View Full Version : Riddy (Cute Ridley) WIP

4th December 2019, 03:49
Hi there ! I'm taking another crack at this.

You might remember, that in 2017, I tried making a cute Ridley fighter. ...I didn't finish it.
Not only was I severely inexperienced in animation, but I was also not entirely sure how to animate actions besides standing for the purple space dragon. WELL ! A few years later, and I'm more confident in my abilities to do this. So far, for the sprites, I have;

- Idle
- Walking (forwards)
- Walking (backwards)
- Crouching
- Portraits
And things are going smoothly ! :D
I'm making so much more progress now than I did before in a week.

Here's a few images !

Idle (animated);
Walking (animated);

I'll get a video of him in action soooooon, when I make more progress.