcade designs which got old after so many years. I may pick them up just to bring them alive, just for you, if you want them that badly. I know i wanted them that bad before once to.

Also, yes, it is a hard job and very unpleasant. I can see why some creators think they at least deserve some recognition but I still think it goes to their heads when they think they deserve and demand it the way they do and then how they think they can control others because of it as if they are better than the rest of us to :P

I'll try and push myself to get you Sonya when I finally come back to Mortal Kombat.

From what i remember about her WIP is that it was very difficult to come up with a useful and original moveset for her specials. I think that's why I gave up on her and also the fact that she wasn't very exotic, unlike the rest of the roster which were very strong characters visually.

That's noble of you. It isn't necessary, but thank you for offering. I believe one's best work comes from something they have a passion for, and I can see that your focus is on some bigger, more amazing project pieces. Trust me, I know how "hardcore" some people are, and they just push and push until you don't even want to touch your project anymore...so agree on the authors - some of them are veeery troublesome. lol

Sonya is a bit difficult since you have her later incarnations being more acrobatic and keen on using extra weaponry, and people kind of expect that from her. However, I think at this point, if you were to go on with her, her movie version would make her stand out since every other Sonya out there has been based on her MK3 appearance and moveset. Do you let others program your sprite sheets or do you like doing everything yourself? I thin kthe MK characters would work best as collaborations, since the MK sMugen scene seems to be gearing more towards projects like MKP 4.1.

Right now I'm working on finishing a new Marvel villain. His moveset is almost complete. After that i'm gonna go back and add the final touches on the entire game like portrait fixes, screenpack fxs, various character fixes, additions, and alterations.

I'm even gonna expand Magneto's moveset like I did with Wolverine and spiderman!!!! Also adding music ques from the X-men films/video games for enhanced supers/hypers!

So look forward to that!

I may also add a few more bits to shuma-gorath. There are easy additions to expand that character as well using it's unique anatomy and perhaps even it's sorcery!

Villain Magneto?Customized? Sounds interesting. I'm interested! But...

Shuma! I love that character. So much room for creativity with his attacks. He's very fun to use and even more interesting to work on.I'll definitely be looking forward on that one!

A x ◿
26th May 2018, 07:02
The sprite edits I have are open to the public, no permission or credit required. Anyone can program my sprites to do whatever they want.Though hardly anyone wants to, there are a few out there that have all ready. I usually ahve to program my own stuff and my coding skills are notoriously bad, unfortunately. I code and sprite because no one wants to do it for me so whatever I produced is the result of all of that.

Also i've allready offered my mk characters to the mkp crowd numerous times in the past but they all prefer the mk3 styled stuff.

Magneto and shuma gorath are both now set for their expanded movesets. I've finished brainstorming brand new attacks and I ahve them all ready mapped out on notebook paper! I just have to sprite and code it and it's ready for mugen ;)

I've also just completed the graphics for the current marvel villain I had been working on for the last couple of months. He just needs his specials and super/hypers coded ONLY and he's complete.

I've also mapped out the last 2 brand new remaining characters for the marvel game! The first one will be a bonus battle, very limited but he'll totally make sense and be a worthy opponent nonetheless. I'm gonna put him mid-game as a surprise! The other character i have mapped out may or may not be included in the roster's playthrough. I'm thinking of making him a mugen prize of sorts. It's gonna be a boss type character similar but also different from Galactus. The character I'm gonna do is arguably the most powerful marvel character! I tried in the past to sprite his concept base and failed at it though I'm willing to give it another try!

I'll try and start the expansions + the last 2 new add-on characters This June.

26th May 2018, 11:57
I really appreciate new features in EB Styles, i'm so exiceted to see the final results.

26th May 2018, 19:22
Great WIPS.

26th May 2018, 19:29
your my effing hero those dbz characters are gorgeous

A x ◿
26th May 2018, 19:44
I really appreciate new features in EB Styles, i'm so exiceted to see the final results.

DragonBall is a very unique fighter type. It has so many aspects such as charging up, flying, various projectile attcks, and transformations into alternate levels of gameplay.

The Goku I have is very exceptional (not to toot my own horn) in that it has all of this and yet it's very unique from so many of it's contemporary's. It's loaded with the early funimation rips and uses unique twist ideas on some of the well known configurations that folks out there are familiar with and it also shares a lot of other elements from many other great Goku renditions for mugen. Lots of little touches that all add up to sheer awesome DragonBallZ-ness.

I can't stress enough of how anxious I am to get my Namek done. If you thought Piccolo was the best, then you have no idea what I have in store!


27th May 2018, 17:11
The sprite edits I have are open to the public, no permission or credit required. Anyone can program my sprites to do whatever they want.Though hardly anyone wants to, there are a few out there that have all ready. I usually ahve to program my own stuff and my coding skills are notoriously bad, unfortunately. I code and sprite because no one wants to do it for me so whatever I produced is the result of all of that.

Also i've allready offered my mk characters to the mkp crowd numerous times in the past but they all prefer the mk3 styled stuff.

Interesting. The sway I see it, As long as they get out, someone who likes them, can probably fix any mistakes. But that sucks about the MKP thing. MKA and guisantos seem to be the only ones I see trying new things, but they're more about their own fullgames than unique characters...

Magneto and shuma gorath are both now set for their expanded movesets. I've finished brainstorming brand new attacks and I ahve them all ready mapped out on notebook paper! I just have to sprite and code it and it's ready for mugen ;)

I've also just completed the graphics for the current marvel villain I had been working on for the last couple of months. He just needs his specials and super/hypers coded ONLY and he's complete.

Sounds like a plan! Would that villain be Apocalypse? I saw your progress on it a few pages back. If not, I'm interested, since it sounds like this is more your thing!

I've also mapped out the last 2 brand new remaining characters for the marvel game! The first one will be a bonus battle, very limited but he'll totally make sense and be a worthy opponent nonetheless. I'm gonna put him mid-game as a surprise! The other character i have mapped out may or may not be included in the roster's playthrough. I'm thinking of making him a mugen prize of sorts. It's gonna be a boss type character similar but also different from Galactus. The character I'm gonna do is arguably the most powerful marvel character! I tried in the past to sprite his concept base and failed at it though I'm willing to give it another try!

I'll try and start the expansions + the last 2 new add-on characters This June.

Good luck! Huge characters make for awesome bosses when done properly.

A x ◿
28th May 2018, 05:15
Well actually I don't know why I'm hiding the identity seeing as how a couple pages back I all ready mentioned it :P

No it's not Apocalypse, he was also all ready released (apocalypse that is). I may change a few things with him though and might add 1 more thing for this fullgame release.

No, the character I'm very close to finishing is Klaw! Nemesis of Black Panther in the comics apparently.


I'm kicking myself for not having used Urien from street fighter III third strike as a base for that character :P

And I might as well spoil the other characters as well :D Surprises and prizes are lame now that i think about it...

Next one is Korvac!!!


He's going to be my bonus fight between all the fights and he's gonna be limited in functionality. I might have him spam a teleport and projectile with maybe stage hazards and 1 reaction when getting hit with like an explosive death akin to megamanX bosses?!

The last one will be The Beyonder!!!!

http://static3.comicvine.com/uploads/square_small/11112/111122896/5320680-the_beyonder_vs_marvel_omniverse_by_beyondergod-d9f2liu.png https://www.quirkybyte.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/The-Beyonder.jpeg

Said to be the most powerful entity in Marvel comics period!

I have planned for him six over powered moves, all with free mobility and range. Boss level power with an invincible persona, very similar to Orochi from SNK!!! I'ma try to super polish the graphics to if possible to bring out a deep shine like no other. It's something I tried before on an old silver surfer like surface on a character called MB-01 or 02 back when I first started mugen. I may even give him coded cheats such as an automatic opponent health drain over time, something reasonable though where he's still beatable but at the same time horrifically odd stacking against you.

Also the other character I kept secret that is all ready finished a long time ago is DareDevil. He was done right after Kang The Conqueror. I know there are few out there and a few others being worked on by other people that look like really good improvements but I had my eye on a very simplistic but lovely design by another creator which I took and made an entire character out of.


In the past i did an edit of Team Spoilers Daredevil and ever since then I wanted to do my own version but the opportunity never happened until recently where I just so happen to need another marvel character. I personally enjoy playing him on occasions.

Also, YES, I do play my Marvel game, I play it a lot XD

Not just to test but just to enjoy the challenge and all the hero goodness. When I finish the game I would like to do a villains run just to see how they fight against the entire roster! I'm so addicted to this....

So in total there are going to be 5 whole new characters when this full game releases as well as the new screenpack and stages plus the entire roster updated with more stuff. This game is 10 years old! & Almost finished! So looking forward to this :)

A x ◿
1st June 2018, 16:58
The character Klaw is now complete! He runs well and is a weak opponent unfortunately but he has some fun attacks outside of A.I. gameplay.


Currently I'm working on the Beyonder wip. I found an excellent base combo but I am still hammering out the final design and details.


Looking at the character Korvac, I think Sagat from streetfighter may be the perfect base to for that character so I'm going to try that design out.


A x ◿
3rd June 2018, 10:37
Okay i just finished the design for The Beyonder!!!

I'ma work on the sprite set soon. His design is kinda nice. He's big and imposing, very large in fact, probably bigger than Kang and maybe as tall as the Hulk! The color is very 1-dimensional :P sorta. He's a shiny blue and black with deep darks and very bright brights. I was kinda thinking of doing Korvac first though and I don't have his design yet except for the sagat concept idea.

Beyonder's design, much like Klaw's design, is a mixture of multimedia appearances mixed together That i personally like better. So this mugen appearance isn't canonical like much of the marvel villains/heroes in this game but they are recognizable and are fair designs in my opinion.

Now that Beyonder's in the game, this sorta almost became this lame story now :P

Beyonder took about 3 days to design and i'm kinda burned out right now though I don't want to halt progress so I may work on other parts of the game. I'm really hoping after these two small character add-ons will be the last to be added to the roster. I've all ready surpassed my set goals a few times all ready. I really want to end this project. It's running on 10 years now, maybe trying to go for 11 O.O I really don't want to go for a Christmas release but seeing everything on my plate as far as this single project it seems it's maybe gonna be that long but again I'm trying my hardest to get it done as soon as possible. I like to quit this July but I have serious doubts...

In other news I have mostly all the character portraits finished. The game really feels almost like a game now. Obviously I don't have it in me to drive everything to that point but for what i do have going for it, everything is fitting well. Also everything isn't going to be an HD polish, in fact many things are sorta rough and mixed looking but I personally like it enough. QUality isn't very a concern for me though one thing I do have going for the project is that it is very unique from the usual packaged stuff you get out here.

This game will not be your usual mugen dc vs marvel-ish screenpacks with various characters thrown in with no rhyme or reason or exceeding the capacity of what a fullgame should be at realistically with nothing new in anything.

No, this game will be a lot of new things done very differently and will stand on its own whether you love it or hate it. I guess I'm happy to have done it after all regardless of all the hardships I had to put myself through to get it to where it is now.

Passions like mugen are sickening to say the least but I'm just hopelessly addicted...

A x ◿
5th June 2018, 05:34
More news today on the projects. The Beyonder is being made. Right now I am doing his free movement sprites. He's a floating character that can go in any direction and can do that all the time. I wanna make him completely unhittable and reaction-less fighter, even able to pass right through a fighter!

How will he be hittable/defeatable you ask? Well I got an idea. He is the creator of the cosmic cube(s) from what I remember a long time ago when I first read up on him and I'm thinking, make that his weakness!!!

So the character is gonna be a flying phantom like creature that can cause damage but his life drain will come from attacking a separate floating cube; about the size of his hand....

Now that's a challenge!!!

As for the cube's behavior, I was thinking of this-


At the beginning of the video, you saw this


The smash ball!!!

So maybe after each hit it takes, it will bounce away, making it that much harder to get again. On top of that you will be fighting the Beyonder as you try to survive his assault!

I'm not sure if I'll be able to code this but I'll give it a shot. If anyone knows a mugen character that does this basically, please let me know so I can get some insight here. Also I just verified, the beyonder is indeed bigger than every character. Very imposing. I'm glad he's gonna be an addition to my game considering we all ready had Galactus before and pretty much know what to expect. This also makes for a true final boss feel as he'll be unique from the rest of the roster entirely and again will be a new element unlike Galactus, which is an old element in the game. The Beyonder is the perfect cap for a 10 year old videogame :D

Also in DBX news, I've decidedd to give my Goku 1 more super/hyper attack. Call it the grand finale!!!

Some of you may or may not know that I personally detest DragonBall Super. I think it's unnecessary, much like everything else after the Frieza saga but even more so just because it's done 100X worse than DragonBall GT...

Having said that I was inspired by an element in DBS#!*... I mean Super :P

I'm talking about this,

https://img00.deviantart.net/e18e/i/2017/283/3/1/dbs___migatte_no_gokui_4k_wallpaper_ultra_instinct _by_thesyanart-dbq2w85.jpg

Ordinarily I hate everything about the new power plateaus but this just brought back the Frieza saga for me as it obviously looks and feels very close to the original super saiyan goku.

So here's what I envisioned.

Goku reverts to his normal form in a hunched stance looking to the floor, possibly totally quiet to build suspense and raises his sights on the opponent like an ape rage of sorts, similar to Ultra Instinct Goku, but not at all for goodness sake :P

It then turns into Goku turning feral and he Bulks up slightly and has ravenous features like a mad dog. So a lot of drool, soulless eyes, heavy sweating like blood and a tremendous battle cry! He charges at the opponent at tremendous speed as his out cry transforms into a deep monsterous roar and right before contact, everything goes black.

Sorta like Akuma/Gouki....HOWEVER, I won't just end it like that,, showing nothing going on like that sorry excuse for a street fighter, no, Goku will reappear along with the opponent at point blank range, almost transparent and pulsing in a vibrational manner fxs and he will in slow motion make an animal like claw grab/slash at the opponent's heart/core/chest with a slightly over sized hand just to make it look like a proper claw slash but in slow motion to take the whole moment in. All of this with a black BG going on. As he closes the grip/claw the scene fades in with a slow flash and epic sounds fxs for the entire process. The opponent becomes an animation where a silhouette figure fades away while the ground lifts away and breaks apart, wind pushing through everything, energy consuming everything but not before first losing its limbs and then ending with the rest of what's left turning into a forced dust shot into the wind for a complete disintegration and then the scene returns to normal, or does it?!

After it fades back everything trembles with no one in sight, a sonic boom is heard from where the attack occurred with a slight delay for dramatic affect and earthquakings fxs, lightning, thunder, and then ending with rain occurring for the aftermath. Then a fade away with a distant echo heard of goku crying out, maybe even insane?

The idea is make Goku, Mystic Goku. He drank the mystic water in the early dragonball episodes, maybe he unleashes that power's hidden power which may explain his unknown ability's destructive force. Also perhaps his OZaru mentality took over his consciousness, maybe that in itself unlocked the mayhem he does? I'll leave the move a mystery in the read me XD

The move itself is like a grim reaper slash, an instant eraser to the living soul. Complete overkill that disintegrates. Very unique and non-canonical obviously, but new!

This move will be an instant kill, I may create restrictions to limit it's use to show some kind of combat so it isn't entirely cheap but it will be a nice rare treat. I'd like to see this done to superman once it is completed. I believe I only had one more slot for a super/hyper to this Goku and I think it would be the icing on the cake to push it up there just a bit more in dbmugen.

I'm also tossing around an idea to make Goku during a win sequence, fire a kamehameha at the gamer? It could potentially look spectacular. Though not sure if I'm up to it but I can pull it off. I'll see when I get there and I'll know what's gonna happen to this wip next.

A x ◿
27th June 2018, 19:46
I've been out of town on vacation. Resuming work as usual I finally finished the Beyonder headsets. The basic movements are done as well in terms of the body though now I just have to combine them together and add the missing details next.


