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21st September 2018, 03:19
Hello everyone, i`m new in this community and i don`t know anything about the site and that things, so... anyway i get in this forum and i want to show you all a mugen of Sonic that im actually working on.

As you can see,it name is Sonic : Chaos Tournament, im working in a story mode to the mugen, thats why you see in one of the photos a locked character, only the chars aren`t mine, i did the lifebars, and the ¨screenpack¨ i mean... im editing the original mugen, i don`t edited the menu yet, i only did the select screen and obviusly the portraits, the lifebars aren`t complete yet too, the stage of the photo is mine too, but i think that it will be the only one made by me in the mugen.

Also i`m editing some chars, so they will have the same commands at last.`

i`m so sorry if you find some errors in the writing, my english isn`t very good, i`m from Uruguay.

So... Its that all for now, i hope you enjoy it, it doesn`t have a day of relase yet, but i`ll be updating whit some blogs about the progress. Thank you so much for reading, see you.

21st September 2018, 05:06
For me everything is written correctly, because I understood everything right (I'm Brazilian), so that's okay.
Congratulations on the initiative and wish you good luck with the project and that everything works out in the end.

21st September 2018, 18:42
Thank you so much!

7th November 2018, 12:44
I love the character screen style

18th February 2020, 18:37
Oof. Am I the only one who heard of Sonic Freedom Fighters 3 by MUGENHunter? Because it's been 4 years since he announced the sequel.