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Jun 18, 2016, 16:42
Welcome to "Games of cookie" !

There, three rules:

1: You must have the cookie !
2: Be imaginative for catching, stealing or even killing your opponents !
3: To prevent spam, you need to wait at least 2 replies to post again !

Wait... Where is the cookie ? Do you know, you ?

Jun 21, 2016, 05:42
I got the cookie!

Found it between two rock in the bottom of the ocean. I had to fight two sharks but I was helped by Aquaman, that dumb guy who talks with fish. I was hoping to get to surface soon, so I grabed a dolphin... but ****, it was a flying dolphin, it took me to the sky and I'm falling right now.. hoping nobody will get my cookie...

Jun 21, 2016, 07:49
I was scuba-diving when I saw a guy cosplaying as Proto Man getting a cookie with Aquaman, then the guy flew with a dolphin and I sneaked behind Aquaman and stabbed him with his trident because **** Aquaman, I then throwed Aquaman's trident with Aquaman still on it right at the flying dolphin now falling guy, evil laugh ensues, I hit him right into his chest making him throw the cookie, evil laugh intensifes, I then used the Force to grab the cookie while I was getting out of the water and I'm now enjoying my victory spoils, but before I can eat the cookie my Evil-Laugh-No-Jutsu takes it's tool on me making me almost pass out from fatique, I'm feeling very weak now and I hope nobody takes the cookie while I'm recovering...

Jun 21, 2016, 16:34
(Meantime, in Creperatoria...) - Hm ? the legendary water-proof cookie was stolen ?
- Bwah ! Who cares ?
- Hey, look like they give one million for refind it !
(I grabbed my teleportator and used it to make me warp in the zone of the crime...)
- Sooo... Where he is ? Anyone can have it right now!
- Look, an butterfly who flees ! He holds something... Wait. That's the cookie !
- Go Fire, catch it !
- I'm gonna punch this insect as an flat d%*k ! (Catches the cookie, then does what he said) I've got the cookie ! It smells money ! (Fire's victory dance)
- Sigh... Give that cookie. NOW. (When Fire tries to give the cookie, an lighting-fast takes it and flees. Who was that ?)

Jun 21, 2016, 16:41
Reborn much more powerful than before, like Cell on DBZ, Left4Joker has now the power of a god, and he steals the cookie right from Creperator's hand.

He looks all the world for the right place to eat it. And he finally finds it. A very happy place. http://www.legoland.com/ while riding a lego car with his cat and his grandma. (my grandma is dead, but who cares?)

He is about to bite it and taste the unique flavor of the legendary water-proof cookie... but....

Jun 21, 2016, 18:44
...He realises that since his grandma is dead that means he's still dead too so that was all a dream and never happened, meanwhile in the real world that butterfly was just a fake butterfly created but my Substitution Jutsu, I then use the Force to blow up the Creepers from a distance, after that I use my Instant Trasmission to teleport in a city and I start looking for a Starbucks (gotta drink something while eating legendary mystichal waterproof cookies) and just as I arrive a guy stops me asking for a autograph but it turns out...

Jun 21, 2016, 19:24
That's it was... WALUIGI-

[Take 2] That's it was... ME. (walks around like i was teaching) In reality, the "me" you killed was only an hologram. Pretty realistic, since you felled for it. I wouldn't fall for an suss obvious trap. When it exploded, I warped myself to you. In the "Real" world. Why I insisted to "Real", you ask ? (I stopped, then I talk with an French accent) Because this isn't real. You are in MI trap. (I push an red button, making the roundabouts become an vectorial, plate and red ground. I now take an creepy accent, while shape-shifting to an demonic version of me, my back towards Butterfly.) You are in MY playground. Here, i ALWAYS win. Do you know who i really am ? ("I" suddenly turned around. "I", Because it wasn't me. It was...) Fire ! Yep, it was me all the time. I did this trap and this hologram. YOU. ARE. NOW. DEAD.(He suddenly shape-form to his real him... OMEGA FLOWERY. But... He looks... Different...) THIS TIME, I WILL NOT DO MY ERROR ON THE PAST! THIS TIME, I GOT... SEVEN SOULS ! I AM INVINCIBLE ! MUAHAHAHA, HAHAHA ! (He suddenly charges at you, two chainsaws towards you. He cuts you in three perfect parts. You wake up suddenly, wet of sweat, with an terrible headache.) (This colour means Butterfly) It... Was... Just... An bad nightmare. (You took an breath, then look at your cookie.) He's still her- Wait, this is... an poop ? WHERE IS THE COOKIE ? (In fact, the cookie, I didn't have it, nor anybody else I know. Who could have stole the cookie ?)