He needs his shoulder armor parts which is the hardest part to do since it needs to be consistent in size and yet there is no base to use so it has to be hand drawn which is a real pain!!!! X(

28th June 2018, 10:28
wow respect you for hard work

A x ◿
28th June 2018, 20:32
wow respect you for hard work

Hard and tedious but thanks just the same :)

I have mad respect for creators who can do fullgames period. It's not an easy thing to do. A character in of itself is pretty hard but making several of them plus stages, screenpack, portraits, etc. Very few people are willing to give up that precious time to accomplish these things. I know personally that a creator named Chuchoryu has put himself through hell and back to make mugen and to do it on a high level to! There may be even more I don't know about out there to. This hobby is a terrible one to say the least...

In other news, I've been trying to re-balance the roster again to add in the Beyonder and Korvac and I may need to add a few more characters to get rid of the roster gaps. I've been throwing around some ideas here and there and I have been considering even making other characters BUT I seriously don't want to do that!

I would like to add Dr.Strange as he is very appealing and big right now in marvel media. If I do include him, he is gonna get a serious update, or even a near full remake to get him to work better. He needs to be more streamlined, have more solid moves, and better sprite edits in my opinion. He just needs some serious work.


I'm also considering bringing more X-Men, there are a few handful out there that are not only popular but incredibly awesome in general as fighters that don't really need anything special either. My picks for consideration are Gambit and maybe Juggernaut???


I've been considering the old Baron Zemo wip because he wouldn't be too bad in this game but I really don't want him here. Just not a fan of his. I considered him simply because there is extra space I need to get rid of so that's why I mentioned him.


I may need to add the Vision. He isn't my favorite character design wise, in the films he's pretty awesome but to me he's more of a secondary character rather than a main and my focus is the core icons. I'm really feeling slotman's vision. It's still a masterpiece in my opinion and it could be graphically enhanced with a little more color and detail with a few edits here and there it could be better in my opinion. Though I still have doubts. I'll need to test his presence in the game before I'm sure...


Another idea I love but don't desire to do is Machineman! He's obviously another wip to take up but I seriously want to avoid this.


I would really like to add The Punisher for sure. I completely overlooked this awesome character. Technically an action hero like batman rather than a super hero, he's still formidable like batman against superhuman opponents at times. Not sure if I want mugen's punisher though. I may have to put a new one together to get what I'm looking for. There is nothing wrong with IMT's punisher, it's just not the punisher I want.

I imagined this would be better.


Another one I missed but that I don't feel too strongly about is Blade. He's another one similar to Punisher but his own thing in his own right.


I doubt he was ever completed but it's just an idea to consider.

A x ◿
1st July 2018, 03:53
The final decision has been made. The roster fillers will be the following...

The Juggernaut,
He's not a mutant so he's kinda unique among the X-men and he has a great identity as a massive bruiser type tank like character. His power is really straight forward and the costume is strong enough to stand out among the rest for great recognition. I may be able to mix in some of his console movesets in the classic arcade builds found in mugen. I'm gonna look for a good version eventually to later build on and expand like most of the other characters.

The Punisher,
I've all ready expressed how much I like the character before and I found a solid base for him using Guile from street fighter! I may also use unknown soldier sprites from a wip I did before. The assets from that wip didn't seem to have been very useful so I may recycle and salvage some things for that wip. It would be a shame to let all that work go to waste so I'll try that. I've also decided to create my own unique take on the punisher. The Punisher will be a mixture of several multimedia appearances. I'm gonna try to mix in Frank Castle's appearance from the movies but give him some of his comic iconic accessories such as his bandanna, or even his trench-coat perhaps? I'm gonna ditch the gloves, probably all the blue or just some parts so he can be more black. I noticed he used a bow and arrow in the movie which is 100X cooler than Hawkeye in my opinion and has great potential to even improve+replace that terrible characterization. I'm even gonna try to borrow stuff from MvC's Jill as she is pretty much the Punisher in terms of combat and style. This one I predict is gonna be pretty awesome and so I personally look forward to it. The design is in progress...

All ready mentioned that he will need to be improved and or reworked so he's less stiff and less cluttered. Gonna streamline him a bit and get him re-released unofficially in my game.

As mentioned before he will be a bonus round battle. Sweet and simple and hopefully quick for a wip.

The Beyonder,
The current wip that has 50% of the graphical work all ready completed. He's the final boss that will be a better ending to the previous Galactus ending. These games typically have either 1 or both types of final bosses where an equally sized yet very deadly fighters will confront you and the other is the typical giant version with more power. The Beyonder will act as the equally sized combatant for the big finale.

Then lastly, the final addition to the game is....

Ego/Ego Prime,
If anyone can remember going back 10 years ago or possibly more that I attempted and failed to create this character in mugen. However, I still have a fondness for him and to me he's a better design than the Vision, or adding in the other lesser characters from the Avengers team that in my opinion cramp the style of the core cast. Ego and Ego Prime will work together and will behave like Galactus. So yes, you heard right, there is gonna be a second giant in this game before fighting the Beyonder XD LOL
Ego will be visible as the stage (as well as act as one, obviously), since he's a giant living planet and Ego Prime (A manifestation of himself about the size of Galactus) will perform as the fighter. Not really planning anything spectacular here but I'm gonna focus his moveset on earth like elements, so he will have wind attacks, iceberg like projectiles, thunder and lightning, Lava eruption geysers, earth quaking, etc. Ego Prime is practically the equivalent of the Greek Titan Cronus. He's definitely worthy to be an end like sub-boss if not the final boss.


I now estimate the release taking me till the end of the year unfortunately as the work load has been increased yet again. On the upside the entire roster is now 30 characters big which will also include more new stages for those extra fighters as well. That's 7 brand new characters that are never before released and some never before seen! As well as an entire roster update with more edits + new content!

I personally feel this game will be THE marvel game in mugen. Scruffy accomplished so many great things, and there are many others attempting their own titles but this game that's in the works right now is really something else!!! It's now BIG but not overly big that it's a clustered mess. It fits in a way that it has everything you want yet it keeps out the dead weight you don't want in your marvel-esk experience. This game exceeds in having everything you want in familiarity and yet it'll have so many new things introduced for the first time that it will be so worth the wait and download. This game has a solid tight theme and it's also your familiar Capcom VS title at its full potential and possibly at its best! Speaking for myself here, this will be without a doubt my only marvel mugen experience. I won't need to touch another marvel mugen after this. I don't care what gets released next and from who, this is it for me and it's perfect! :)

A x ◿
3rd July 2018, 08:51
I tried a new Punisher wip and it's really nice though it deviates from what the theme has going in that it's the iconic cast as opposed to the reworked semi-iconic style. In other words the Punisher I drew up is more original than the instantly recognizable iconic Punisher. It's really good but it doesn't fit in perfectly like the rest of the game's roster.

So I've decided to do a sort of sprite swap/remake in a sense with the other Punisher for mugen.

I'm basically just gonna head swap Punisher but then redo some things I hate about the original. So he'll havve possibly different moves, tweaked basics, and imt bits removed here and there.


In other news I'm checking out bases for Ego prime and I came across the sandman base Loganir used on his character. The base might work for a good ego prime base however I've also noticed Hugo from sfIII third strike. He seems like an even better base. I'm thinking of running his sprites through a resize program. Hopefully it won't come off too bad. The good thing is he won't need too many sprites, just a few like Galactus.


6th July 2018, 00:26
3823 heres is klaw wit urin as a base real simple and i have a sprite sheet made for urin alredy if u want

A x ◿
6th July 2018, 01:56
3823 heres is klaw wit urin as a base real simple and i have a sprite sheet made for urin alredy if u want

LOL cool man but unfortunately I all ready finished Klaw wip. Thanks though.

I also noticed that other urien bases would be even better for this type of character. You should look into Captain Atom, I think? He has a color separated boots and gloves all ready.

I like to use other mugen characters as a base because they all ready did like 25% of your job all ready for you.

I'm gonna be honest with you to. This is partly why I turned down coming back to MugenMultiverse as well because now I can use any character to create my own. Archive and Guild just come with that freedom because none of those creators are here to complain about it.

Only a small number are here unfortunately but they usually (hopefully) leave.

I can't leave the freedom Mugen Archive gives you.

