View Full Version : What is your favorite sonic the hedgehog game?

27th July 2016, 06:37
not sure if anybody in here are still sonic fans, and i'm sorry if its a weird question to ask but what is your favorite sonic game? Mines Favorites has to be: Sonic Rider (and Gravity), Sonic Heroes, and Sonic Advance Battle, I'm Partially asking this because there hasn't been a release of a new sonic game ever since Sonic Boom, and it would be awesome if there are people out there that still like playing sonic games. :tongue1: :cool:

Starry Windy
27th July 2016, 09:11
It's to be noted that Sega would release several new Sonic games on the way, like Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice, Sonic Mania that will be launched in about early 2017, and Project Sonic 2017 as well (some may refer the latter as Sonic Generations 2 for reasons), so I think they wouldn't stop producing Sonic games anytime soon.

And speaking of fave Sonic game, I think Sonic Battle would count as one for me.

27th July 2016, 12:34
Yep, Sonic Battle for me. One of the only games that gives you the freedom to beat up Sonic and not give you any penalties for it.

27th July 2016, 13:05
In sega saturn version and SNES version. It was long ago since elementary.

27th July 2016, 17:51
Not Going to Lie I actually enjoyed Sonc Unleashed , Where he transformed into a werewolf pretty sick and unique too me

4th August 2016, 02:46
having played only a few games of sonic (sonic advance 1 & 3, heroes, riders 1, and generations), I would say that was generations I liked most. :smile:

4th August 2016, 03:29
Sonic Heroes! Mostly because Egg Fleet was one of the most intense feeling levels I've played in a video game!

4th August 2016, 04:54
Sonic Battle, Sonic advance

4th August 2016, 19:01
Sonic Unleashed. (PS3/XBOX360. the wii and ps2 versions suck really bad)

The game isn't as bad as *AHEM!* IGN says. it's quite fun, but the final boss is really hard. This game has a good mix between combo, fighting and speed. (UNLIKE THE PS2 AND WII VERSIONS!) This game has great environments, nice country's to explore, a great soundtrack and a story you can at least hold on to. You can really tell sega put a lot of effort in this game just by looking at it. it really stands out from the rest of the sonic games. i don't know why, but for me it just does!

5th August 2016, 00:50
Sonic Adventure 2 Battle or Sonic 2. I think I'm one of the few people who genuinely like the Tails/Eggman and Knuckles/Rouge stages in the former, along with the more traditional Sonic/Shadow stages at first. Multiplayer is a little broken, but it's still fun. The Chao Garden of course is great. Death Chamber, that level sucks though. Makes me physically sick.

Sonic 2 is especially fun with a friend, but it can lag the game a bit.

Sonic Rush is also fun, and I've heard some of the Sonic Advance games' music and want to play those sometime.

5th August 2016, 04:43
my favorite has gotta be adventure 2 battle. sure it's got a lot of problems, but the sonic/shadow and eggman/tails stages are really fun (well, minus eternal engine and final rush)

7th August 2016, 00:11
Wow I hadn't realized how long it had been since I played a sonic game. Thinking of your question and looking at the other answers on the board, I realize just how out of the loop I am when it comes to the sonic franchise, my answer to your question would have to be..ok ready for this..sonic pinball for the sega genesis. Yea I didnt see anyone else put that. which in a way kinda makes me feel a little old..hmm oh well..nice forum idea btw

7th August 2016, 01:27
For me Sonic Spinball is very hard. I cant get passed the first level, and I don't know why anyone would think Spinball is their favorite Sonic game, but hey, its your opinion and I fully respect it. =) As for my favorite Sonic game, I'm going with Generations. It had SO MUCH CONTENT, I was introduced to Classic Sonic (Aka, my favorite version of Sonic. HE'S SO CUTE!), and the levels were very fun! Also, it has a HUGE modding community, so since I bought it on Steam, I can run tons of awesome mods using SonicGMI.

7th August 2016, 01:34
i really liked sonic '06 :^)

7th August 2016, 01:41
Sonic adventure, becasue it's more open world and it's fun to play different characters and levels within the game.:grin:

7th August 2016, 05:05
STH 2006, because IT'S NO USE!
But to be honest, I really enjoy playing Sonic 3 & Knuckles. It has greaat music, plot, three playable characters and exciting levels together with the awesome boss fights, not to mention the possibility to have good and bad endings.
Best game of the classic series.

