View Full Version : Akito's CVS Mugen Screen Pack WIP By OldGamer and Akito-Sama

28th July 2018, 07:08
I'm helping Akito with His CVS Mugen Screen Pack Working in Progress


28th July 2018, 23:00
The Menu screen is now complete and Akito is very happy with the new look with his sprite design and now we can work on the loading screen idea


29th July 2018, 14:28
AKITO'S CVS Mugen Screen Pack Game over WIP3


Akito's CVS Mugen WIP 4 Now Loading & Option Screen


4th August 2018, 03:40
Akito had made his dissension and he wanted to have the screen pack to get a Down Grade for the Mugen 1.0 and run on low spec pc for all mugen fans can use his screen pack on low spec PC. The CVS Mugen Screen Pack Coded and Converted over the Mugen 1.0. We are going to focus more on the select screen and other things for the mugen 1.0 software. there will be a mugen 1.1version but its will be run and saved as Mugen 1.0 Format on the Mugen 1.1 software.


5th August 2018, 15:25
The versus screen and the Victory screen is now complete. Akito work so hard to draw and sprite the content for both versus screen and victory screen. its was very long and tired weekend. poor guy almost past out on me on discord. but I took care on what he created and made it A dream come true


7th November 2018, 12:46
the videos have died :c