Say, crosspots, would you like to see my Klaw character? Maybe you can add something? You can even host and release it on MMV if you like, just as long as you don't make it closed source. I won't get mad either if you leak it, though I would like to insist that it's kept private until I can get the whole fullgame completed.

Think about it and let me know.

7th July 2018, 09:26
Yeah I'd love to have him and I won't release him until u have finished I just love marvel chars and now black panther will have his own villain

- - - Updated - - -

3825 also I did a sprite of kraven and the mandarin3826

A x ◿
7th July 2018, 09:53
Yeah I'd love to have him and I won't release him until u have finished I just love marvel chars and now black panther will have his own villain

- - - Updated - - -

3825 also I did a sprite of kraven and the mandarin3826

Not bad, its got potential. I sorta wanna give it the zemo treatment! I wish I had more time to work with others. You have always had great potential. There are great sprite artist out there but very few can make an entire spritesheet and even fewer are able to code it. You at least do spritesheets which is the right stuff to go further in mugen.

Also I sent you Klaw. You don't have to give me feedback or anything but if you do, I'll keep it handy and I may use it. But just enjoy the only copy ;)

7th July 2018, 11:39
very cool, kraven

7th July 2018, 21:50
ax would u have any interest in a color separated cap i just finished its not the full charater but should be usefull

- - - Updated - - -

very cool, kraven

thank u and on multiverse u can see my riddler sprite i just made

A x ◿
7th July 2018, 22:37
I actually really needed a color separated Cap a few months ago LOL Unfortunately, I all ready finished the wip. Thanks though.

7th July 2018, 23:06
well i can send it just in case u ever need it aginn

9th July 2018, 21:22
Those are some big images...

A x ◿
9th July 2018, 23:27
The Beyonder wip is very large for a fighter. His basic movements, which is omitting crouch, is so large still that it's hard to fit in a sheet! I got a lot of progress done on him. He's very close in jumping over the first hurdle.

My biggest concern is how I will code him. I mentioned before that his weakness won't necessarily be on his character but a separate smaller object that floats around. I'm wondering if the character itself will have to be a helper code. I'm completely stumped.

Looking at the beyonder, I get the impression that maybe he's very similar to michael jackson or Gozer.


Perhaps I can draw inspiration from these sources to build the beyodners fxs, personality, expressions, etc.

A x ◿
13th July 2018, 09:21
The Beyonder's basic levitation movements are complete. Now I just need to do the only 6 over powered attacks he will be able to use. I'll have to make a special boss intro and winner animation as well as a final death animation in addition.

In other news I picked and fitted the portraits and name logos on the last additions to the game like The Punisher, Juggernaut, and Doctor Strange! For the Punisher and Doctor Strange I had to sprite the portraits myself which wasn't pleasant but some turned out to be amazing. A ton of other characters throughout the game also have custom portraits that look like that marvel vs capcom portrait.

The portraits are in this style,


They fit the screenpack beautifully. It's loosely based on Street Fighter 4 or 5, I forget which one but it's probably the best versus screen ever after the select screen which unfortunately I can't animate, but if I did it would be glorious!

So characters such as super skrull got the same treatment and Kang The Conqueror as well as a ton of others.

The mugen name logos are the same ones that have been used in just about every marvel mugen game out there. They are used in place of the character face icons and placed underneath the player as well as their power level reading for the power gauge.

Some of the logo names had to be sprited as well since certain characters didn't have the name made. I mimicked the style of other logos and created similar colors akin to the characters so that was a little hard but it got done and by hand!!! O.O

The more obscure characters are especially nonexistent and they still remain for the final 3 left that are in progress.

The only characters that remain to have a portrait and logo name are the works in progress at the moment. So just 3 left. Only 2 characters left that have not yet been designed in sprites.

If I haven't mentioned this before, the roster's final number is gonna be at 30!!! That's a decent number for a marvel game. It's not as big as MvC2 but it's a good number where it's more than the previous installments prior to MvC2.

If I had to compare this to a game, I would compare it to the original mvc1 and Marvel Vs. Capcom: MUGEN Edition by Nestor. Not as clean as those games, in fact I had to use poor quality in a lot of areas but it's as creative or more and as beautiful to or even more than. If you like my original stages, then you'll absolutely love this screenpack and perhaps this fullgame. It's quite extraordinary! I tried to cram in every area as much animation and color I could.

I really wish I could show you some previews but the screencaps just wouldn't do it just and I wanna have some kind of surprise to.

Speaking of stages, i have to even add a few more in for the newest additions to the game so that's going to increase as well. I'm roughly gonna have 1 stage per character so its looking like 30 stages in total!!!

Now that's some good mugen! Hopefully i can push myself to get it to IMT fullgame status to include some of the little extra details such as that storyboard ending and prologue intro as well as some kind of pre-fullgame character arcade run intro. Not sure what I'm gonna do with that. It will be too hard to make custom stories for each character with a unique motive. I don't want to use that to make a character how-to-play tutorial/showcase either. I wanna try something different but just as cool or insightful. Maybe I'll have some kind of intro movie like in Majoras mask to set the beginning of the war?!?! Just to set the tone and leave it wide open for any battle combination to start and progress.

I'm also still brainstorming on what I can add to Juggernaut and Dr.Strange. I finished the punisher's additions and I decided to use a non-ApOcAlYpSe ("creator") version to so it won't be so heavy and gross with all that pointless ugly filler. I still have to map out Ego Prime and I'm not sure how he's going to appear or be positioned. He could a huge mass in teh center like apaocalypse or a huge floating monstrosity like onslaught or he could be like mugen's galactus? Perhaps I can make him travel 180* degrees (except for being on top of the character) Make him a fast giant sub-boss who can move his weakness (his face) as fast as your fighter!!! Now that's an interesting idea right there!!!


Now I'm looking forward to doing this LOL


adriano gt
21st July 2018, 19:29
BEYONDER??!... wow, it's very very cool
and mk chars j.cage and sub, good know that are advanced

good luck and sucess in all your projects

A x ◿
23rd July 2018, 11:05

For those still unfamiliar with the Beyonder, it's this guy.


3 out of 6 basic/special/hyper attacks are animated for the Beyonder.

The first attack is a weak looking punch. However the idea is if you are close enough to get hit, the Beyonder will grab into your core and cause repeated damage for a prolonged period. I'm thinking a flash crack effect that gradually pushes you off. It could be unblockable?

The following move is a raised hand gesture where comets are hurled at the opponent. I'm guessing something like 5 maybe? Targeting low, mid, and high areas at random. If you are skilled enough, you can maybe dodge each one or at least get even while taking a few.

The last move animated is a simply mewtwo style float in a steady direction in which the Beyonder is engulfed in a geyser like field for multi damage as it pushes with the opponent. Just out run him for this one.

The next 3 moves in the process of spriting are this,

The Beyonder summons a lightning stream from the sky that will flow towards the opponent. It starts from the left side and travels to the right. The damage should drop the opponent and at least strike around 4-6 times in place. This one will be blockable at least.

The Beyonder's next move is a rising field like rupture of fire. The move hits up and can perhaps juggle damage higher and higher. The attack can be avoided with either a high jump, web crawl, or a fly up mode.

The last one is a projectile he will place in mid-air. The projectile will stay in place as it pulses. It will be big enough to make it hard to avoid and it will be limitless in how many can be placed. The projectile will remain until it hits the opponent. Simply avoid contact and use projectiles.

So that will basically be the Beyonder's final boss battle. Prior to that is Galactus but before him will be Ego Prime. I still haven't done concepts for his moveset yet. After the Beyonder, Ego Prime will probably be the last big hurdle to overcome for the projects last wip.

Korvac should be the easiest and quickest to do and complete.

After all that I'll move onto upgrading the old characters such as Shuma Gorath and Magneto as promised before. I still only need to make a story cutscene for the beginning and the ending. I would like to make a gameover animation or a continue screen as well as an end credits for Marvel comics creators. I'll have to enhance the game's original title sequence to include more characters. If you downloaded my old screenpack then you probably have all ready seen it so far. I don't think I'll include all characters but cram just a few more in there. I may create some panning vista scenes to for enhanced visuals like terrain with animated characters posing!

All that and the game is complete and released finally. Tonight I'm pushing to at least complete The Beyonder's attack animations.