7th August 2016, 07:38
3 probably, but only with Knuckles add-on, either that or Generations was a pretty good one

7th August 2016, 10:37
sonic the hedgehog for megadrive console :smile:

7th August 2016, 11:08
Sonic Adventure DX. Loved this game to the point of obsession as a kid. Sonic Generations was also good.

7th August 2016, 14:13
The Classic Game for SEGA.

7th August 2016, 21:50
The original Sonic the Hedgehog because that's the only one I've played (and Sonic the Hedgehog bootlegs, if you can count these too).

8th August 2016, 00:11
Of all the main sonic games, I liked Sonic 2 the best, while Sonic Riders is my favorite spin-off title.

Hidden Ninja
11th August 2016, 03:39
My opinion might not be the most popular opinion but my favorite sonic spinball this might be because of nostalgia my simple minded young self didn't really latch onto the popular games like sonic 2 sonic and knuckles ( Even though knuckles was awesome) because i didn't own have a memory card so i said screw going through all that again, so i jumped from sonic game to sonic game then i came across sonic spinball i remember being super bored and then i heard the waste monster that woke me right up and then i died over and over until game over so then i was messing around the menu screen till i open the option menu and heard the theme for it, mind you it sounded awful but to this day i don't know what instrument was used to make the song but i liked electric feel to it. i don't think i ever played it again but nearly 8 years i remembered that song.

P.S. Sonic adventure 2 also has a special place in my heart but i discovered sonic spinball first so sonic adventures 2nd.

11th August 2016, 22:23
Tie between Sonic Adventure and Sonic 3 and Knuckles.

The White
12th August 2016, 10:43
My favorite Sonic the Hedgehog game is the original game because I played it on the wii virtual console and found that game to be very interesting.

12th August 2016, 17:44
Sonic Heroes (even if it is a long time I have play it)

12th August 2016, 23:44
Sonic generations was pretty fun, cool to see all of the old levels redone like that

13th August 2016, 00:17
Sonic Generations is pretty good for its high modification ability.

13th August 2016, 03:03
Adventure 2 Battle and generations just hit that sweet spot for me.

13th August 2016, 03:48
generations is probably my fave, i gotta revisit the og trio because its been so long since ive played them

14th August 2016, 13:38
My favorites happen to be Sonic 2 (Since it's the first classic game I've ever beaten), Sonic Heroes (Due to nostalgia, but it does have its problems), and Sonic Riders Zero Gravity (Due to the addition of the zero gravity mechanic making the game a tad bit more forgiving than the original).

14th August 2016, 13:52
I'm trying to remember which sonic game it was that had the bonus stage where it was like a 3D race to get rings. I if remember correctly you could have two players during this 1 was sonic and the other was tails. I can't remember if you could be knuckles. Because if you could this would obviously help narrow the options of the answer. I hope posting this in this thread was o.k. I felt it relevant and this question arrived when trying to think of the answer to the original question.

15th August 2016, 02:09
mines sonic 1 all the way up til adventure 2 after tht the quality of the games start to decline. oh and i forgot generations cuz i never beat it

Meme Gene
15th August 2016, 11:13
My favorite sonic game would have to be 2 because i plated that one the most.

26th August 2016, 19:21
Heroes, Adventure 2, and Generations

That Blue Flame guy
26th August 2016, 20:22
sonic advance 3
sonic adventure 2 battle
sonic the fighters
sonic and the black knight

26th August 2016, 20:46
Out of the ones i have played, I liked Sonic: Unleashed the most

26th August 2016, 21:18
Sanic Bum, because it changed the video game industry forever.

Just kidding, Sonic Generations.

26th August 2016, 22:22
Mine Is Sonic Rush And Sonic Generations and maybe Sonic Mania if it is good.

26th August 2016, 22:41
My favorite Sonic game that I still play will have to be sonic adventure 2 on the sega dreamcast. that game I played the hell out of when I was a kid but now days, people think that the game didn't age well. I say there some what right but this doesn't mean the game is bad! I even bought it again on the xbox 360 arcade store! (and also I like the original sonic games 1-3 and the Gameboy advance versions as well) :grin:

27th August 2016, 01:50
Mostly every 2d sonic games, because it has a lot of timing and skills to make. :)

Saturn Ross
27th August 2016, 02:21
My personal favorite 3D games would be Sonic Colours and Generations, as they have a great sense of speed, and I feel they nailed the 3D Sonic style with good controls and level design based around them and what Sonic can do. I also had a lot of fun with the Storybook series, despite the controls and occasionally terrible level design. They had some interesting stories to them, as well.

