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22nd August 2010, 22:51
Does anybody have a fixed I-no from muteki...the one available for downlload on his site dont work in arcade mode she got an error an shutdown mugen.(the ones hosted on various site including the one on this site too...)

Also if somebofy happen to have the I-no made by AShman (is site is down) and can send it to me i would be really grateful.

23rd August 2010, 11:47
Hey! I'm working perfectly! Just kidding! :tongue1:

I-No was updated yesterday in the database. She works correctly in arcade or training mode with WinMugen, maybe she was fixed or maybe you are using a bad version of Mugen. Here are some screenshots or arcade mode:



You can download her here:


24th August 2010, 00:45
Lol, thanks but she still don't work in my hi-res mugen..but i figured out that she work in mugen 1.0 and winmugen but not hi-res mugen, that kinda odd.She work perfectly when you play her but she shutdown hi-res mugen when the cpu take her in arcade lol.Anyway everything fine now lol thanks.

4th March 2011, 05:13
Have you tried muteki's I-No?