I'm estimating that I might release for Halloween!!! Just ~3 months hopefully! Then by new years I'll have finished Pokemon and the namek. From there I'll re-consider whether to continue a project or just do a small release once in a while.

I realize I can't ever quit this hobby like so many others have tried in the past so I'm being realistic to say what will happen at that point.

Anyway, I'm finally glad this game is coming to an end. I can't wait to just play this exclusively and never have to worry about creating another character or stage for it. :) I don't think I'll need to download another marvel character after this either. This will be a marvel mugen that I will finally be able to enjoy and play without picking up anything else for that fix. I bet this is how that one guy feels about his openbor game where the avengers sidescroll into victory. Very nice :)

A x ◿
9th August 2018, 03:58
Just letting anyone following this that I'm busy on a bunch of stuff as well as a new job so it's getting slow on progress. Also I have to take care of some family at the moment to make sure i don't neglect certain people that need me right now. Reality comes by occasionally and well you gotta do what you gotta do.

On the plus side I am gathering some fun and interesting inspiration from old movies and music videos. It's really getting me some nice ideas and recent releases are opening new possibilities in resources for future projects so I'm saving things together in small packages to someday hopefully make good use out of them if not right away depending what I gathered and what's current.

I've always compared spriting in mugen to be like Papier - mâché and I guess the creating process is like it to. It's just a process of assembling pieces together is all. I can only wonder what will come in the future!

I also remember one of the big Nintendo creators saying that a lot of his ideas for his most famous games came from spending time outside and exploring his homeland. I like to think on a lazy level I'm sorta doing the same thing by watching old movies :P

adriano gt
9th August 2018, 15:51
good way... take your time and good luck

A x ◿
22nd August 2018, 19:55
Okay i'm back and working on the beyonder! I think i just have 1 attack only to complete. I may animate him more just for eyecandy fxs. I'm very tempted to post something since nothing but news is on here now....Though I want the game to have enough brand new never before seen content to give more than an update on the release day. It's so hard not to show something ~_~

I'm also drawing more heads for the beyonder to allow more expressions. I'm also thinking of using photoshop like fxs, similar to Goku's wip to allow for interesting glow fxs? I'm thinking eye glow fxs and/or entire body light pulses. I may also add anime fxs, again the reworked concepts made for Goku wip but redone for a cosmic beyonder. Maybe I'll make star clusters instead? fractal lights? I'm gonna really need to find out how to make this a unique boss experience with plenty of sweet fxs. I don't want him to be plain. I'm even considering redoing his stage.

His stage was made a long time ago before i even thought of the Beyonder. The idea came later as the stage felt like a beyonder setting. So the stage itself isn't very spectacular, it is very cosmic and neat. However, for a boss level fighter, the stage has to be grander so it probably won't do, nope not any more.

Actually now I'm thinking of an 80's style retro like stage mixed into a cosmic setting? That might work! Have fancy pc fxs, lights, colors, and then the space bg after image with asteroids? Hmmm???


I'm probably gonna have to combine all these elements? This stage may take a full day :S

A x ◿
27th August 2018, 02:29
The beyonder's attacks are finished!!!!


Just doing his intro, death, and win. They will all basically resemble a win pose though since you don't really beat the beyonder, but rather he lets you win. I'm thinking the usual laugh and point or grin with arms crossed??? For the intro I may have him glide forward onto the ground with the cosmic cube in his hand as it floats on his palm. Another idea from Ghostbuster's Gozer, perhaps I can have him walk down some stairs?! Oh maybe I'll make it like the white ranger's intro!?!?!


Just something to hype the moment before the fight for that final boss feel so you know it's the end and it's unique from the rest of the tournament play-through.

After that the coding can begin and then right after that I'll move onto the last 2 late entry wip's.

A x ◿
27th August 2018, 20:40
WOW, the beyonder feels very epic now! The intro, death, and win animations are in progress as well as the vulnerable state for the boss to take damage. i think i figured out a way to do it to. It'll be like a power up before every attack and a random position will appear where he can be damaged (tiny window of opportunity). Very old school programming like pattern. I found a nice BGM to really sell the finale. It's incredibly epic! I think it's in total 7 brand new characters never before played and some never before seen. It's gonna be a fantastic package for sure as well as the other massive roster of favorites with mods. :evo:

adriano gt
27th August 2018, 22:00
great news :gamer:

29th August 2018, 11:17
I love reading this stuff, it makes me feel like i'm part of the creative process even if i don't do doggie doo.

A x ◿
30th August 2018, 23:13
I love telling others what's coming. Who doesn't want a new mugen character?

Also i refined the Beyonder's attacks to me more boss like. I even went into renaming his moves to match the idea.

So here's a few spoilers. For his win state, He's gonna Telekinetically carry the defeated opponent and fly out punching in super flight where the opponent gets atomized into particles and the beyonder vanishes in super speed! :D

One of his basic moves is now an asteroid belt, where a bunch of closely nit gravitational chain of cosmic pieces of metals and rocks will fly into the opponent at fantastic speed and precision.

The other altered move is a punch but now it will act like a black hole that will pull the opponent into it as it travels closer into the opponent. It may follow the vertical position of the opponent as well to make dodging a real challenge or it may be like that for another move.

I also figured out how to make the continue screen use the watcher character.

Incredibly demonic....

I don't know what I',m gonna do for a gameover screen though. I'd like to put something clever or show something more like a negative outcome for failing but I have no clue how to present that? Maybe the earth exploding? :P

31st August 2018, 14:31
Maybe just a "LOL U DED".

A x ◿
2nd September 2018, 05:49
I'm gonna come back to it :P

In other news I am heavily animating the Beyonders basic floating movements so he's more than just a static character. This is after all a boss character. I'm also adding a growing and light pulsing shine on his whole character. The beyonder to me should be something like a matrix being where he is somehow notably not supposed to be in our reality but is somewhat so he's gonna look like he's trespassing through the multiverse of realities. I believe that's the beyonder's thing where he basically comes from a place completely different from anything else.

So far I completed his idle stance, his travel back and travel forward. Next I'm gonna kick up the floating up and floating down animations and then after that the diagonal directions to :P

He will be missing a lot of stuff like other bosses in general simply because bosses are unique among fighters. As you may remember the beyonder won't be really hittable but rather his cosmic energy cubes which will appear out at random before every attack so he won't have get hit animations neither will he be grabable or be able to fall down.

As a template I picked N64mario's Metroid mugen character simply because he is all ready programmed to float freely and won't change states in battle such as when getting hit or falling down and to my knowledge he isn't grabable so the template has that going for it.

I'm having trouble making animations appear however since I'm still trying to figure out how to make it appear in this unique coding so coding might become a bigger issue later on but I'm still trying my hand at it.

I've also decided to change ego prime's stage into an earth setting rather than Ego itself because I would like to show ego at a distance better than to show him faintly appearing in smaller elements such as a wind gust or a cloud :P

For those unfamiliar with ego, this is a clip from the silver surfer animated series as well as other appearances. Some of these I'm seeing for the first time!


In order to cut down on production time I've decided to make Ego prime a projectile only type character so he will be very similar to Korvac. Ego Prime's projectiles will be elemental projectiles from fire, ice, earth, and spark with each having unique get hit properties. like frozen, burned, multi-hit or knock down. All attacks will come from his mouth area at random. Think of it as that one tree boss from Kirby (nintendo).


I'll probably end up ripping him off entirely :P


As for korvac he will only have one spammable projectile shot but he will have the ability to teleport whereas ego prime will just stay in place but have more projectiles. Maybe ego the planet afar off will hurl comets as ego prime's super move or special, sorta like baby bowser!

It would be easy to rig an ego planet animation in the distance. It could almost be 2 against 1 XD


adriano gt
5th September 2018, 16:12
hi AX
please, I searched for your latest version of MK After Realm .... I just found the screenpack
Do you have the version with the chars together?
or the chars?
thanks in advance

A x ◿
30th September 2018, 05:06
Sorry I was gone for so long. I should be getting an entire week starting this monday so I'm gonna try to get all the base game stuff done in that week.
adriano gt, sorry man but I am too busy to upload all that. I'll try and get it to you someday but I really need to focus here and get this thing done. It's getting harder and harder to get time to complete this and right now I'm very close.