Regarding 2D, my personal favorite title would be Sonic 1, with clever momentum-based platforming, with no SpinDash I might add- you have to earn that coveted speed, and you need it to make some tricky jumps, and I still like the visuals and music over Sonic 2. I also absolutely adore Sonic 3 & Knuckles for the music and visuals, and personally enjoyed most of the level design.

27th August 2016, 07:12
It has to be the original for me. Nothing captures the magic of the first one, when it was all new. When that theme was fresh and the high speed was new. Its also the only one I completed, not the only one I played however.

23rd September 2016, 16:58
Probably gonna get chewed out for it, but Sonic R for the Sega Saturn/PC.

I friggin loved the music, the main theme is something I sing to myself often, I loved the gameplay, it was challenging and fun trying to get the medals, the emerald, AND finish first, and Metal Knuckles and the Tails Doll were some of the coolest lesser known sonic characters I ever saw. Not to mention, the ending theme is such a touching and wonderful tune. You're my number one~ ^u^

24th September 2016, 04:01
My favorite is Sonic 3 and Knuckles.
The early 3D titles (SA1, SA2, Heroes, Shadow, & Riders) are fun to play, but don't really stand the test of time.

24th September 2016, 19:18
Sonic CD or Sonic 3 can't decide x)

25th September 2016, 01:03
sonic generations

25th September 2016, 04:36
Sonic colors. it was decent.

25th September 2016, 05:57
To be honest I never played a full version of a sonic game. I only have sonic boom and Sonic racing and Sonic lost world for wii u and all of them are demos.

25th September 2016, 06:10
My favorite is Sonic 2. I played the hell out of it, beating it 3 times in a row as a kid. Ive played it so much now that I have all the songs comlpletely memorized.

25th September 2016, 17:50
Sonic 1-3,sonic cd, and sonic generations

25th September 2016, 17:55
Good old Sonic 2 still has a place in my heart. Man thinking about it now wants me to download it back on Steam! ^^

2nd October 2016, 16:32
Sonic Adventure 2 Battle or Sonic 2 &3 many more I miss good old day.

8th October 2016, 09:30
Sonic Heroes

Capt. Riskyboots
8th October 2016, 10:48
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Sega Genesis). I grew up with this game, so there's no reason for me not to say this is my favorite Sonic game.

8th October 2016, 15:23
It is Sonic Dash. I play it on Windows 10.

8th October 2016, 15:29
Sonic Boom

8th October 2016, 22:15
I Liked sonic battle for the gba. ahh the good memories

Iroquois pliskin
20th November 2016, 22:02
the original un-ironiclly

10th December 2016, 20:45
The DS Sonic Games (Sonic Rush, Rush Adventure, Colors).

26th December 2016, 18:02
My favorite 2-D Sonic game is probably Sonic 3 & Knuckles, but Sonic 2 is up there too. Both games have good levels, natural controls, and memorable soundtracks. But when it comes to 3-D, Sonic Generations is really good, coming with creative spins on old favorites, with great themes and graphics. I know there's somewhat of a modding scene for the PC version of Generations, but I don't have anything for it.

27th December 2016, 19:09
My personal favorite is Sonic 3 & Knuckles which I still hold as one of my personal top ten of all time. It's a game I just never get bored of replaying even though I know it front-to-back.

My runners up are Sonic Generations, Sonic Colors, Sonic Adventure, and Sonic Advance.

The ones I don't particularly enjoy are Sonic Labyrinth (I played it on the SA DX version), most of the Game Gear Sonic games because of the motion-blur on the game-gear screen, and Sonic Fighters.

Ones that I do enjoy despite not being good are Sonic Drift 2, Sonic 06 (it has some decently good new characters), Sonic R, and Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity.

I am a Sonic fan, what can I say?

28th December 2016, 02:43
gotta go with sonic and knuckles on sonic 2 levels

29th December 2016, 02:06
2-D Sonic 3 & Knuckles, due to speedrunning. I cannot ever not watch non-TAS speedruns on this game.
3-D Sonic Heroes because it was my first sonic game for PC, so I could change the horrible Tails voice and the rest of the game is okay.

