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6th November 2018, 20:49
Dear MugenArchive Organizers, :gamers:

I hold no rage towards you for this community event. On the contrary, I think it is a reasonable and justified choice. I am writing this forum to apologize for my lack of communication and support to this beloved community.

I... Am not good at long-distance communication, much less when it involves strangers, so I am hesitant to post much beyond this apology. I am not asking for promotion regardless, merely understanding. As I stated in my "Thank you Mugen" post, I have a lot of anxiety and recently, personal issues (don't ask plz) have only expanded on that. Regardless, that should not excuse the fact that, as a lurker, I am exploiting your free system by routinely reaching my maximum allowed bandwith. I do this because I love Mugen, not because I'm greedy. But it is an action of greed regardless of intention, and therefore, I am truly sorry for my low, exploitative place in this community and my inability to improve my situation beyond a minimum effort. :so_sorry:

With deepest thanks for what you do :very_good:,

P.S. PLEASE will someone update Boh's Solo??? I so DESPERATELY want that character in a finished state. :worried:

7th April 2019, 01:57
i agree they do a good job keep this herd of cats in line.

7th April 2019, 07:50
Yeah, I agree with you there my guy. I come around once in awhile to see whats new most of the time, And unfortunately the forums i visit rarely catch my eye. I get maybe 1 download a month but then i find a bunch at once and all of a sudden because i never post im locked out lol. I understand though, and support the decision. I'd be a tad upset if i downloaded more though :p

7th April 2019, 08:12
I feel so much empathy.

19th July 2019, 19:38
I just don't think it's fair that people who appreciate the content and just becuz they don't reply in forums can't be allowed to use the content