I realized I can't really edit the continue screen but instead I used my idea on the gameover sequence and it looks pretty good, very short and brief and it says it all without dialogue. You wake to see the watchers starring at you and then you shut your eyes in a kind of sleeping death.


I also drew up storyboard concepts for the story intro sequence. I'm also gonna try and tackle the end game credits as well which hopefully won't take too long. I also want to complete the game title intro sequence to so it'll be like the old one but with a few more things in there as well as making it a bit shorter to. Simplicity is key so I'm gonna wrap it up.

I also completed the current roster portraits and also created a custom hyper/super splash sequence so now it feels like a true fullgame because whenever anyone pulls off a hyper, you see the same fxs now during the super move or hyper.

You'll enjoy and feel the fullgame sense, similar to the pokemon game I did a long time ago. I feel like a one man army here :D LOL , folks who know my hobby keep encouraging me to sell mugen :P I always have to explain again that I could go to prison or get sued.


Also I'm happy to announce the Beyonder's sprites are complete!!! I just need to code him.



Unfortunately the 1.1 instability is starting to be an issue. The .png format support has been causing a lot of problems and .sff crashes so as expected 1.1 beta mugen is going to be faulty for this fullgame. Expect frequent crashes and shutdowns.... :S

I did find however if you skip through the versus screen sequence the fullgame resists crashing and can possibly be played through its entirety so it could theoretically be playable to completion at least and you may still be able to enjoy this in versus mode as well.

When I release this though I hope someone can do an ikemen version with the animated portraits that I originally wanted but I fear this game will be a hassle to transfer over since a lot of unique edits were done to this system that may not transfer well or at all. Also the 1.1 beta content may not be compatible with ikemen's lack of the newest .sff support so the 1.1beta stuff won't likely be readable in ikemen :S

I'm crossing my fingers that Elecbyte will come out with mugen 1.2 before i release this to make a stable transfer, assuming 1.2 will be stabilized....

A x ◿
9th October 2018, 02:03
The story for the game is complete. I'm in the process of coding it. All the images and dialogue are done. The following is a detailed outline of the fullgame run.

======Boot mugen======

So the game has an arcade intro (reworking) sequence (plays only once on booting mugen) that leads to the title with no story.
:Just a hype up sequence.

After that the completed loading screen will appear (coded and working) which will then lead to the main select screen.

The options menu is a distant view point through a mechanical view (coded and working).

Once you select the mode to play, the select screen is activated with a small supernova fxs (coded and working).

After selecting your character, the story activates (not coded and not working yet).
:The story will be the same and in each character storyboard intro. NOTE: Story changed for simplicity sake. All dialogue is animated.

-Beyonder forshadow. (animated glow)
-Beyonder arrival + devastation (animated + flash)
-Chaos shot in peril. (image still w/animated flash)
-The watcher narrator reveal (image still w/animated flash)
-shield headquarters (image still w/pan)
-Quick Return Cuts-
-chaos shot (image still w/animated flash)
-The watcher (image still w/animated flash)

-Game Title (image slow blow up closer)

Then finally the animated Versus screen (coded and working)

(mugen fight)

Startup animated victory screen w/quote
:sequence repeats until fullplaythrough:

If lose and choose not to continue

Gameover with watchers witnessing you die off in blackness.

reloads animated (now loading sequence)

Return to title sequence again

So just those two bits need to be done right now, the story programming and the title sequence completion.

After that I'll go back to the wip characters and then return to the game story ending sequence and also create the "credits sequence"

That should be the fina part of the whole project and game for a release. Every day and every other hour I'm adding bits here and there and it's all coming along. I might post some work that ended up being cut from the game just to show something in the thread though I am super busy on the progress so maybe at some point later to.

A x ◿
9th October 2018, 09:21
I'm at the halfway point for the story setup. There is a lot of animation going on so this will be unique from most custom mugen fullgames where you just get image stills with dialogue bubbles so it's all ready impressive despite my choppyness editing and practice. I think you're really gonna enjoy much of this despite lack of other big game features from other mugen fullgames. I think Maguscorp (scruffydragon founder) was able to pull off stuff like this and you can tell as I'm using his fullgame's assets in my arrangement.

It's surprising how much really depended on his work in regards to their group affiliation content. Without magus running the show TheUnlimited mugen teams (formally scruffy) performance is night and day. Magus really made it legit. Of course I could be wrong ( I don't know all the details) but judging from the former team members games such as their spider-man fullgame and gotham knights, it really is a significant difference in what can be done.

The only other guy I remember who can do sorta do it to and just as well was Loganir judging from his character storyboards. TheUnlimited should really focus and rework on that aspect of their fullgames because what they have right now really hurts the appeal. I shouldn't judge since I'm nowhere near their level of mugen crafting but just as an opinionated observer, I would step up that part of the game because "it really ties the room together"


I just hope whatever I end up with will be worth all the headache I went through to get it to work. Making this fullgame is no fun at all. I really hate doing fullgame projects. I wish I had a different hobby but I'm too deep in this crap to get out now.

Anyway; I estimate I'll be done with the game's story by 2 days approximately if I don't wander off again from the project.

Also I forgot to mention, I have to do the story ending conclusion :P So i gotta add that bit at some point before I release the game to give it a proper ending. This will take some work to draw out how the story will play out and to leave it open ended and universal for every character without having to custom make it for each individual completion. Again i wanna do little work as possible while making it feel legit and working good enough. Maybe I don't have to include the player's character at all but just make them an element that made the victory possible and have an outsider from the roster figure out the solution for the stories crisis.

Hmmm, that sorta gives me an idea and I'm hoping I didn't just spoil the next marvel film ending :P

A x ◿
11th October 2018, 23:26
Okay I finished the story part yesterday and this morning I finished the title sequence. I did a test play checking out the whole game and I freak'n love it!!!!! XD

It was well worth it. It makes everything else feel like a fullgame experience. Also here is a cutscene that didn't make it into the storyline.


It's basically a follow up scene but as it turns out a lot of extra tid-bits weren't needed at all. The story works better when quick and direct with the right amount of info. The scene would have been the Avengers looking at the chaos through a monitor while commenting that they should get involved and investigate.

The toughest job was syncing the music with the scenes though I got it just good enough.

Also the intro title sequence has more variety now, including more characters, fxs, flashes, animation, etc. The "Marvel Vs Avengers" titles are also spread throughout the game in various styles so there is one in the title sequence, storyboard sequence, loading sequence, and title screen.

I couldn't really decide which one I liked best so I ended up using all of them in those various places.

I am just missing the credits sequence and story ending. Only those two and the fullgame is basically finished.

All that would remain after that would be the last 3 character wips mentioned earlier in the old posts.

A x ◿
12th October 2018, 08:30
Okay I'm spoiling here! Presenting,



I was gonna make it easy on myself and go completely Hugo but his body base stood out too much as Hugo and his arms and hands were too small and short so shingen's base made it more fitting. I'm gonna try to do Korvac's base model though his will require more custom work as there are hardly any bases for his box shaped machine console. It looks like it's gonna take a little while. I might be adding more to Ego Prime since his base is pretty good. I have an idea to on how to make him more pixelated so it doesn't look too blown up. I might use some bits from Apocalypse as a work base on his movements and actions. I think I'll focus on his head piece to get closer to Apocalypse's style. I may be able to make him just a bit bigger if I can get the pixelation to work out.

I'm working around the clock to get this thing done. I'm estimating Christmas! I just need to work like a dog :P :enough:

- - - Updated - - -

Okay here are the results. I sent it through some filters, did a little blending, and highlighting plus darkening.


I just have Korvac to sprite and every design concept will be completed.

- - - Updated - - -

12th October 2018, 17:12
I love reading this stuff

- - - Updated - - -

I would like Sprites MR.FREEZE.Robin.clayface

A x ◿
13th October 2018, 22:10
I love reading this stuff

- - - Updated - - -

I would like Sprites MR.FREEZE.Robin.clayface

Mr.Freeze and Clayface are just concepts but Robin does have an early spritesheet.