29th December 2016, 13:29
The classic Sonic: The Hedgehog and Sonic Battle.

29th December 2016, 13:32
Sonic 3 for sure.

29th December 2016, 18:37
Sonic 3 & Knuckles

29th December 2016, 18:49
Sonic Chronicles had an amazing OST, just listen to it, it sounds like a 9 year old had a seizure whilst playing the keyboard.

30th December 2016, 03:18
Mine would be Sonic Battle and Sonic Riders (only the first as I haven't played the others)

30th December 2016, 04:28
Sonic 3 hooked to sonic and knuckles is a gaming perfection masterpiece. seriously, from story to solid all the way gameplay. incredible and one of segas finer moments. they have never even come near that level for quite some time, especially with sonic, tho i have a sonic adventure softspot and sonic colors was super fun

30th December 2016, 07:02
Sonic 2 and 3, I do like some sonic fan games like Sonic After The Sequel.

30th December 2016, 22:25
Sonic 3 and knuckles is definitely my favourite, followed by sonic 1, we didnt have sonic 2 though

31st December 2016, 14:16
Sonic generations, i got so much playtime outta that from speedruns

5th January 2017, 10:39
sonic the hedgehog 2

adventure 2 (dreamcast not the gamecube version) comes 2nd and adventure 1 (dreamcast not the gamecub version) comes 3rd

12th January 2017, 04:29
All versions of Sonic in Sega Genesis, Sonic Battle and Sonic Riders of the PS2 version.

12th January 2017, 22:23
Sonic Colours

3rd April 2017, 16:56
Sonic Advance 3
Sonic Heroes
Sonic CD

3rd April 2017, 21:35
Sonic 3 + Sonic & Knuckles for Sega Mega Drive.

5th April 2017, 21:50
Sonic 2!

15th April 2017, 21:55
The first one for Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, Sonic 2 is awesome too.

22nd April 2017, 18:17
If we were talking about the 2D era, I'd have to say Sonic CD. And if we're talking 3D Sonic it'd be Sonic Colors, hands down my favorite 3D Sonic game and one of my top three Sonic games period.

22nd April 2017, 21:42
Sonic The Hedgehog 2 was personally my favorite to play, because it featured 2 players.

24th April 2017, 17:48
Sonic Generations

24th April 2017, 20:33
Sonic The Hedgehog 2 for sure

27th April 2017, 01:57
Even though it's a spin-off game but Sonic the Fighters is my favorite Sonic game. Why? Because I've very fond memories playing that game (the first time was on a GameCube that my old day care had) when I was little and how the characters fight is very interesting for a 90's arcade fighter. My mains were Tails, Knuckles, and Amy.

27th April 2017, 13:26
a game breaker between sonic generation, or sonic CD. but the sonic franchise is my favorite then castlevania.

2nd May 2017, 16:10
Sonic 2 because i played it too much when i was young.

8th May 2017, 15:01
The only 2 that mattered to me, The Original for the Sega Genesis, and the Gamecubes Sonic Adventure Battle 2,

Chao Garden, Amazing Soundtrack and Amazing levels on both games

8th May 2017, 21:26
I liked Sonic Adventure DX.

11th May 2017, 18:17
Still Sonic 3K.

19th May 2017, 21:03
Sonic Rush is my personal favorite. I loved the music xD

20th May 2017, 02:54
Sonic Heroes is by far the best! My favorite stage is Grand Metropolis

20th May 2017, 04:25
adventure battle2

22nd May 2017, 00:49
Favorite console Sonic games:

Sonic 1-3 and Knuckles
Sonic Adventure
Sonic Colors
Sonic Generations
Sonic Spinball.

Favorite Hand-Held Sonic Games:

Sonic 1-2 (Game Gear)
Sonic Chaos
Sonic Triple Trouble

22nd May 2017, 01:53
Sonic 3 and Knuckles

22nd May 2017, 02:18
sonic 06 was pretty top notch. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

22nd May 2017, 07:57
I enjoyed a good majority of the sonic games, especially the adventure ones. But my favorite would have to be Sonic Generations, I really enjoyed playing old and new stages with current and old Sonic. I also liked the new remix of the songs they made for past stages.

25th June 2017, 02:48
Sonic Mania (and I haven't even played it yet!)

