View Full Version : aw..lurker brings back some memories

6th August 2016, 17:07
Back in the day I played starcraft I, as a Terran player, Lurker was one of my worst nightmares.
Aw..I miss the old days

7th August 2016, 01:42
Hope seeing all the "Lurker" users doesn't terrify you. :tongue1:

8th August 2016, 15:29
But some people like to lurk. :smile:

Wow that sounds creepy. :unsure:

Hikaru Satou
8th August 2016, 18:05
I play protoss though. terran tanks are the most annoying :V

26th November 2017, 15:14
So that's where it comes from!

26th November 2017, 15:24
I'm Korean. The time in 1999, the place called 'pc bang' there was a huge boom of starcraft. That is almost 20years ago.. Time flies

26th November 2017, 18:00
I guess you could say those Lurkers lurked in your nightmares...

Am I one of your nightmares? Boo!

19th March 2018, 10:31
go to author's homepage ,you can get more information

20th March 2018, 12:21
Lurkers for Terran were a nightmare ... Protoss was my go to for Starcraft

1st April 2018, 14:50
But, why use the word Lurker, though??

4th April 2018, 01:54
Back in the day i started with the Lurkers but as the time passed i found myself losing more with them than the other races, maybe because i did not know how to play with them, in the end i was using the Protos more than the others.
Oh, but wait, what this thread is doing here, moving it to non mugen discussions.

8th December 2018, 14:41
Ooga booga, i'm a lurker! Reeeeeeeeeeeeee!

8th December 2018, 15:32
Hey im proud to be a lurker lol

16th December 2018, 13:32
says the new challenger >:(

5th February 2020, 20:36
i don't lurk i Sneak around
i'm careful not to make a sound