After the marvel project though I don't think I'm gonna put as much time into the DC Batman project though. So maybe Batman project will get done in around 2028 :P

For Freeze and Clayface I was thinking of using Unlimited mugen team's builds if they ever release those wips but if they don't and I really need Clayface and Freeze at that moment I'll probably get it done in like 2 months. Though I would probably have The Penguin done before that though.


7th November 2018, 06:08
ego looks great i really hope it dosent take to 2028 to do the dc game but eaither way ill be waitng for it lol

A x ◿
10th November 2018, 08:56
I'm stuck doing all the head edits. I have all the body bits complete but the heads are giving me trouble. Also I'm in "between jobs" and I'm probably gonna move so I may have to delay everything again. I'm very nervous about potentially losing everything by some kind of pc crash or whatever so I really wanna get this done asap to avoid that possibility. So don't expect anything any time soon because I got nothing else....this sucks!

I'm really not enthusiastic about the batman game but I do have a lot done all ready on that so I may have to pick it up like I had to pick this game up. I'm starting to see why my fellow peers are quitting this more and more. This is like a really bad habit that drains you. I'm so tired of this but I really need to finish this. Hopefully I'll get the urge to finish this all up again.

17th December 2018, 05:57
What version of Kirby, Yoshi, and Bowser is that?

18th December 2018, 20:03
How is the dragon ball project going on?

24th December 2018, 16:31
What version of Kirby, Yoshi, and Bowser is that?

i dont understand?? is it a char or what?

A x ◿
7th January 2019, 09:21
How is the dragon ball project going on?

The project is on hold. Goku had a bunch of updates so now he has s more tailed flight mode and a lot of his moves chain into other specials. He's now even tougher and more content packed! But yeah nothing now.

In fact all the projects are on hold. Sorry to be away for so long but the truth is right now I have no feeling to do any work at all. I have tried several times but I just can't get in the mood. Maybe later on I'll pick up where I left off. I have other things going on to so the hobby is taking a back seat.

symeth spyrodragon

Kirby and bowser are just a stance update, except bowser has a special or super swapped with a more mvc styled edit. Yoshi is just the regular yoshi out here.

I wanna go back and upgrade my mario using the other edits by other creators and recombine it with mine in newer ways. Also fox mcCloud could be changed as well. I wanna try making more basics and stuff from smash. They were both too simple. I'd also like to go back and really do a serious bomberman. The old one was just a quick swap. I actually had original moves and gameplay before but didn't have the time to do all of that.

To hold everyone over who is interested in this (MvA full game) I may post my most recent edits and spoil some of the works I was saving for the release.

17th January 2019, 22:15
it looks good

A x ◿
17th January 2019, 22:37
it looks good

Thanks. Lately I've picked up Ego Prime again and his sprites are almost done. I just have to enlarge and add in the extra shades in. After that I'll code. I have a lot of free time right now so I just might finish this thing for good. After Ego Prime I'd like to knock out Korvac before I go back to The Beyonder.

I've also been considering doing more Zelda content. Particularly Gorons, Zoras, and Dekus. I'd like to fill up on those animations for a possible beat'm up openbor game in the future? Mugen versions first of course but then eventually a side scrolling game on that other engine.

Currently I'm writing character summaries on all my previous works. I might put up another thread detailing my thoughts, work process history, and overall sentiments of all the past work that i have done including the full game projects for anyone curious about the history of these wips. It would be a sort of chronicles project as well as a personal mugen community history log. Just something to preserve my thoughts and look back to if I need to remember something, maybe it'll be like a series of memoirs? I'm not sure if I'll post all this but I'm writing it nonetheless.

I'm also planning tweaks to some of my old pokemon characters to improve them. Since I'll be expanding that game with more characters I'm also gonna update it as well to improve many of the characters.

A x ◿
28th January 2019, 05:25
The new pokemon content is going to be drastically cut down to save on time. A lot of the newer gen pokemon (as well as some gen 1) were dropped in favor of my preferred picks. The game is all ready diversified and a lot of the cut content wasn't very good to begin with as moves and specials were hard to come up with for fresh and new move-sets. Mimickyu, durant, and vivillion were all cut since they didn't really add anything special or unique that other pokemon were all ready capable of. The fairy type in itself seems entirely pointless considering how many of the other types can in essence do much of the same stuff all ready. Nidoking was also dropped since no solid moveset could be made to appropriately utilize his design. Hitmonlee almost made it but alas he lacked that real pokemon charm. He just didn't have that special power to stand out despite his very cool and classic design. Ditto was also dropped since creating his transformation specials would have required a ton of work like scruffy dragon's parasite/Hal Jordan or O's Morph character or IMT's rogue; which is super retarded to burden yourself like that. Though I shouldn't talk since I did do several fullgames myself :P


So the ones that made the cut are,


Mew, since he was always intended to be the final boss.


Sharpeedo, even though there are plenty of water types all ready, he looks too cool to leave out and has potential to do some unique stuff.


Kabutops, he's my personal favorite and I can't make a game without including my personal favorite! How did I ever leave him out?!


and finally,


Magikarp, the super secret, ultra powerful, joke character because the opportunity is just too good to pass up.

A x ◿
29th January 2019, 03:57
Okay I've been working on Ego prime and here are some of his first animations. Nothing fancy, just enough frames to get the point across. A little choppy as usual but at this point I just wanna finish the game. I'm not sure if I'm gonna downsize the sub-boss with .cns re-sizing. He might be a little too big but I'll decide once i do a test play to get a feeling for his presentation. To make him blend a little better in the game I'm gonna have to make a stage heavy on fxs to blend him in just right. I'm also thinking of a foreground effect like gravel or earthly gas shooting around. That or I'll have to go back and add some legs somewhere?

Anyway, here's the stance...


walking forward,


walking back,


I might keep the rest under wraps cause I don't wanna reveal too much though to be honest I'm not really gonna do anything grand either. Its going to be very typical, basic projectiles here and there and then done. Just maybe more of them to give some difficulty to the sub-boss battle. Maybe I could throw in some super armor if there is time. Currently i want to design Korvac's sprite model if I can. I'd like to get all the pieces done to step back and see the whole thing how it wil turn out. For all my fullgames I have a collage of each game's roster to get a sense of what I have and what I might need to finish.


I've also finished Ego Prime's portrait and logo based on Thor's select logo. I basically just inverted the style and it seems okay.

29th January 2019, 09:06

30th January 2019, 03:18
ahhhhh MEW!!!!! i love MEW!!!!!!!!

A x ◿
1st February 2019, 00:02
Just two more animations for Ego Prime and he's ready for coding. I've been working on future plans for the mugen projects and wips, so this is what I came up with.

Goku is probably gonna get a small update with the fighterZ fxs. Not all of them because I want it to be as close to the anime as possible but the ones that look most like the anime. As for the Namek I'm gonna release him as an alpha character. He has just enough to be playable. Not very complete however, I will likely give him 1 special and perhaps 1 super also. The rest of the dbz characters are abandoned, even the Grand Kai who does - unfortunately - has most of his basics complete though strangely I'm comfortable in not caring about it so it's okay by me. I didn't really like the character that much and Android 16 would have been odd and really hard to complete to. My DBZ work is gonna be nothing more than a duo-release and I'm fine with that. The mugen community has and still is doing an outstanding job with DBZ mugen. Kenshiro's work alone is enough to be satisfied with and the upcoming fighterz stuff with extreme butoden seems like it's going to top all the dbz gamer needs. And for whatever else Z2 can fill in the extra little bits to if anyone really wants the less than stellar stuff like the farmer or Hercule :P

For the green ranger I'm looking into amping up the fxs as well as the physics. I noticed in the power rangers the japanese used a lot of explosion fxs for almost anything like a punch or a kick. I also wanna make more specials and supers So he's gonna be more fleshed out, hopefully. As for the other abitions like Lord Zedd and Astronema, I don't need them that bad and the Green Ranger is enough Power ranger for me so no more power ranger stuff after Tommy.

