View Full Version : My 1st Char - new Mvc CARNAGE

19th June 2018, 22:49

19th June 2018, 23:36
Looks good.

Also, nice video. You got some good skills.

DarkLuigi Games
20th June 2018, 00:10
Excellent Work!
This is definitely gonna be the best Carnage out there.

20th June 2018, 00:52
Thank you so much guys! I've actually been created a lot stages, some of that I have not yet shared(i will tho), But this time I decided to make a character. I can't wait to see what you all think when you play as him! that was my mind set when I decided to create him. "I want to make the best MvC Carnage I can!" and i swear to you, everything I imagined, I created. That level 3 was something that was in my head and I imagined it exactly like that.

20th June 2018, 05:54
Nice to see someone making Justice to those Carnage sprites, i never liked the original that much, but your version looks good and i wish you luck with this project, is rare to see someone making VS style chars nowadays.

25th June 2018, 14:50
Thank you so much guys, I did put hard work on em so I hope ya'll find him as awesome as I do.

25th June 2018, 16:44
Agreeing with Mortos that while Carnage has been done, he's always seemed a little off somehow. Really looking forward to this version!

27th June 2018, 10:02
Yes exactly why I worked on carnage. I'm a big Carnage fan since back in the day and I always felt like it's required for him to have a legit mvc version. Even tho the prior one was pretty good, it still just wasn't feeling complete. I have my eyes set on making a legit strider hien with those nice sprites he has

A x ◿
1st July 2018, 22:40
This definitely plays better than the first ones I remember. Well done. I love the carnage laugh ending. I would just adjust a little of the proportions to match the base a little more and maybe clean up some details but other than that it's really good. The attacks re generally better overall.

Also I had trouble making it out but your carnage seems to be mvc2 more than mvc1, right? Actually the styles are really mixed now that I look at it closer. This is a wip thread so I'm assuming you're still working on this. If you do want to make it MvC, then yeah, you probably should remove the MvC2 stuff and the other custom fxs from the previous version of the wip. Anyway, good luck and keep it up ;)

4th July 2018, 01:09
This is very impressive. Looking forward to this version of Cletus

12th October 2018, 14:28

28th October 2018, 02:29
Yeah this Carnage is Boss.

28th October 2018, 19:35
Very good Carnage. Thank you

28th October 2018, 20:20
you are welcome! and thank you so damn much for the reviews it makes me happy that others are having fun with Carnage

19th January 2020, 05:50
Wow this Carnage looks so good!

19th January 2020, 06:31
very cool nice animations and sprites