Jun 21, 2016, 19:39
*A Minun walks in with its arms behind its back* Mai... Maimai.. *It coughs and grabs a translator* It was me. I... I was just hungry. I didn't have any dinner yesterday so I decided to take the cookie from Crepper's hands (If he had any). You see, when Crepper was explaining how he got the cookie, I snuck behind Crepper with my 999 Sneak that I definately did not use console commands to get that with, took the cookie out of Crepper's "hands" while the [Hidden] thing on top was shown on my imaginary HUD and replaced it with a piece of poop. Hehe... No cookies for you. If ya want some you gotta go through me (it shows his paws showing no cookie on them) Wait... WHAT!? W-where'd it go..? Which one of it was you? *It said releasing electricity from his cheeks* YOU KNOW I'M NOT MYSELF WHEN I DON'T HAVE MY DAILY COOKIES.

Oh yeah and the poop's a time bomb.

Jun 22, 2016, 01:38
While we all watch Creperator exploding with a stinky BAM!...

Left4Joker, from the dead world, calls his friend... Chuck Norris... and asks him "Could you plz get me tha cookie? Plz, preety plz, with cherry on top? And in the process.. could you ressurect me?
Chuck Norris says.. "yup"

In the blink of an eye, faster then the speed of light, faster than sound, faster than the word faster...the cookie is at Left4Joker hands, and he is going to eat it, now with Chuck Norris protection.
*suspense rises

Jun 22, 2016, 12:26
(You see an giant shadow drawing near, appearing by nowhere. It looks like it's no end. Airships, Airships everywhere. One particularly takes your attention, as it is the only one green. It shots it's occupant, Earth. He looks like an Dirt block, but with eyes, an mouth and... pincers as arms ? And spider feet as feet ???) Dowdy, puny android and god, I'm Earth ! I'm here to get you-know-what. Oh, and i have two gifts for "god" ! (He claps his "hands" and an airship opens up. an MOUNTAIN of cookies. It completely engulfs Chuck whiout he could act, cause' that was unexepted.) And now, the second gift... now ! (He claps again, and the green airship shots... An Minun ? Not anyone. That's Megaman, and he rages of cookies ! He devours instantly the mountain of cookies, Chuck with.) Now, what we gonna say, Proto-Dumb ? Airships, catch the real cookie ! (Suddenly, ALL airships shots at the same time, making the zone an bullet hell. Sure, Joker couldn't survive this. Earth runs at speed of sound, catches the cookie, and runs with the airships.)

Eduardo Merenda
Jul 01, 2016, 21:11
Edu enters on the airship and used the right hand to catch the cookie.
After this, he comes out of the plane.

Jul 02, 2016, 01:24
What nobody knew was that the revived Left4Joker was only a distraction! A fake one! Just to prevent someone eating the cookie!

Left4Joker, in fact, used all this time to run the Snake Way and train with King Kai. And now.. he is ready.
Chuck receives the message thru telepathy and ressurects the REAL Left4Joker. *tchamtchamtchaaaaaaaaaaaammmm (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8Kyi0WNg40)

Left4Joker then uses the kaioken, destroys every single airship, kicks everyone's ***, and gets the cookie \o
Goku powers + Chuck Norris to cover his back. Beat that! XD

Jul 03, 2016, 22:22
[Put suspense music here]
An titanic figure suddenly shows in your back. One hundred meter high, completely covered in bedrock armour, literally an death fortress is showing to you. How did you missed it ? You shoot an energy ball, but at the hit of the armour, it was completely absorbed. It open an trapdoor, who comes out an strange gun, who pointed at you and shot an even stranger bullet, slow, who looked inoffensive. It hit you, dealing no damage... but even with your best efforts, the bullet was undestickadle to your body. You cannot move... You feel all your forces getting pumped to the fortress, who was using this infinite power to charge an... What the heck is that ? An... mage ? When he had enough energy, he suddenly cast... [ULTIMA]. But is was modified to be redirected at an precise direction (just like an laser), at the place of an titanic explosion. This have done an so big damage, that the fortress had to teleport away to avoid damage. Even the ground exploded to the inner core to the atom, causing micro-black-holes that did even more damage to the rounds. At the final, the L4J (I don't care if this is the real one or not !) was disintegrated, just like the ground who were around him. The cookie, hoverer, were miraculously intact, but the mage didn't saw it and left. How stupid.

Sep 24, 2016, 12:39

Let's try to continue this? It was a nice game .-.

Oct 08, 2016, 03:42
*3 months later*

"Wow someone sure did a number on this place."

Walks past cookie.

"FREE COOKIE! Hmm I sure wouldn't want someone to steal this cookie..."

Snatches up the cookie and swallows it whole.

"There, safe and sound in my stomach"

Oct 08, 2016, 17:04
What ZakStack didn't know, is that L4J was ALIVE, he teleported before beeing desintegrated, and thru all this years he was building a time machine! To get the cookie at the exact time it was made!

At that day...L4J got the cookie... but he couldn't believe his eyes... the origin of the cookie was something outstanding!!!!

It was... it was...