The smash project was never really a fullgame in my mind, even when I created stages, a screenpack and even a final boss :P I didn't care about it and even now I don't even more. Having said that I would like to upgrade Link (Zelda). I might have mentioned it before but I wanna give him a cape. Maybe even look into giving him a few more specials just because I like this character so much. I've been watching a lot of zelda reviews including play-throughs of zelda games and I'm just fascinated all over again. I'd like to do something with those golden gauntlets, maybe do a super attack where he lifts something colossal? I had one idea where Link can summon an army of bees or fairies that will swarm or attack continually like in A link to the past with maybe like a musical instrument to summon them out?

I would also like to add a super move to the shredder. I wanna give him a katanna combo with a wwf music beat from one of those wrestlers.

I'd also like to update Mewtwo with the attack, psychic, using a BG flash effect in place of psy-strike special. I think I'm gonna make psychic a stun move with falling physics. I never liked psy-strike for mewtwo. It always felt odd to me and it seems like it fit better to a character like Lucario then the legendary Mewtwo.

I'm also interested in finishing Batman TAS more or less. I hate to abandon all the hard work and left over animations so I am going to very cheaply fill in empty animations with single sprite placements. They are basically gonna be stand-ins if that makes any sense and release the fullgame with barely playable characters. Maybe with only 1 special and that's it! Expect tons of stiffness shots. Hopefully someone in the future could use the animation collections and complete the wips. So Two-Face will be in the game. He has most of his basic animations but no attacks. So he'll likely have 1 punch and 1 kick with 1 special and that's all. That's gonna be the case for a lot of the Batman characters, except for Batman himself since I do want him completed at least. Batman is nearly complete and just needs his 3 supers and some tweaks. Robin has a lot of his animations to so he'll be in the release as well as Catwoman but with the bare minimums to, again, 1 punch, kick, and maybe a special and that's all. So the Batman game is going to be roughly 8 character roster and the rest, the characters, are most likely abandoned.

I also plan on doing the same with Mortal Kombat. Johnny Cage is almost complete himself but again I'll use single still sprites for whatever is missing to at least have him playable. He won't look that good but he'll be available in the game. Sub-Zero has a lot also but is missing a ton as well. He'll have the same treatment as Cage with only 1 special each. I look at it this way that at least they'll be released in some form or another. A lot of the audio, the voice stuff, will be replaced with silence. Just the bare minimums. So it's gonna be a 5 character roster full game and no more. The rest of the characters are abandoned.

If I can do all that then I'll have 4 full mugen games released. 2 of them complete and the other 2 beta level complete. Then I'll probably do a semi-retirement where I don't do anything except maybe 1 character every 1-10 years out of nowhere. I desperately just want to leave all the projects all ready but its hard when you made a ton of progress all ready on several mugen fullgames. That's why I can't abandon them just yet. They need to be released.

In other news I'm happy that there are people out there like Chuchoryu who will continue to pump out tons of characters month after month in the future that I can enjoy. I look forward to just being able to play mugen again without trying to create for it. Just as soon as these games are done I'm just gonna enjoy it again like I used to when I started this terrible hobby... :P

I'm even planning on making a mugen compilation like I used to back in the old days of mixed mugen characters that only I like to play as and against. Maybe I'll post some screenshots to :D Just something for me to enjoy without working through a fullgame to get to it. I'm probably gonna need a mugen archive screenpack to XD This will be fun! It'll be just like before!!! XD

A x ◿
1st February 2019, 08:17
I finished Ego prime's animations. I also drew up his moves/attacks. From just a few animations I can give Ego Prime 6 attacks involving elemental attacks. 1st attack a standard push back beam. 2nd is a fire breath multi-hit. 3rd is a spark ball that stuns on contact. 4th is club that also drops aerial projectile in the form of ice for fall damage. 5th is a whirlwind around ego prime that will lift and throw stones in all directions that juggle opponent in the air. The 6th and final move will be a dashing rush attack multi-hit damage.

I hope to finish Ego Prime by the end of this weekend. After which I'll try and start Korvac wip.

A x ◿
2nd February 2019, 12:36
I finished!!! Ego Prime is done and while on a roll I sprited the bases for Korvac. He's still a little rough on the design. As expected I am having trouble making his machine console. I have Korvac himself complete but the console is troublesome...I did rip and edit a somewhat good base from several angles so I'm gonna try and make something out of it. For now I'm gonna call it a night.


Though now I only have two current wips until the fullgame is complete!!! It's almost done now!!!! The sprite work is practically done for the last 2 characters so it's super close!!!

It's almost over...

A x ◿
3rd February 2019, 05:01
Korvac's sprite sheet is complete!!!! He just needs to be coded! Probably by Monday he'll be done. After Korvac is just the Beyonder and then a release of the fullgame that has been in the works for 10 years!!! It's been a long way but it's finally gonna be over. I'm also working in the mugen docs to optimize the game from frequent crashes. It seems to be working well enough now so it just might depend on the downloaders system setup of how well the fullgame will work.

Korvac will also be the same deal as Ego Prime, just 6 attacks only, 1 per button whether in the air or crouching. Korvac cannot nessecarily move but has attacks that can reposition him.

His attacks are as follows....

Force field attack, the same as Ironman's wip, he engulfs himself in a damaging field.

Teleporting, Korvac will vanish in a light and reappear from behind!!!

power shot, a recycled omega blast modeled from darkseid's wip as a cheap homing projectile.

cyber-waves, a drop to the ground will unleash an energy wave that travels the stage for hard to dodge damage.

charging console ram, a straight forward and quick thrust through an opponent.

and finally,

rocket launch, Korvac launches himself like a rocket into the air burning everyone underneath his vicinity.

A x ◿
3rd February 2019, 14:31
Korvac is done and complete. :)

All that is left is The Beyonder's WIP, the final boss for the fullgame. Looks like a release by the month of March! I hope I don't lose my momentum since it takes forever to come back. I'll report back sometime this week with hopefully more progress. I'll probably review my notes on this thread somewhere and find out where I left off on The Beyonder. Till Next Time.

A x ◿
4th February 2019, 12:30
Today I thought I give everyone a surprise since the marvel stuff is being saved for the big release I thought I try my hand at DragonBall Z again.

(I know just posting news without visual progress is boring...)

So here's my take on Vegeta and the other versions for comparison.


This Vegeta is anime style so his hair is blackened and the Frieza Saga had Vegeta wearing armor-less boots. Though I was trying to replicate the best version of Vegeta, The Majin Vegeta from Ultimate Battle 22, so the stance was replicated (sorta) as well as the armor-less-ness. The face was modified to be closer to the anime so it sorta became a blend between the anime and extreme butoden. Having done all that this was the result. In the green box are other variations on the palette and hair styles.

This isn't a WIP or anything, just a concept design. Though to be honest this Vegeta is very easy to do. He could easily be done and fast. Extreme Butoden doesn't have too many sprites. I might just make a personal version though, nothing special, maybe just a head swap and palette for personal use??? I'm not really a big fan of Vegeta so I don't need it badly but I really didn't like my other options between Extreme Butoden and Z2. The Vegeta I would really like instead is Majin Vegeta from UB22 but he's too small and blurry because of the sprite size and quality rip. Also as a personal preference, I like Vegeta black instead of super saiyan. To me Goku is the only super saiyan. Making everyone supersaiyan sorta sucks the fun out of being a super saiyan. I personally don't collect every version of trunks, vegeta, goten, etc. Besides Vegeta is cooler in black and stands out as the black sheep of the gang so I'm keeping him black.

In the future I'd like to do other concept design mods like Android 18, Frieza, and Mr.Buu. Maybe even expand Kenshiro99's work with more attacks, poses, etc. I also wanted to mix in the new fighterZ stuff to. I recently created my own compilation dbz game and looking at all this stuff I realized that a lot of it isn't really that great as I initially thought. A lot of it can be changed and improved and be even better, no offense. I'd also like to do a very basic DBZ screenpack to house all the decent dbz compilation so I might do that. I quit making my own DBZ fullgame because it's just too much work but I wouldn't mind making a compilation with small mods for personal use and fun. Pretty much my smash bros game that was put together a minute before release :P So I guess I might try that and of course do it leisurely since THIS is NOT a WIP...Because I have way too many and I really wanna quit creating or at least fullgame projects that take years to finish...