25th June 2017, 03:22
From lack of good mario parties and because I don't like my own well being: Sonic Shuffle

25th June 2017, 04:14
Hogwash you can't choose a title who not exit again.
Sonic Mania is not exit again if you talking about the official version Apparently there is one date: 15 Aout 2017. If Sega america is not in late again^^

For me it's SONIC CD.

25th June 2017, 06:33
Sonic Boom

25th June 2017, 16:05
2 and 3 & Knuckles are probably the ones I come back to mostly.

Nightwing SLZ
25th June 2017, 19:49
The first

25th June 2017, 21:12
Unleashed, although it got its problems.

25th June 2017, 23:01
Well I got a favourite for each gen.

Mega Drive: Sonic 3 & Knuckles
Dreamcast: Sonic Adventure
GBA: Sonic Advance 2
Gamecube: Sonic Heroes
PS3: Sonic Generations

But the two new sonic games (Sonic Mania & Sonic Forces) look cool as F

29th August 2017, 18:07
I loved Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Generations is my favorite .

30th August 2017, 11:42
Sonix CD!
That game have wonderfull OST and the battle against Metal sonic <3

30th August 2017, 18:26
Virtua Striker 3 ver.2002.
Seriously, the FC Sonic was an unlockable team.

23rd November 2017, 19:51
Sonic Heroes - PS2

paul doe
24th November 2017, 02:55
2 and 3 & Knuckles are probably the ones I come back to mostly.

Totally agree- the sheer awesomeness of those 3 are unmatched even today :smile:

24th November 2017, 03:07
Sonic Colors is my favorite. Sonic 06 is okay too (just the opening cutscene tbh)

24th November 2017, 03:17
sonic 2

25th November 2017, 02:28
3D games probably Sonic Adventure 1, I have very fond memories of it and I like breaking the game's physics.
2D games probably the Sonic CD PORT by Christian Whitehead, S3&K, or Sonic Mania (I love Mania to death).

...Sonic the Fighters is also pretty cool I guess

25th November 2017, 04:17
The new one

26th November 2017, 03:06
the one without bugs

....Mario Odyssey

26th November 2017, 21:20
Sonic Adventure 2, despite how badly it's aged showing how bad it really it, it's still a very enjoyable experience imo, though that may be the nostalgia speaking

27th November 2017, 00:31
Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, Sonic Heros, Sonic CD, Sonic 1 ,Sonic 2, Sonic 3, Sonic and Knuckles, Sonic Generations and Sonic Mania

27th November 2017, 10:16
Hate to be cliched but, SONIC MANIA

27th November 2017, 12:43
Sonic Free Riders - XBOX:玩家:

28th November 2017, 05:32
This image should explain what and why.


(Sonic Adventure Battle 2 because YOSH)

28th November 2017, 14:03
Used to be Sonic 3 but now its Sonic Mania at the top now :)

SwRv Polemos
12th January 2018, 20:23
Probably just the original

12th January 2018, 23:21
Sonic 3 and knuckles hands down :thumbsup:

12th January 2018, 23:57
Sonic The Fighters Babbby!!!!! ,oh and Sonic Adventure 2,Unleashed (kinda) , Sonic 3 & 2, And Mania
Sonic Battle Is Really Dope Too
Heard someone made a sonic battle fangame called Sonic Gather Battle, BUT It was actually (Sonic Gather All Your Data And **** Up Your Computer.....Battle) which sucks cause it looked mad cool

14th January 2018, 11:35
Sonic Adventure DX. I completed that game (all storylines, not all emblems) like three times a couple years ago. Think I beat it once overnight then, too.

14th January 2018, 14:48
Sonic Mania.

16th February 2018, 18:07
The classic Sonic Adventure DX

17th February 2018, 17:13
I really enjoyed Sonic Unleashed

17th February 2018, 17:44
not sure if anybody in here are still sonic fans, and i'm sorry if its a weird question to ask but what is your favorite sonic game? Mines Favorites has to be: Sonic Rider (and Gravity), Sonic Heroes, and Sonic Advance Battle, I'm Partially asking this because there hasn't been a release of a new sonic game ever since Sonic Boom, and it would be awesome if there are people out there that still like playing sonic games. :tongue1: :cool:

my fav is sonic 1, 2 and 3&k

17th February 2018, 18:26
Sonic ADventure one gave me the most memories. Was not big on sega.

17th February 2018, 18:28
I haven't had the chance to play Mania yet, but right now it's Sonic 3 & Knuckles, though Sonic Heroes is a guilty pleasure.

