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25th May 2018, 03:11
Hello everyone

This is one of my latests WIP.. Lord Rama


I ve been reading a LOT of Ancient Mythology (more than usual) this days for a personal project and i came up with this idea for a Character

I posting it so you can give some Feedback about Which version Looks better

I was thinking doing it with 4 Arms but just thinking about Animating each Frame i discarded the idea.....

Still im Thinking their Techniques, Moves and Effects..

If you had some Commissions in Mind.. im listening!

See ya around :dirol:

25th May 2018, 03:42
Well, that looks like a really interesting idea... though I knew that Bhrama-Krishna-Shiva were 3 different beings. I suppose the one you've drawn is Krishna (I knew Balarama... or just Rama... be his skin should be pale white).
Honestly, the idea of having him with a strong body is cool, though his pants need to be re-shaped, his hair darker (what's that light-blue variation? super saijan ? :P ), more jewels, no wrist/ankle bands. So I think that it's a nice idea if you want to make a char that he will also have to throw arrows and use a club/maul (so using traditional paintings as reference will be the best, imho).


very suggested reference: https://www.google.com/search?q=krishna+fighting&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjf0Mf765_bAhUMthQKHToGC4kQsAQIJw&biw=884&bih=873

25th May 2018, 06:31
Thanks for the insights Mulambo..

Ive based his design in the most common depictions taken from Bhagavad Gita, Mahabarata and the Traditional Illustrations found on the net..
Like ive said before its a preview concept, just like you've said the short pants thing it will be changed, because its supposed to be a Tiger Skin.

About the weapons use, i was thinking in some sort of energy based weapons / "ethereal" attacks (in the same fashion like DBZ's Black) as Super Moves, because its CVS style oriented character.. So it would be unfair use weapons.. i mean its a god!

Anyway im considering every thought i believe it would make more spectacular

25th May 2018, 08:15
About the weapons use, i was thinking in some sort of energy based weapons / "ethereal" attacks (in the same fashion like DBZ's Black) as Super Moves, because its CVS style oriented character.. So it would be unfair use weapons.. i mean its a god!
Actually... it's God Himself, not just "a" god, according to Bhagavad Gita. Also according to the same book and the writings of Srila Brabhupada (founder of the Krishna Counsciousness movement), Krishna always used those weapons (and it doesn't mean He should use them in a normal way... you can make them go super too)... or else the char, will not be really "faithful" to the real one... but you're anyway free to add the powers you want to him. The only superpowers I think they're suited for this char are the: Bhramastra (some sort of Genki Dama) and the Sudarsana (sort of Kuririn's Kienzan, by which Krishna beheaded many asuras). Funny fact is that these "super moves" were written thousands of years before Toriyama, lol.
I really suggest you to read more about Krishna powers (not only watching pics) before getting into the development of his moves, it can't be both inspiring for you and respectful for Krishna devotees/believers. I'm not a Krishna-devotee but probably many who believe in Him could be offended if you call it Krishna/Rama and then it's something too different than the real one. Just a suggestion to let you be more precise.

Or else you call it in a different way and nobody gets offended, I guess. Then you can say the char was "inspired" by hinduism.

26th May 2018, 06:47
Thanks for the observation.. To be more precise He's part of the Hinduism Sacred Trinity at least his Shiva / Rama incarnation (remember that hinduist gods have several aspects.. some more peaceful or more aggressive than others, which it seems confusing at many times because somehow share some common points )



As you pointed very accurately, Toriyama based his DBZ chars in this myths along chinese myths ( Nordic-Aryan Aliens vs Reptilian Aliens, his legendary weapons and epic battles.. pure ancient and secret history resumed for kids) and thats why it came as my main reference into the design of the character's moveset

Thanks for the suggestions. I will posting my progress as i develop some animations..

See you around

4th June 2018, 00:01
Quick Update:

Ive been Reading more in detail some of Hindu Gods epics..

Specifically some of their Magical Weapons and Powers so i have some concrete Ideas about the Animations..

Now its all about to see how it Looks when its Finished

See you around

25th June 2018, 02:53

I was adapting the Sprites and i came up with This as my latest Design:


I was so Happy with it that i decided create a Poster just to See how looks the Light effects around :dirol:

Somebody invent a FAST way to Recoloring Sprites.. PLEASE! :no_clue::so_sorry:

See you around :grin:

9th September 2018, 22:00
A quick Update



Now im thinking about their Moveset and Effects

Opinions? Ideas?

See you around