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12th August 2009, 03:26
can i please get help on what controller i should use with mugen? i've been thinkin about getting a ps3 controller just for mugen but i might buy controllers made for the pc. which do you think is better for mugen in your opinion?

12th August 2009, 10:39
It depends what type of PS3 controller you have, if it's an arcade joystick then it's ok for mugen, but if it is a regular controller, then the analog L2 R2 are a great bother.

If you look for a regular controller, I recommend you the PS2 controller instead, there are plenty of cheap USB to PS2 controllers.

I hope it helped.

28th October 2009, 23:21
I have been using PS and PS2 controllers with a usb adapter for years. Works fine

22nd January 2010, 06:08
Well if you prefer on excessive combos try the game pad controller on pc, because on keyboard and sometimes when you're in the middle of a nice combo and suddenly you press another button and your nice combo is delayed. So if you want nice combos try prefer on gamepad.

5th February 2010, 15:53
Hello everybody, I use a six button pad made by Trust called Predator.

I bought on the Internet and it is similar to joypad of Genesis, you can link to your computer with USB and it is compatible with Windows XP and Vista.

1st March 2010, 07:57
I would recommend using a USB converter for the PS2 controller. In my experience it works the best.
Then I would say logitech gaming controllers are ok but the D-Pad is pretty poor in my opinion. You can try using a PS3 controller but it is a hassle trying to get it to work. And last but not least you can try a wired Xbox 360 controller bc you can just plug it in and play, but this controller sucks when used for fighting games (my opinion). but if you are a joystick fan then I dont know what to say bc i dont use joysticks (x_x)

HOPE THIS HELPED!!!!!!!!!!!!

9th April 2010, 00:49
Ive used Sidewinders, Xbox 360 wired controls, Xbox w/Gameon Usb convertor: also uses ps2 and gamecube pads. Xbox 360 works best 4 me just a bit tricky to play with analogs.:thumbup:

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How can u get the dpad to work instead of analogs???:thumbup:

Sol Badguy
9th April 2010, 11:08
How can u get the dpad to work instead of analogs???:thumbup:

With the PS2 controller (recommended) just press the "analog" button in the middle of the pad. With Xbox controller I don't even think it's possible, use a PS2 controller, it is far better.

19th April 2010, 19:24
Actually Sol that doesn't always work. But what you normally would do is configure it while you play MUGEN.
First, you go to your MUGEN's options setting.
Go down to Input Config.
Now you can either hit F1 or enter, then when you see your joystick type, make sure it's Enabled (It'll say Auto when it is enabled).
Then go to Key Config, hit enter, then hit F1, set all of the commands (up, down, left, right, a, b, c, x, y, z, Start (which functions more like a select in most fighters (being able to taunt and what not)).
Then once you're done, hit esc go back to your main options screen (when you see difficulty you're there.)
Go down to load/save, change it to save, then hit enter and you're done. (It would have automatically saved)

30th April 2010, 01:07
Does anyone know about using those cheap chineese SNES rip off controllers?

30th April 2010, 09:17
Does anyone know about using those cheap chineese SNES rip off controllers?

Do you have a USB SNES Port?

4th May 2010, 00:01
order two game pads from ebay, there only 15 dallors and they look like ps2 controllers.

3rd July 2015, 06:23
Anyone know how to get my controller d-pad working on Mugen Plus, i can use the anolog but i hate that... is that it or can i get it to recognize my d-pad, other mugen engines recognize it just not this one.

-Im using a ps4 controller

28th October 2015, 23:29
PS3 and PS4 controllers will always work, analog d-pad everything, but for people that say you can just plug a PS4 controller into your computer and it will work for every game, couldn't be more wrong. You will always need some type of program to emulate different controller types, button layouts stuff like that. Even though I use a PS3 controller, rarely do I ever use it in gaming environments. I always go straight to PS2 emulation first, it works i'd say 90% of the time. Other times for example you might notice that for some games your button layout is inverted or some buttons don't work at all, this is where just changing your controllers driver to emulate say a PS1 or Xbox controller is all that is needed, and that all has to be done with programs. For PS3 controllers its pretty easy there are a number of programs that can do just that. For PS4 controllers though, the plug and play feature has diluted the number of programs that could help you but i'm sure there still are some out there, you just have to look.

5th December 2015, 02:14
What is the best the best will be always a pc joypad,or if you want the arcade fell you could buy an arcade stick it depends on the use for example if you are going to use the joypad on different stuff than you have to check if it works for example the ps4 pad doesnt work with south park stick of truth,doesnt work with one piece pirate warriors 3,dead or alive 5 last round but it work on pcsx and pcsx2 but you can buy an exclusive pc joypad and you will get everything working (with some rare exception the games programed to use xbox360 joypad).
As always the pc joypad will be the best option specially for mugen because is plug and play,with the difference of other stuff for example you need a special program to get the ps3 and ps4 joystick to work so is out of question.

19th May 2018, 06:08
I use my Ps2/PS3 wired Controller. Makes MUGEN easier to handle, likely due to it being a USB wired controller.

23rd November 2019, 01:08
You can use a PS4/Xbox one controller but, make sure you have a USB for them.