17th February 2018, 18:36
Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. First Game I ever had for myself, and I've spent over 900-ish hours on it. I might get the PC port too. Mainly for the mods. Plus my old disk might break on me someday so...

18th February 2018, 15:15
i like the first and the second one.

18th February 2018, 18:24
mania is a godsend after the crap we got

19th February 2018, 01:55
I will campion Sonic Generations for as long as I live. It took the best parts of unleashed and colors and finally polished and perfected the boost formula into a slick, reaction based platformer that provides the most thrill Sonic ever could. I find it insulting to see where the franchise went afterwards with Lost World and Forces. Here's hoping they really go back to what worked next time.

19th February 2018, 02:28
Super mario odyysey is pretty good.

19th February 2018, 04:40
Sonic Adventure 2 because City Escape is THAT good.

20th February 2018, 21:20
Sonic Generations for sure. Hands down one of the best sonic games

3rd March 2018, 04:19
Sonic CD

Sonic Heroes

3rd March 2018, 22:51
sonic adventure and sonic adventure two, the first two truely 3d sonic games and i think they set a standard that hasent been matched

4th August 2018, 13:06
Sonic Unleashed was a pretty great game for me. It was my favorite. The second favorite sonic game right now is Sonic Mania.

4th August 2018, 21:38
sonic unleashed, colors, ands sonic generations

5th August 2018, 23:18
Probably Sonic Adventure 2 Battles, but I did also enjoy Sonic Riders, and a lot of other Sonic games. Maybe not Secret Rings, Unleashed, etc and I haven't tried Forces or Mania yet although Mania is apparently really good.

6th August 2018, 01:46
Sonic the hedgehog 2

6th August 2018, 12:30
Sonic 3

Um cool
6th August 2018, 22:43
Did I say anything here? My favorites have to be games through 1998-2005. Sonic Heroes, Sonic Adventure, Sonic Riders, and even Shadow the Hedgehog. I'm fine with playing the genesis era games. Most of the modern games don't seem that good. I didn't like Lost World. Boom and Forces are definitely uninteresting. I play other Sega franchises more anyway.

24th August 2018, 23:59
The original, brings a lot of nostalgia with it.

25th August 2018, 00:00
Sonic and Knuckles

25th August 2018, 03:21
Sonic and Knuckles for genesis was peek sonic. All downhill after that. And the fandom got... weird.

26th August 2018, 08:38
Sonic, 1, 2, 3 and Knuckles, and Mania!

27th August 2018, 01:11
Yeth is my favourite sonic game

27th August 2018, 05:28
Sonic Adventure 2 for me. I've only really played Sonic 2 other than that though.

2nd September 2018, 10:43
Sonic CD for me.

6th October 2018, 21:14
Sonic CD. All risk, no acclaim.

14th October 2018, 23:50
I like a lot of them, but if I were to pick one I'd have to go with Sonic Advance 2 & 3.
They're simple games and are great to play when you wanna classic style experience.

2nd November 2018, 11:54
I love Sonic Heroes for it's kickass music and sometimes challanging levels.

4th November 2018, 02:07
love adventure best soundtrack best spindash and awesome music forever
CD cool music and craziest of them all ideas and levels... like whole level where you avoid floor but NOT because bottomless pit... they were thinking when made this game

DarkLuigi Games
4th November 2018, 14:35
Sonic 1-3
Sonic Battle
Sonic Chronicles
Sonic Advance 2 & 3

Kenna the Kitsune
4th November 2018, 15:41
Sonic Advance. Those games are pretty forgotten even though they could hold a candle to the Genesis/Mega Drive games.

6th November 2018, 02:45
Sonic the Hedgehog.
Though Sonic the Hedgehog 2 had my favorite Sonic soundtrack (and IceCap Zone from 3 was amazing).

6th November 2018, 21:10
A year or so, I would have said Sonic 3 & Knuckles. A long Sonic game, and I really liked the level design, and the fact that you needed to look around to find giant rings to go into a special stage. And the music is simply a masterpiece, for me.

But then Sonic Mania came out... And it's now my favorite. All the things I've liked in S3&K are in, and the new levels are simply gorgeous (Press Garden Act 2 :love:).

6th November 2018, 22:34
My go to is sonic adventure 2, and yes, it is 100% for the Chao raising lol

10th November 2018, 19:14
Sonic Generations.

