View Full Version : Looking for Castlevania Similar Stuff to make and working on new Mugen authentic char

9th November 2018, 01:11
Hey guys i have already posted it before but i didn't had mutch atention from anyone, so here i'm back again asking if someone could show me, link me, content in this site with characters or scenarios that are dark themed looking like Castlevania Netflix serie stuff, in order to make a DARK AWESOME MUGEN.

Any way, changing the subject, this is a image i am using as based to character i developed and i am working on to bring to life as MUGEN character, he is a vampire and also a "malandro" from Rio de Janeiro crime life, and he hass illusion powers with makes him really awesome


9th November 2018, 01:32
From what I understand, this is a WIP, so I'm going to move that thread to the WIP News section.

NOTE: Good luck in your project.

9th November 2018, 01:32
Sorry but the News and Releases section has strict rules for threads, and it seems you are asking an unrelated question, so I will move this to General Discussion.

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sorry kater! I can't move it back, so I'll leave it to you to decide where this goes!

9th November 2018, 01:46
Our comments and actions were at the same time. lol :lol2: