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19th February 2019, 22:21
New Mortal Kombat is on the rise, what does that mean? new M.U.G.E.N Mortal Kombat project based on the latest.

I started M.U.G.E.N MK with customizing existing old MKP, then my first specific project was M.U.G.E.N Mortal Kombat Armageddon back in 2011/12. Pity that when I needed stages, characters from more recent MK's or MKA they were nowhere to be found only those modified MK3 chars, now there are MKA, MKD stages, some more characters that would have been great for that. And since these stages and chars are not relevant for newer MK's and I have no plans to use them, pity for '3D' chars like Blaze or Onaga, Hotaru and others when for so long I was using the old imitations of them.

M.U.G.E.N Mortal Kombat 9 thanks to Maxi's screenpack was overall made and used and entirely complete. I was starting to work on MK9 stages but ended up with temporary ones, never made them properly.

M.U.G.E.N Mortal Kombat X, I started with the main menu and FightFX, then I kind of hand no time for it, years passed and making the MK9, MKX stages still remain for all these new MK's where they would be relevant.

Too bad for Goro MKX and so well made Corrupted Shinnok (cant be in MK11). So, any new chars like MKX, MK9 (yay for Kintaro) or MK11 are more than welcome! I myself will add sprites for Cyrax (LK-4D4) Triborg but can't code chars. (have to find out how they made Torr on better background to apply the same method)

This is where there's no label for MK fighters, then it's not/will not be available. When red, then dead by story. The label shows the MK they are coming from by sprites. The newer, the better.
Since the Characters are MANY, perhaps some of the MK chars will be on rotation, available in M.U.G.E.N but some will be used instead of others over time.

Non-MK chars are trivial and of course I have them for being favorite from other games, and that's about M.U.G.E.N they can be cross-over, well MK game itself does cross-overs. A MK project would heavily feature MK chars and some of the non-MK's while the rest are on rotation. Some of the SF fighters are interesting to have too.

Here is the first video:


So What's Next, provided that little by little more progress is made than the previous M.U.G.E.N MKX:

- Create first versions of the FightFX (Finish Him, Fatal Blow) etc. Build on top of the existing MKP effects, based on MKP by Borg117, latest/final

- Fix/see what's broken or unlinked with coding to cause some desync character behavior.

- Wait for Mortal Kombat 11 release and replace screenpack with the original one, as it is already aiming for the same.

- Till release before and after, start remaking properly the 3D MK9, MKX, MK11 stages, some currently existing stages like The Kove by Spor, The Special Forces Training Room by Sannamy and Lin Kuei Temple X are almost like how I imagine to have EACH STAGE, really good.

- Any time work on Cyrax (LK-4D4) Triborg sprites if there's someone to make a char. I was really preferring MKP based chars and coding but when I see all these desyncs and I like for example Scorpion MKA by bumble_vin, that's also good, the 3D look matters more as my style.

There used to be some MKP specific forum called MK myfreeforum where all such chars were showcased but it disappeared I guess? Well this is a new place then.

A x ◿
20th February 2019, 08:34
Everything is stellar except for the mk3 sprites. That's the only thing killing this. Other than that though this looks very promising so far.

23rd February 2019, 19:05
Thanks, yes I've been asking for more 3D chars since 2012 at least, since MKP is mostly MK Trilogy it has these old MK3 chars that Im waiting to replace with any better. I would work on sprites for 1 of the MKX chars myself but need a coder, Bumble_vin was doing a nice job like some of his chars even that is so much better to see than the classic MK3 looks.

I need more of the 3D chars from the latest MK's went through all the Archive here.

Updated with new vid, fixed a lot of ugly bugs and displacements caused entirely by disconnected COmmon files, now it will go in slower mode till more info is revealed about the game, I've never done this for unreleased game, everything is still unknown :P