10th November 2018, 19:27
Sonic Generations

12th November 2018, 01:22
Sonic the Hedgehog on the Genesis

12th November 2018, 04:15
Sonic Heroes because I have so many memories with that game! It wasn't my first sonic game but I just found something special about heroes

12th September 2019, 21:23
06, but Generations come hard second

27th September 2019, 02:52
Sonic 3 and Knuckles definitely.

11th October 2019, 20:21
the first ones

11th November 2019, 11:13

8th February 2020, 18:39
probably sonic 3&k, i like it more then mania

9th February 2020, 16:29
Sonic 2 hits the right balance of game length and difficulty for me, so that'll always be my favorite. I will admit that I've warmed up to Sonic Forces quite a bit, if only because it was clearly designed with speedrunning in mind so I can go back to it when I don't have much time to really sit down and get involved with playing something.

11th February 2020, 22:39
Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Sonic Mania:grin: and Sonic Adventure 2. And I also have a soft spot for Sonic Heroes.

20th February 2020, 15:31
for me it's absolutely sonic colours. granted, mostly because of nostalgia, but still

21st February 2020, 02:18
The Sonic game I haven't played anymore is Sonic 3 & Knuckles from Megadrive.

22nd February 2020, 20:40
Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. Loved the game and it's story but im not gonna lie as a kid I literally spent like 300 hours in the chao gardens alone. It's like my nostalgic happy place

23rd February 2020, 11:15
Gonna have to agree with the person above, SA2B is my favorite even though it's got it's fair share of issues, it's got too much sentimental value for me, not to mention probably my favorite ost in any game, I still listen to some of those songs all these years later.

23rd February 2020, 19:48
Colors on the Wii

1st March 2020, 13:13
Sonic Riders or Sonic Heroes

8th March 2020, 15:37
In order

Sonic3&knuckles tie with Sonic CD and sonic mania
Sonic battle
Sonic 2
Sonic riders
Sonic R (God I love the music)
Sonic adventure & adventure 2
Sonic heroes
Sonic Advanced series
Tails adventure(though it was a bit weird )

There a few more sonic games bit I can't remember it all but sonic 06 is a no-no

8th March 2020, 15:43
Sonic 06 it's sonic mania ?

8th March 2020, 15:52
No sonic 06 is the sonic the Hedgehog game for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360

9th March 2020, 00:59
Sonic Heroes, I used to play this all the time with my little cousins

9th March 2020, 01:30
Sonic Heroes hands down! But Sonic Colors was pretty great too.

9th March 2020, 02:18
I haven't played a lot of Sonic games, but of the ones I did play, I choose Sonic 3.

Maybe I'll change my mind later when I get my hands on SA2, who knows.

9th March 2020, 04:06
Top Five (1 is best):
5. Sonic Colors
4. Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles
3. Sonic Mania
2. Sonic Unleashed
1. Sonic Generations

Blue Eggman
3rd May 2020, 15:34
Sonic Heroes. I liked the vast environments the game puts you in and how every single one of them has something unique about them like Bingo Highway. Though, it would've been nice if every character in each team had different abilities for their characters entirely rather than just being reskins of the same type.

5th May 2020, 19:23
Sonic CD, Generatios and Unleashed

9th May 2020, 22:15
Either Sonic CD or Sonic 3 and Knuckles.

10th May 2020, 18:46
I love Sonic 3 and Adventure 2 Battle

16th May 2020, 00:32
My Favorite Is Sonic 3 & Knuckles. But For More Modern Games, I'd Say Sonic Colors.

17th May 2020, 00:11
My most Favorite Sonic game of all time is Sonic Unleashed (Xbox 360) because I played it and it was just a trip! I beat the whole game and I like the daytime levels.

17th May 2020, 00:40
Sonic Unleashed on the Wii is best played with a GameCube controller. From my experience, despite it being the worse port, Is better with it. Hardly ever played much sonic games, I’d say: Sonic 2 (Genesis), and sonic and black knight.

17th May 2020, 21:21
i loved the sonic advance games, they had a lot of charm

18th May 2020, 01:57
I enjoyed a flash game called ultimate sonic

20th May 2020, 16:58
Might be cliché, but Sonic Mania is my personal all-time favorite. On the retro side, its Sonic 2, and on the 3D side, its Sonic Generations.

5th June 2020, 23:42
Sonic Adventure 2!