View Full Version : The reason why I created the Mugen Archive

That Man
Jul 01, 2009, 08:36
After years spent in the MUGEN community, I've been often unable to access a certain character or a certain stage because of an error 404. The MUGEN nebula is an everlasting chaos, websites and creations are born and die everyday.

I've finally decided to do my best to bring some order into this chaos. From now on, the MUGEN ARCHIVE will archive MUGEN creations. By doing so, we will try to refrain the depletion of MUGEN resources, and allow the MUGEN community to enjoy the best of MUGEN at all times. Finally we may be able to sleep in peace without fearing that tomorrow an error 404 may spoil our lives.

Men must become more then men, and gears must become more then gears.