View Full Version : Character Dynasty Warriors Minigame - Normal Sized Sprites Edition

Apr 27, 2016, 01:37
I recently uploaded a minigame I found based around the game series Dynasty Warriors, the file is well made but has one small issue... the sprites.
The file uses sprites from Dynasty Warriors Advance and they are very small, like 8-BIT Mega Man kind of small and needless to say they don't fit very well with most M.U.G.E.N. fighting games, I know you can scale them but that doesn't change the fact that they look ugly as sin when they are near any normal sized character, and if you decide to keep them at their normal size they are so small that any other character needs to duck to be able to hit them.
Since I find the minigame to be good and I'm a fan of Dynasty Warriors games I decided to try to see if I could improve the situation, at first I thought to keep it a personal edit but hey... no harm in sharing right? There might be at least 1 people who would like to give this a try.
I replaced all the sprites in the .sff file with normal sized sprites, the sprites are from the fighting game Sango Fighters, is a fighting game based around Ancient China so it fits the theme and nothing bad against who made that game but their characters looks generic enough to fit in this minigame about generic chinese soldier slaughtering.
As of now there are no coding changes maked to the original .cns files, I might go and take a look at them to see if the minigame can be improved in some ways later, for now the changes are mostly aesthetic.

- Sprites replaced with better sized ones.
- Hitboxes completely recreated to fit the new sprites.
- Fixed some palette issues, it should be possible to create palettes for this file now without many problems.

- Some attacks change the sprites of the enemies in another enemy for a few frames, that is not my fault, at least I think so, because the original file also doesn't have different sprites for the different types of enemies for certain actions, in those cases it defaults to the first one.

Take note that this is my first time trying any kind of thing on M.U.G.E.N. so this isn't probably the cleanest neither the best job out there, but it gets the job done and we all start from somewhere so here you go, this should make the minigame a little more fun to play and better looking compared to the rest of your game.


I'm not the original creator, the only credit I have are for the things above written under "FEATURES".